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Sold it is, to Signore Guido
I'm selling my DAC a Violectric V800 in really, really good condition (see pictures). I am its second owner. I sell it in its original box with its manual and original invoice. I really like Violectric products. This DAC is really good, I hesitated for a moment to find it another place in my installation but I don't have room enough for a second DAC (my primary is a W4S DAC-2). So I hope this beauty will find a new owner who will enjoy it as much as I did. Tech specs are...
Two important add-ons for every PS1000 (at least it perfectly worked for me ) : - a better head band, onyx manata is really good ( http://turbulentlabs.com/grado-onyx-manta/ ) - a nice headphone stand like the omega to keep its setting otherwise you must set it properly each time you put it on your head and it is quite boring in the end ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sieveking-Sound-Omega-Headphone-Stand/dp/B007VSU5HC ) These two tweaks are a good solution for tackling the...
Or you can use a M2Tech Hiface which converts USB to coax spdif ;-)
Yes indeed, but being currently unemployed my middle name is actually more "broke" than "richie" When I'll have a better situation, I'd gladly buy from Todd's shop, but my system is so good as is for the moment, all I need is just a second headphone amp for my AKG K340 vintage, but as you americans still rely on fancy 110 volts, I can't buy that kind of stuff at TTVJ
Sorry for you Todd, this is a really nasty blow, I hope your business will go over this. Can't the American head-fi community mobilize and for the next two month or so make their next buys at TTVJ to help recover ? I mean don't buy extra gear, but only to help TTVJ stay in business while buying what you would have bought elsewhere anyway, in TTVJ's just to show sympathy and at least counterbalance the effects of this steal ?
Here's the topic where JMoney's owner announces it : http://www.head-fi.org/t/638706/the-end-of-jmoney-audio-and-christmas-giveaway Apparently he had grado headbands, PM him if you are looking for one.
I have tried both the Beyer and the Manta headband on my PS1000, these two products don't play in the same league.First, the Beyer doesn't really fit on the original headband, then it is quite large and not so comfortable.My advice would be to go with the Manta, it is not so difficult to install, very comfortable : not too large, and padded enough for long listening sessions...
I've had an eargams recently, while listening to my Q701 on my macbook air playing my files with audirvana last beta version. The only mod I've done on my Q701 is to change its cable for a PlusSound EVO, it is really nice improves really much the transparency and details of these headphones. If you have a mac you should try it, in addition you can use audirvana with itunes, and use to play whatever file format with itunes.
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