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Really busy with AP testing; meaning I don't have a lot of time for anime.   Give it to me straight, is Rebellion worth watching? It's 2 hours long and I have a Physics, Calculus, and World History AP Exam next next Monday.   If I don't watch it over spring break I probably won't have time until after summer (traveling), and by then I'll probably forget about it.
Anyone know a good grill to use for the grill mod?
1. Buy new headphone 2. Mod/hype 3. Rediscover whole library 4. Get bored of it 4. Go on 5. Sell, and read reviews 6. Repeat   Slowly killing my wallet profiting; one can at a time.
Hi, Can you tell me where you got that headband for the HE-6?
The prices for a good source are starting to fall, since the parts don't cost much to attain. Although, implementation of the DAC chip is the most important factor, our Chinese counterparts can provide the same thing for a lot cheaper. Switch out a couple of the op amps, and its one of the best DAC's overall. 
Are you willing to buy from Ebay? If so take a look at this   Won't find a better DAC for the money.
Well, it's April 19 and nothing's changed. Mog's still up, and hopefully, will continue to stay that way.   Thanks for everything
Cat fights with daggers, And the genre is yuri.
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