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So maybe just stick with getting the 225 and a new amp as opposed to the rs1? 
Thanks for the advice everyone, Now I just have one more dilemma. I don't know if I should get the 225's and upgrade my amp or if I should get the rs1's and use my Asgard in the meantime until I can get a solid tube amp. It's just with more research the rs1's are continuing to be a very attractive option. Thanks, Arion
Hmm yea the only thing that keeps me from choosing to purchase one over the other is if I want to tube roll or not. It sounds like something I would be interested in but is that ability worth the extra $300ish? I have a budget of around $500 for the amp but I will pm you.Thanks,Arion
Thanks for the reply,In the future I wanted to get some of the Hifiman line so I will probably get the lyr but I will check out the Mapletree amp and see if I can find a used one.
Thanks for the reply,Which should I lean towards now in your opinion? I have enough for either and I also am looking at is as an upgrade for my Asgard. I know the original lyr wasn't suited for lower impedance headphones but with the lyr 2 it is according to the schiit staff when I asked them. Honestly am just looking for the best sound with the Grado.Thanks,Arion
Hello, I about to get some 225e's and a tube amp but just have some questions. I have demoed the 225i and really enjoyed them but based on impressions some have not enjoyed the e verson as much, with myself not being totally familiar with the 225i having only spent 20 or so minutes listening to them am I in store for disappointment with the e model? The tube amp I am looking at was the lyr 2 as it now has a gain switch and was recommended by the schiit staff but I just...
Bump x3 These headphones are selling for $549.95 on the ultrasone website. These have been used for less than 30 hours and are like new. Probably one of the most underrated headphones. Please take a look at the Ultrasone pro 2900 appreciation thread here to get an idea of how these headphones sound
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Thanks for the replies. I am definitely looking at getting the 225e just because it will be easier to get a hold of. But I am still looking for the 325's to demo to see if I like those more.
So I was planning on picking up either the 225's or 325's but I was just curious if people found the "i" models to be better than the "e" models. I have demoed the 80i, 225i, and PS500 and I really like the Grado sound so I don't know if I should pick up one of the newer models or go for the "i". Thanks, Arion
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