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Lowest is 31+tax...But I missed.
Currently not in US. Don't know whether it is unlucky or not... Congra to all who have grabbed the Senn/A900 :D
I am planning to buy a DAP/android phone pairing it up with my E17.   I saw that new ipod touch 5G has no hope (even line out) in supporting E17. iPad is not portable. Using the DAC of E17 is not a must, as long as the DAP has good SQ with it's line out.   Any recommendation? I am especially interested in Android solution. Thanks!
  That's my thought.   As a consumer, I would prefer there is a converter/ dock / cable which is capable to connect Android Phones with digital output to the E17.   I don't want a dac which is tied up with Android. 
    Though it is helpful for maintaining the second hand market price...
    I kinda have the experience as you.
All sold. Thanks a lot.
Still FS.
Report:   The HD580 headband is soooo comfortable. Thanks for Head-fiers' suggestion.   It took US13, purchasing from B&H.  
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