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History in the making
The HE-500's have a bit of ringing/distortion in the mid range, as you can see here, http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANHE500.pdfIt makes them sound thick yet distant, that might be your problem.  The HE-500 also dips a bit at 5K, causing it lose a bit of detail or presence on vocals
Are you sure you're not using a powerful enough amp? The He-6's need a lot of power to reach their full potential. The mini-x might not that kind of power. Just kidding, add that to the list of things not to say on this thread. The He-6's are great dynamic fun, just a bit too bright for my tastes. The moment you start seriously comparing headphones in the same family is the moment you stop enjoying music.
I'd be willing to try a pair. I'll make sure they'll go through a very thorough session of reviewing.
I didn't like the bass of the HE-6, I thought it sounded somewhat artificial. It has great speed, but was a little lacking in balance. I can understand why people love the HE-6's ultra clarity, but to my ears the sound was much too aggressive. Though fun to listen to, I could feel the treble spikes burning my ears.
The LCD-3's, any day of all eternity. Audeze house sound really is something else. The bass extension on the LCD's is so low, it encompasses the entirety of the sound like none other.
HE-500center imagingsound stage (the HE-4 is a bit more distant, but HE-500 defined the lines very well)micro-detailextension (on both sides)bass (the 500's has a little bit of the Audeze house sound going on, the bass encompasses much of the head room)class (again, I won't say this isn't my bias speaking, but I believe the HE-500's are much more classier than the HE-4's)warmth HE-4perceived detail (a little hot for some, I had no issues with it)crispiertimbre (depends if...
You might want to try a speaker amp, you might like the synergy between the HE-500 and the TP60. I made switch from the O2 to the Topping TP60, and I can't hold a single thing from the O2 over the TP60. Make sure to buy attenuators
If there's anyone willing to act, I'd be willing take my HE-500 w/ speaker amp setup.
I've listened to the HD-800's, the LCD-2 (both revisions), and the T1. It depends on your tastes, but personally I would choose the LCD-2 any day of the week. Audeze house sound is to die for.
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