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All sold. Thanks a lot.
Still FS.
Report:   The HD580 headband is soooo comfortable. Thanks for Head-fiers' suggestion.   It took US13, purchasing from B&H.  
Price adjusted. Now 280 for HD600+cable.
FiiO E9 was sold.
Email sent.
HD600 was bought from Amazon last Nov, and listened for ~150hrs. The pair of cans is in a like new condition, and the SQ is better than new, unless you don't believe in the myth of burn-in. All original materials included.   The HD650 cable (92885), which was bought from B&H last month, is complete new and never used.     Reason for sale: moving back to Hong Kong in June (currently a visiting student in NY).    I am asking for $280+shipping for...
Can anyone recommend an affordable choice of headband cushion? HD280 headband is a good choice, but it seems sold out already.   Thanks a lot!
Did anyone know how to fix the Gain at zero? After using the E17 independently, I found that the gain always reset automatically at 6.
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