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Good to hear Val, Really digging the names and the packaging for Forza! Can't wait to be able to check these out
So maybe just stick with getting the 225 and a new amp as opposed to the rs1? 
Thanks for the advice everyone, Now I just have one more dilemma. I don't know if I should get the 225's and upgrade my amp or if I should get the rs1's and use my Asgard in the meantime until I can get a solid tube amp. It's just with more research the rs1's are continuing to be a very attractive option. Thanks, Arion
Hmm yea the only thing that keeps me from choosing to purchase one over the other is if I want to tube roll or not. It sounds like something I would be interested in but is that ability worth the extra $300ish? I have a budget of around $500 for the amp but I will pm you.Thanks,Arion
Thanks for the reply,In the future I wanted to get some of the Hifiman line so I will probably get the lyr but I will check out the Mapletree amp and see if I can find a used one.
Thanks for the reply,Which should I lean towards now in your opinion? I have enough for either and I also am looking at is as an upgrade for my Asgard. I know the original lyr wasn't suited for lower impedance headphones but with the lyr 2 it is according to the schiit staff when I asked them. Honestly am just looking for the best sound with the Grado.Thanks,Arion
Hello, I about to get some 225e's and a tube amp but just have some questions. I have demoed the 225i and really enjoyed them but based on impressions some have not enjoyed the e verson as much, with myself not being totally familiar with the 225i having only spent 20 or so minutes listening to them am I in store for disappointment with the e model? The tube amp I am looking at was the lyr 2 as it now has a gain switch and was recommended by the schiit staff but I just...
Bump x3 These headphones are selling for $549.95 on the ultrasone website. These have been used for less than 30 hours and are like new. Probably one of the most underrated headphones. Please take a look at the Ultrasone pro 2900 appreciation thread here to get an idea of how these headphones sound http://www.head-fi.org/t/577311/ultrasone-pro-2900-thread
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