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Thanks for taking these photos. It seems that the difference is most obvious on the printing.The colors are different, and the shape of that lady head is also very different. Thanks again!
 Could you take some close-up photos of the real and the fake? Thanks! 
Please let us know the result!
I remember that you bought them from Taobao? I want to try muses, too.Taobao offers some really good deals, but really worry about buying faked products...
Is anyone able to make a side by side comparison between two Q701s that made from different places? Some people said country of origin does not matter while some disagree. From the last few posts, it seems that the Q701s were even made of different materials at different places and at different time...
 For the 100-150 range, a number of amps have been recommended by different head-fiers. It seems that no one has done a comparison among them. But all of them are quite well-regarded amps at that price range. You may wait for ThurstonX's impression on Lyr and C5. A number of people said that Lyr and Q701 is a great pair.
 I agree that E12 sounds not bad. It may be a great pair for travel.But I assumed that normally we use Q701 at home. If that's the case, perhaps a cheaper Vali or Magni can do a much better job than E12? Hope some headfiers who own both amps can do a comparison. 
In fact, I'm using E12 DIY with Q701, and have tried several combinations of buffers and op-amps. But my impression is that the soundstage is not deep enough, which Q701 should have if it is amplified properly. So, I guess portable amps do not have sufficient power for Q701. Personally, I won't recommend E12 for Q701. I think people should get a desktop amp instead for Q701. Could the recommenders also give some brief impressions for your suggested amp? I will...
 Thanks for your reply. I added C5 to the list.What do you think about the soundstage of Q701 driven by the C5? Can C5 provide enough power for Q701? Could you tell me your impressions for Lyr and C5, paired with Q701?
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