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These are confirmed to use the same driver?  If so, these may be the headphones I've been looking for - I've been looking for a Creative Aurvana Live! with better build quality than the original. Does Head-Fi have recommendations for 2.5mm to 3.5mm cables?  I've heard that the CAL!2s have a mediocre cable out-of-the-box.
Well, Head-Fi, I made a mistake.  I saw a great deal on a pair of ATH-M50s, and unsurprisingly they suck.  How anyone can like these beyond the bass is a real wonder to me; the mids are nonexistent and the vocals are simply terrible.  I've tried gluing my CAL!s back together, but I would really like to get more durable headphones.   The issue is, I absolutely LOVE the sound on my CALs.  Apart from this kind of buzzing background sound they've developed (don't ask me...
Thanks, I'll probably check out the respective threads.  I'm not a huge fan of modding though, so I may lean towards getting the SRH840.  One last question: I generally don't amp either.  Are these low-impedence enough that I can just play them with my laptop and/or mobile device?
Yeah, thanks again for all the help.  I'm definitely going for the SRH840s or the KNS8400s (right now the KNSs are pretty tempting for $50 less).  Just how bad are the stock cables that come with the KNS?  What kind of replacement would I be looking to get? Also, I listen to a smattering of classical music from time to time (couldn't help but notice you listed that in your sig).  Which would be better for classical?
Thanks, that helps.  Out of curiosity, how would 7506s and HD25s compare to these phones for the selected genres?  It's so hard choosing headphones when you don't have the opportunity to demo any of them.  Right now I'm kind of leaning toward the Shures just because I've never heard anyone mention KRK outside these forums, but a more accurate set of cans is really tempting as well.
I heard M50 had weak treble and strong bass - does that mean that CAL/CAL2 are really lacking in treble?
Do the KNS have better resolution compared to the SRH?
Were the KNS's highs piercing/fatiguing?  Also, which of the two pairs were more comfortable (my ears are pretty sensitive)?
Do be clear, what do you mean by warm/cold-sounding?  (Sorry, I'm new.)  Which would do vocals better?  How about winds, strings, brass, and synths?
I only listed M50s and SRH840s because they were the only headphones I'd heard about - would the SRH840s be the best/most cost-effective choice for the above listed qualities?
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