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My FiiO E7 has a bad headphone output jack.  I'm guessing that something is loose and not making good contact.  There are two outputs.  The one on the left works perfectly and plays stereo without any issues.  However, the one on the right causes the left and right channels to intermittently cut out and if I gently move the headphone plug around, they come back until I let go.  I've had this unit for just a couple of months and want to take care of this problem asap so...
I'm actually finding the headband to be comfortable so far.  Maybe with time it'll start digging into my skull.  Thanks for the recommendation, I looked up the padding and it seems affordable. 
Thanks for the input.  I think I'll resist the urge to try them out of the box lol  
The thread title is my main question.  I get my 225's delivered today (excited as hell!) and won't be able to take them inside until I get home from work.  They will be sitting in 30F weather for a few hours.  Should I unpack them and let them sit at room temp for a few hours?   This might sound like a silly or overprotective thing to do, but the cost of these headphones makes me cautious.  I figure if I start using them out of the box there might be additional...
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