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I got a chance to demo the 225i, 80i, and PS500 and I definitely do like the Grado sound signature. So far I am leaning towards the 225i's but I'm still hoping I can find a place to demo the 325's. Thanks, Arion
Hello, Maybe take a look at the Ultrasone Pro 2900's. They are great all-rounders in my opinion and also are very revealing so it should suit you since you said you liked analytical headphones. They have a removable cable and ear pads and the bass on them are pretty damn good as well as long as your not expecting bass quantity like the beats by dre headphones. I do have a pair for sale right now but continue to look at other options but I do think these might suit your...
I am currently selling my Pro 2900's in case anybody is interested. Thanks, Arion
Hello, I am wanting to sell my Ultrasone Pro 2900's as I don't really listen to them anymore and figured somebody else would get more use out of them. I am the original owner and they are in excellent condition and include everything that came with the headphones (cd, box, carrying case, cables, and spare ear pads). These headphones have 30< hours on them. The price I am looking for is $310 but I am willing to be a bit flexible and the shipping costs must be covered by the...
Sounds like the Grados will be better for my needs then. I most likely will be able to demo them tomorrow.
Ahh makes sense. I see you also have the HE-400's which I also looked at. How do they compare to the Grados for rock and indie music?Thanks,Arion
Yea for sure.If you don't mind me asking, why are you selling the headphones? Just want to make sure they aren't bad of anything haha.Thanks,Arion
Yea for sure, thus far I have tried the M-100's and the Ultrasone Pro 2900. I really love the M-100's for electronic music but I find with the recessed mids and the lack of sparkle and detail in the mids and highs I don't find them as enjoyable for other genres with at home listening as I find they really shine as portable headphones. And with the Ultrasone Pro 2900's I found them a little too revealing (really brought out bad mixes) for my tastes and found them to be more...
That's what I have been reading, but apparently some people prefer the 225i's due to them being less bright. But I may have found a couple local stores that sell Grado so I'm hoping I will be able to audition them.Thanks,Arion
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