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Build quality should be the same. They are made by the same company and likely have the same drivers. I would think the 950 would have better sub bass. The 950 should be more comfortable.
They look like a Superlux hd662 which is a very good budget studio can. I have one and really like it. The fabric ear pads should make them that much better.  
I believe the reason for no response is that it is not a good comparison to put it mildly. My hd662 Superlux destroy the panasonic in every way but it is not in the same league as the Beyer. You get what you pay for with the Panasonic. Fragile and really don't sound that good after the initial infatuation wears off.
At least you can change a room and move speakers around to find the sweet spot. Not so much the shape, size and neural response of the ear which is the "room" for headphones.
Did you get these?
Yes. Single driver speakers in a really crappy room causing  many phase cancellations and resonances.
If you search a bit you will find lots of information. That being said I have never found a post where someone owned and compared all three variants. I know the B model has more midbass and the F model has less bass than the other two and is brighter at the top. I have the CAD mh310 which is a repackaged 662 and for the money is very good. They are large so not good for portable use and the comfort is so so but they sound really good especially if equalized.
Yes.   It seems that all headphones have inherent peaky treble response, some of which is by design. Check the graphs. There is almost always a big dip between 3k and 5k accompanied by a few more dips and peaks and then a sharp rise in the 9k 10k region. I do my best to obtain a flat response using tones sweeps and different music. When I A B the non equalized to equalized a light comes on and I say to myself, oh that's where the music was hiding!
If you are willing to spend 60 forget the pans unless you want to replace them in a few months. They break and really don't sound that good.
  Well said. The next best thing after pads is eq to tame the highs.
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