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I'm not that much of an iem guy, but I was going to buy the mh1's bc I needed 20 extra dollars for the free super shipper saving at amazon, but the mh1s are now 81 dollars, so I ended up buying the meh mee electronics m6 - not nearly as good as the mh1 but eh
When and why the hell did they get so expensive? Did they end production? For a marvelously successful earphone? Wat
Damn, I was going to buy them from amazon but they're 81 dollars over there LOL
Does anyone know whether the galaxy s3 is CTIA or OHTM?
Sorry if this has been asked before but    A: Is this one legit? http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Ericsson-MH1-WO-LiveSound-Headset/dp/B005GDVB6S/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1384738260&sr=1-1&keywords=Sony+MH1 While the white color looks gross tbh the super shipper saving is worth it and works perfectly with the AP History book I need to buy.    B: How durable are these? Those threads about exposed wires kinda scares me.    C: Will I experience the...
Hi, can you or anyone of you confirm whether: http://www.amazon.com/VSONIC-Silver-Earphones-Earbuds-iPhones/dp/B005EM9KRI this is the real Bass edition or not? It says GR02, which makes me believe it's the bass edition but it also says R02Proii in 2 pictures. (I've seen both pictures elsewhere on Ebay though, so it's kinda generic.)   I'd rather not waste my time and buy the lower edition :(
Hi, sorry to question you, but have you or anyone you know actually bought it from here?  Looking at the pictures and the descriptions, it seems to be the R02ProII, not the new bass edition.... I'm not sure..
Would you say the M6 is more durable than the M9?  (The Gr99 cable looks far too "flimsy" and the GR02 ends up being almost 36 dollars with shipping at ebay, Thanks for the reccomendations though! Maybe I'll get them for myself later. ) I've heard the M6 sounds better than the M9, but is it more durable?   Edit: Found these at Amazon for a little cheaper. I might buy these for myself, but give him the M6. Are these the same...
Would you say the VSonic GR02/GR99 would last longer than something like the M9/M6 when it comes to long-term durability and use?   I'm trying to get some earphones for a friend, but he has a terrible habit of destroying every headphone he touches that it has come to a point where durability has a higher priority than sound.     Thanks.
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