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I'd go with the HD650s to prevent future heartache. Don't get me wrong, the HE-300's are a great can, but they won't be your last. Sonically, the HD650 IMO is in a different league, and with many amps to choose from, it scales quite nicely. But if you hurry, there's an HE-500 on sale for $350 on FS. 
From what I've learned, the noise floor differs from person to person. Personally, I don't think there's a better amp under $1000, and the noise is practically unnoticeable after the music starts playing. As long as you're extremely careful with the volume knob, the sound's definitely worth it. Plus, there's no damage to the headphones (just don't tell Fang, jk). I've tried the He-500's on the Phonitor, and the RPX-303. The RPX-303 (even as an amp) comes pretty close, but...
If you're willing to throw away the possibility of powering headphones other than the he-500 and the he-6, I suggest the Topping TP60 for a cheap and effective fix.You can get a DAC on the way.
I think it strays from neutral quite a bit. The bass is well above neutral, but very linear and somewhat soft, and the peak at 7K is very noticable on cymbals and brass instruments. But I think its worst aspect is that the highs roll off too early, giving the DN-2000's mediocre micro-detail and a lack of air. Those SA-5000's of yours would probably be much closer to reference/studio grade, and a recording done on the DN-2000's would probably sound grainly and a bit bass shy.
Thanks for the advice, I'm getting a portable dac/amp for them soon. I hope it improves the treble resolution of the DN-2000. It's pratically perfect if not for the highs.I have to agree, the comfort and dynamics of the foam tips are amazing. But I'm sticking with the silicon tips since they sound much more open to me, even if the comfort makes my ears bleed.
The Zero has a USB input If you're looking for something more portable, I'd suggest looking at topping's DACs. If you're willing to do a little modding with the op amps, this is one of the best dacs you can get for the price. It speaks for itself, spec-wise, it...
It's lunch time, give the guy a break.
Got myself a pair of DN-2000's today, first impressions with mid-sized silicon tips -Bass lacks a bit of hardness/punch, but sounds very linear overall (great transition to mids). Its presence is a bit above neutral. -Bass displays great decay, tightness, and extension. Again, the bass sounds very linear, near "ortho" levels, but lacks slam/impact. -Mid-range is stunningly smooth, with BA clarity. The linear bass does well in transitioning to the mids, and vocals have...
There was an authorized AKG dealer who was sporting some of the best and most expensive headphones in the market. Beijing's Zhongguanchun electronics district. I also managed to try some LCD-3's along with the Stax SR-404.
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