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I must confess that I brutally installed the newest driver without un-installing the previous, there was no actual instruction about the installation process included in the package.
I have installed the latest beta from March 7th. I wasn't expecting anything really new but music seemed more transparent and more details. A friend of mine had problems with the previous beta driver from last year : he had a strange noise at the start of each track playing with Pure Music, this bug disappeared with the March updates.
Nothing bad happened in Lux, but uncertainties answering important questions related to the resposibility of the organizers were raised and unaswered, like what will happen if some of the belongings (headphones, amplifier, source, ...) of a member of the association is somehow damaged during the event : who will pay ?
I belong to the organisation team, and from what i've read from other members of the team, and Pierre himself, the choice to organise a demo in another room at the same location comes from too much noise in the main rooms.In addition, the show is not exclusively set up by enthusiasts, but mainly sponsored by a well-known online shop. So calling the HCFR meeting an enthusiasts meeting is a bit too far fetched.At the beginning, our idea was to bring our own cans and amps,...
Pierre is a nice person anyways, I will surely drop by to see him on his stand on the 15th.I really think his room will complement the HCFR show with other cans and amps.Then participants will benefit from this diversity, not the other way round.
Well done
Hi there, HCFR : Home Cinema France is organizing in Paris on March the 15th a meet dedicated to headphones, and headphones only. Details on the event are not known at the moment, only the date. You should follow this thread on HCFR forums or contact me directly by PM if you don't understand French language and would like me to connect you with the organization team.
Nice move. Feel free to share this news with the entire population of this planet, the more the merrier.
On March the 15th the largest French speaking hifi and home cinema forum is organising an event in Paris dedicated to headphones :
I've just received the GS1000 bought from 1117 : it is in perfect condition as described, send it quite fast, and the packaging was really postman proof. Thanks for all, or as we say in French "Merci beaucoup Monsieur" Joyeux Noël
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