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This connector kept me from buying the headphone.It is still work/design in progress and certainly will be changed.
Communication is slow but the cables eventually arrive and are of very good quality.Have four different cables for my LCD2s and M's is clearly the best sounding.Don't want to add fuel to the fire but one can "hear" the improvement. Also, his prices are very compatible.
He Is not the fastest communicator but the cables are worth the hassle.
Sensitive info!
Have the RSA71b and an ALO International.They are both balanced and give a really good sound. As I have the RWAK120 I need an amp but I also have an unmodded AK120 which also benefits from an amp esp. when you have headphones like LCD2 etc.
Have just received my copper cable for LCD2 and I can confirm what has been said about quality, packaging etc. Waiting time was reasonable during holiday period and there was good communication with updates. My rig is LCD2 to RWAK120 to ALO International(balanced). So far I had the stock cable and a silver cable done by a guy in Turkey.Stock cable still feels congested(as it can't break free, you know there is MORE to the sound but it can't get through) whereas the silver...
For sale is a AK120 in good working order. Because the eject function for one of the SD cards does't work properly(fiddly fingerwork or tweezers) I have priced the player accordingly. Comes with original box,spare screen protector and charging cable. The leather case is in used condition and the unit itself has always been kept in the case. Reason for selling is that I have just purchased a RWAK120-S. Shipping from New Zealand and paypal included. Also interested in trade...
A major soundstage improvement for me was using the RWAK120-S/ALO International with balanced LCD2. Balanced increases soundstage and makes things even more airier withouth losing punch and impact.
Have also received the L1 a few days ago and they are quite nice considering I paid US$80.- for a new pair. Bass is probably a bit too much but then again I only use them for 20 minutes a day while sitting on my spinbike. They have a very engaging presentation tap, tap.......
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