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Hey all!    For sale here is my Aune T1 in silver.  It's the silver version and has worded flawlessly for me for about a year.  Unit is in awesome condition with no noticeable scratches.  Included are all the original cables and boxes.  This is the perfect starter amp/dac as it will power just about any headphone you could want.  I'm going to update with pictures as soon as I get a chance!  If you have any questions feel free to ask.   Jesse
Hey everyone!    These are my custom HD650 headphones.  They are plastidipped a metallic graphite color, one very similar to the original HD650 color. They have custom vinyl badges cut with a computerized vinyl cutter.  I customized these headphones mainly because I was bored and saw a bunch of really cool custom jobs on reddit and figured I'd give it a shot!  I really didn't want to commit to real paint or anything permanent so I just did plastidip. That way I could...
Hey everyone! This is kinda an interest check, I don't know how much people like customized headphones. Here are my personalized hd650s! They have been plastidiped metallic graphite and they have custom cut vinyl stickers on the headband and grille. There were concerns about the stickers on the grille, but I honestly was unable to tell a difference when I tested them with different size stickers vs no stickers. But, if you're considering, just peel them off. It's only...
For sale is a Little Dot Mkiii perfect condition besides a little dust on the top from sitting around unused.  I used them solely with my HD700s and I put a total of maybe 30 hours on it since I bought it.  Like I said, everything is in perfect working order, I just didn't use it anymore now that I've been working on my home theater system a little more.  If you have any questions feel free to ask! The price of 205 is the shipped price to conus.   There were some...
Little Dot Mkiii Tube amp. Mint condition.  I am the second owner. Comes with brand new Vokshod tubes that I think are much better than the stock tubes.  If you have any questions at all let me know! Also selling some other things, check out my profile for more info!   -Jesse
Looks like half of my pictures didn't upload.  Let me know if you're interested in seeing pictures for anything else on the list that didn't get pictures uploaded!
Hey everyone, I'm selling my gear because it hasn't been used in the past month and it probably wont be used any time soon.     HD700- Mint condition.  Literally brand new they have maybe 50 hours on them.  no scratches or scruffs. First owner.  Asking SOLD!!!   Mad Dogs Black Out-  Excellent condition.  Slight wear on the pads that you would expect from regular use.  they are the black outs, aka they have black stickers on the sides instead of the ugly logo and they...
Like new HD600.  Headphone is in perfect condition, not a scratch or blemish on them.  In the process of upgrading, so I no longer need them.  they are the newer silver screen version with the new drivers.  Pads are still stiff and fluffy and feel like new.  Will ship with all original boxes, which are also in perfect condition.  If you have any questions at all feel free to ask!    Jesse
Pretty much a mint condition Aune T1.  It probably has a total of 20 hours on it.  Includes all original accesories and box.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Shipping is included in the price. -Jesse
Yeah, like the other person said, they are woodied dt770s with a couple other mods.  There are quite a few forums about the different mods that go into it, but I really don't have a whole bunch of knowledge about them.
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