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Because Apple is a cult and you've got to be initiated to belong to the sect :-PMore seriously, what you are quoting is not OS related, it is just an application related question.Personnaly I hate so much the general look and feel of windows, I would never to try to use it in audio simply because the system is always made of tweaks and tricks just to make it work the way it is supposed to, you always need a workaround for common features, and I began with DOS 6.2 more than...
In A+ preferences just choose airplay as audio output
The best music player is the one you like
About Fidelia, if you add up its price 19.99$ plus the advanced features at 49$ plus the remote at 9.99$ you get the same service for the same price as Audirvana and with the same features don't get fooled by the marketing subtleties
Yes we are insane, but we are in the same asylum : you are insane too in your own way.You probably don't listen to music the way we do, so who's wrong : I'd say everyone or non-one are both valid answers, you don't hear differences when we do.You probably are too focused on technical analysis, we don't share this view because we are not trained musicians. And like you don't need to be a painter to love a painting, we are not wrong to see different colors in music on our...
You've just paid its right price, not more, not less. Have a look on amazon fr or uk if you want to check
And above all, never forget that every hifi system is limited. The real fidelity lies in concerts.
Your link is blocked by eBay : they don't show the item.On eBay as well, Zu Audio puts for auction its cables. For something like 60 or 70$ you'll find an excellent replacement for the Q701 stock cable, the best i've heard so far compared to plus sound, or mogami cables.
Still not willing to sell it oversees ?
You didn't need to : you look just like your avatar, exactly the same hairdo ! Do you have a French hair dresser ?
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