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I play RTS/FPS/RPG etc.. every game worth playing :)
I have an option to sell my E9 for the price that a new soundcard with 600 ohm amp cost. Besides that I get a bunch of other features so I feel that it is worth it.. just need to know which one has the best features.  
Well this soundcard has an amp that supports the same amount of ohm that the E9 does and it doesn't fill up my desk. Besides that I want a soundcard with good virtual surround for games and music.
Hello, I'm looking for a good soundcard with a built in amp to replace my Fiio E9, Dolby Digital or something similar is required. Currently I have my eye on this http://www.dustinhome.dk/product/5010618825/creative-sound-blaster-recon3d-fatal1ty-pro-pcie/#intcmp=searchProvider_SiteSeeker The amp in this card supports up to 600 ohms, but is there a better option?
Well what is the difference?
Hello, will these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beyerdynamic-EDT-990-Vinyl-Cushions/dp/B0031U0E20/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1356617596&sr=1-1 Fit my DT 770? Also will these make the sound warmer in my headphones?
How are the Q40s compared to the XB500s? as I already have a really bassy headphone (xb500)  I need good bass, so open is not an option for me.
So my D2k broke on me and since they are discontinued I need to find a good replacement. Which headphone out there in the 300 dollar price range come close to these cans?
Right.. reason i'm asking is because i've heard these screw break easily, so i wanted to be sure it wasn't something else causing the problem, the problem seems to persist from time to time, So I guess it has something to do with how i put these things on. -  Could anyone help me with the Electri-Q thing? Nobody in the PC audio section seems to care about my stupid questions :P in short, my problem is that Electri-Q mutes all sound coming from my pc when I use it,...
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