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Pretty much a mint condition Aune T1.  It probably has a total of 20 hours on it.  Includes all original accesories and box.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Shipping is included in the price. -Jesse
Yeah, like the other person said, they are woodied dt770s with a couple other mods.  There are quite a few forums about the different mods that go into it, but I really don't have a whole bunch of knowledge about them.
Hey all! Selling a like new Ipad air 16gb with data plan capability for my cousin.  Its brand new and has no scratches at all and was used for under 2 hours total.  He won it in a competition for work and just played with it for as long as it took him to realize it was something that he didn't need/want.  Any questions at all please feel free to ask.  I live with him so I will be able to get back to you promptly.   Thanks Jesse
Any trades?
Sent a pm.
Hey everyone!  Here is a pair of beautiful Darth Beyers with Padauk wood that I picked up recently.  I have been listening to these, and coming from the hd600s they just aren't the sound signature that I'm looking for.  I'm interested in trading for another pair of similarly priced headphones.  I really don't have any idea of what I'm looking for, so I'm open to a wide variety of offers.  I'd also be willing to sell for cash, so make me an offer if you'd like to go that...
Hey all, I have a pair of Mad Dogs 3.0 that I'd like to trade for a DAC/amp combo.  I currently don't have either an amp or a DAC and I have a pair of headphones coming that really need them.  So, I'd like to trade these!  They are really in perfect condition.  I don't see any scratches at all besides where the earpiece touches the metal bars, there are little scuffs there but they are hidden under the metal bars!  the pads are perfect and don't even look like they have...
Still for sale!
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