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The main problem I have with the Rag is that it has a bit of a hollow sound with the HD800's, while I admit it's a great amp, it just sounds slight hollow and a bit pressed (like the sound is pressed against me). I loved the 800s with the wa7 fireflies. Im just wondering if the black widow will provide some of the musicality (favorable coloration) and dynamics I've missed from tube amps. I dont want an actual tube amp since I live in a small dorm room and they heat up the...
Not exactly what I was looking for, anybody else?
Not sure if I should stick with the Ragnarok for my HD800's or move to the EC Black Widow. Either way, I've heard there are better options than the Ragnarok for the 800s. Would anyone whose tried either please give me suggestions
Practically new Schiit Ragnarok (6 months old, around 200 hours no burn in). Basically the TOTL option for Planars and many dynamic headphones. Powers planars to a whole new level of clearity and dynamics, i had no clue of such resolution before i owned these. Price doesnt include shipping however please ask for a quote Selling because Im in dire need of cash (hence the price). price is pretty firm, this is the cheapest option for a ragnarok out there right now.
Practically like new Ragnarok (around 5 months of use). Price includes shipping. Beastly amp for planars, very clean and smooth sound, with massive dynamics and some of the fastest transients out there. Will drop price if you can do pick up (if you live in the Bay Area)   Willing to trade for ECBW
Also should i be worried about the heat the ragnarok generates. my biggest nightmare is leaving the thing on and forgetting about it.
Just some thoughts I have after having my Rag for a couple days   It amazes me how much the Ragnarok's dynamics and power dominate my system. I always thought sound quality changed most with swapping headphones but the Rag seems to overtake everything. Any idea how it's amping capabilities compares to the Jotenheim?
The speaker amp takes the HE-500s to a whole new level in terms of bass clarity and overall dynamics. The set up also includes modded alpha pads, and the felt mod, where the felt from the grills are removed to create a more spacious and open sound. The angling from the alpha pads give the HE-500s more lifelike vocals. Read thread below for more information HE-500...
Thanks y'all for the amazing equipment and the pizza! It was a lot of fun and I hope to aee everyone again at camjam
I have the the Shanling m2. I'll bring it to the meet
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