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Depends on what you're willing to do in order to get it. A lot of Chinese made DACs feature chips like the AD1955, ES9018, etc, and the design isn't lacking either. A dual design might cost couple hundred more, but nothing too big. Price doesn't really mean anything anymore, cause nowadays someone somewhere can provide the same thing for a lot...
Reference grade standalone DAC's are about $100-150 nowadays. That includes your choice of DAC chip and op amps.
Puella Madoka Magica x Senshi no Sunred Different studio, same concept. Watching Sunred be a mahou shoujo, all frilly and drunk.
Pure speculation on my behalf. History alone proves China unfit to rule the world; internal conflicts, flawed fundamentals. Even with post 2005 conservative policies, China still has a lot going on inside its borders. And the second part is just me re-stating an old saying I heard in my hometown. They like to joke about the corruption within the last few years. 
China doesn't strike me as the country that would take over the world if it could. Lack of military transparency is all protocol, nothing more. You rarely ever see a patriot in China, because they know to love the land and not the government.
From the author that brought you Nichibros   Zai x 10; funniest manga I've read to date.
Watched Harmonie   Well worth the 25 minutes. Overall, nothing spectacular, but very good in its own way. Ending is somewhat downplayed, and the concept of individual worlds can be a bit deceptive.   7.8/10 (goes the extra mile, well worth watching)    Open headphones and vacuum cleaners.
They're a pretty addicting headphone, I've gone an entire day with them on my head.
First episode of Mekaku City Actors was okay overall,    But that animation
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