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Fully agree, if sibilance exists on the recording thats just the way it is. Of course, we also all hear differently and what is sibilant for you could be perfectly ok for me.The HD800S are not sibilant, it is always the song or the setup people have.....or their ears.I said this before but if a song is recorded in a certain way and it doesn't please my audiohile ears, I still don't use EQ or violate my headphones via modding, I rather accept the song as it is intended or...
...but then there is nothing to go on about!
I have both amps you have mentioned and between them I prefer the v200. It has a wider soundstage and considerably more clarity than the Soloist.Still, I also use the Valhalla with upgraded tubes and indeed this is my favourite set up with the HD800S at the moment.All amps are fed either by a Cyrus CD8 SE2 or a RWAK120.
How would you compare the Figaro to the Valhalla2?Like the look of it and I am sure the sound is good too with the HD800s.
I am on my third HD650 right now and I am listening at this very moment through a Violectric V200....they do sound fantastic.But then I swap with the HD800S and there is DAYLIGHT!On their own the HD650 are amazing and scale like hell with better amp/ dac but in the context of the HD800S there is no contest.
Will you feed it balanced or SE? Fed mine SE from RWAK120 because the balanced input made it sound too digital for me. I realised that the CDM has really different sound signatures depending on going balanced or SE in regards to input and also output.
So they can move out of the state houses.
nz only for $250.- NZ
We sold our house because the council changed the recreational park in front of our house into high intensity sport fields.Needles to say, but we sold the house after one weekend "open home" and bought a house down here in Dunedin for a reasonable price. Auckland property market is crazy.Mod Edit - removed quoted expletive and political ref.
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