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Thread not dead yet.....new blood here! Should get a Valhalla2 in a weeks time to go with my HD800S and if possible with some LCD2. Had the V1 for a short time and liked it a lot, so I just hope that V2 is on the same level or even better. Tubes for rolling due as well.... Just from memory, I did like the V1 more with theHD800 when compared to the WA6 or Crack with Speedball.
Not really a classic fan but it has to be the HD800s....at least for me.
The notion that the HD800s are "not" forgiving headphones for some genres of music always makes me smile. I had my musical growing up in the mid to late 70's and early 80's or in other words, I am not someone who can't appreciate Punk or New Wave rock. I want to hear Joy Division and The New York Dolls in all their imperfection and in the way it was meant to be by the artists and their producer(s). The deliberate way of how such songs were recorded is an integral part of...
It mirrors the state of the nation, one might say. But then, only one serious buyer is needed.
Have a mint LCD2.2F and as new GS1000e on TM but would prefer to sell here to some NZ HeadFiers. Also, a portable Ray Samuels SR71b(SE/balanced) if there is someone interested.
The guy is a comedian and having us on....in all the other threads he has posted, he has perfect english without spelling mistakes....troll on!
No more desktop, just something light so I can move from sofa to sofa etc.
This is hilarious....just buy the bloody headphone and get on with it...with case or without.
I also have both the HD800s and the LCD2F and clearly only listen to the Sennheisers. Thinking about selling the Audeze and getting the new portable Woo amp instead or the Fostex TH900.
As I like listening to music mainly on one of my sofas or my spin bike, I gave up all my desktop gear in favour of an AK music player. I have to add that I am one of the guys who was always chasing that elusive last bit of audio bliss, my setup now lets me forget about that and I just enjoy the music. My simple audio chain is RWAK120 into either ALO CDM, ALO International or Ray Samuel's SR71b and then balanced into HD800s. Still, I have a hankering to try out another top...
New Posts  All Forums: