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Received the HD800s this morning and clearly prefer it to the non-s. The sound is smoother and has slightly more body but they need to be used balanced to get the most out of it. Only tried it with ALO CDM, ALO International and RSB 71b and it sounds best out of the latter. Out of all three balanced is best compared to SE....no surprise. They probably will improve with more listening time, so rather excited..... Also the black looks pretty cool and sexy!
Try to wiggle around with the headphone connector when you lug it into the amp. Or push it all the way in and then gradually move it out . Had the same problem with an adapter which I put on my headphone cable in order to use the balanced output.
Received a CDM today and I am impressed by the look of this little piece of gear. Gorgeous design and the SQ is not lacking either. Pairing it with a RWAK120s and it sounds good with my Grado GS1000e, Denon 5000 and Beyer T5p, not so with the LCD2f. But so what....
We just have to wait and see. Not that it really matters in the scheme of things.
So.....what? I don't think that they will run side by side for years to come, something you hinted at.
Even if Grell's comment that the S model is only slightly better can be considered understatement both the HD800 and HD800s share the same/similar sound signature; this can't be said about the HD600/650.
In order to avoid confusion on the consumer end, Sennheiser will eventually discontinue the HD800. It doesn't make sense to have two similar sounding models on the market as the consumer will always go for the one which is "a little better". I also think price will be the same as the original HD800 price or only slightly more. The idea of having an improved HD800 for a sensible price will tempt a lot of people who at the moment think of going for a LCD4 etc.
I do like the all black colour but I don't understand why two cables as most people go for aftermarket anyway. Probably to justify an exorbitant price.
Sounds promising and also looks good.
This "Mojo" is not working for me!
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