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Thanks for quoting my old post and yes, the Lorenz is a good tube and I alternated it with the Sophia. But as it is a very old post I have sold the Woo in the meantime and have a Bottlehead Crack with Speedball now.
Sorry, to jump in here but I think that the HD800 are worth the price considering they are an engineering masterpiece. Whereas the RS1i are more "stone age" but funnily enough I prefer them over the HD800. As often stated before and elsewhere, they are just more fun and let me enjoy the music the way I like it most.
Also upgraded from X3 and very happy .Couldn't care less about UI as all that matters to me is the music/sound quality.
Somewhere in New Zealand this morning.
Sold to Reignski
Sennheiser HD650 for 440.- NZ Dollar.
Just downloaded it and I think the sound is more airy,slightly brighter which gives it more detail and most of all a wider soundstage. Don't know yet whether I like it or not!
Couldn't be with you guys as I am in Germany at the moment but found consolation in the fact that a lot of helmet guy's set up which I can identify on the photos, was once mine!!! Also support the idea of a more frequent meet here in Auckland.
Hi Ian,have sent you a pm.Dietmar
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