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The drivers brings some improvement for free, mainly integer mode that wasn't possible with the previous driver.
I've tried this driver and it seems to work fine. A very nice improvement from the previous driver : you can use integer mode in Audirvana+ it wasn't allowed before.
I sent another e-mail today to remind Clint that some of us are like stucked without music simply because we are relying on the USB input. I haven't received any answer yet.
Thanks for this very nice offer, please send your wire to my bank account 99999.999999.Y in Paris, France. Seriously I'm a bit short in funding at the moment, and family comes first.Anyway, since nobody did mention this problem with Mavericks, I wanted to stress that no driver is currently available for the DAC2 on MacOS 10.9 so don't update until W4S has released it.
That's exactly what I said Only the DAC2 isn't working on MacOS 10.9 Mavericks, the drivers haven't been adapted yet.
A bit of a warning for MacOS and DAC2 USB input users : don't upgrade to Mavericks, although the last MacOS flavour is free, the W4S drivers are not ready yet to handle the talk between the OS and the DAC.I've sent an e-mail to W4S support, and I got this answer from Clint Hartman:
I have a pretty decent system : mac mini with Audirvana+ / W4S DAC2 / Trafomatic Experience Head One / Grado PS1000 In addition, from outside the US, the upgrade process hasn't been specified : who sends what to whom and how long should it take. I think the local distributor is quite busy and doesn't have much time to answer at the moment, I should try and contact him again.
Many desires and not enough money, well I share the same problem. I've contacted the W4S French distributor to organize some listening of the se for some DAC2 current owners and he hasn't been motivated by the request... I'm really not so confident to put that much money without a listening session before.
Bank transfer or paypal work as well, no need to scare the little coins in your wallet ! Anyway, that's the heart of the matter : the upgrade price is quite large, nearly two thirds of the initial price. I'm still looking for more opinions and tests about the DSDse version before jumping and killing my bank account.
Clever wallet : run away before being hit !
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