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Thanks y'all for the amazing equipment and the pizza! It was a lot of fun and I hope to aee everyone again at camjam
I have the the Shanling m2. I'll bring it to the meet
Throw me in the mix. I'll bring my HE-500's, speaker amp and SD-1955 dac. I'm so excited, this is my first meet.
Count me in as well. I have been dying to try some new audio gear ever since coming to california
Anyone interested in a mini-meet in BR or NO? I'm good friends with an LSU professor who could probably hook me up with a room in the University, and I know that there are several audiophiles at LSU, especially in the acoustics/physics department. Depending on the consensus, we could hold the meet in New Orleans, but someone has to cover the room. I'm not exactly sure as to how I'll get this done, but I'm sure I could get my hands on a couple chairs and tables for the...
History in the making
The HE-500's have a bit of ringing/distortion in the mid range, as you can see here, http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANHE500.pdfIt makes them sound thick yet distant, that might be your problem.  The HE-500 also dips a bit at 5K, causing it lose a bit of detail or presence on vocals
Are you sure you're not using a powerful enough amp? The He-6's need a lot of power to reach their full potential. The mini-x might not that kind of power. Just kidding, add that to the list of things not to say on this thread. The He-6's are great dynamic fun, just a bit too bright for my tastes. The moment you start seriously comparing headphones in the same family is the moment you stop enjoying music.
I'd be willing to try a pair. I'll make sure they'll go through a very thorough session of reviewing.
I didn't like the bass of the HE-6, I thought it sounded somewhat artificial. It has great speed, but was a little lacking in balance. I can understand why people love the HE-6's ultra clarity, but to my ears the sound was much too aggressive. Though fun to listen to, I could feel the treble spikes burning my ears.
New Posts  All Forums: