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It took around 5hrs for my pair (or my just my brain) to burn-in. I couldn't remember the sound before burn-in, but only that it's not enjoyable to listen to before burn-in. I agree that vocal is very close, but it's more natural than A2, as A2 gives me a feeling of "too-close" or having located the sound wrongly.
Why not both? You can later sell one of them.
It works with my iPad and Android phone,
Come with the yellow one.Personally, I prefer the black one. (Small ears)
Sure, no problem.Strangely, LZ didn't say the same thing in his Taobao website. I think the description was copied from somewhere else.  The English on the A2S manual is also poor. LZ definitely needs a "real" translator for his products' descriptions.
Largely agree with Peter123's impressions and judgments.   I posted a comparison between A2 and A2S on the A2 thread 2 weeks ago. For those who're interested, you may take a look, here.  
it should be A2"S", based on the letters on the IEM
The final price is yet to decide. As the cable will be detachable and the design of A4 will be a bit different. Also, it depends on whether LZ has enough money to do further research on A4, lol.
Sorry to @kimD and some others. I'm one of the persons who kept complaining to LZ about the shape and color of A3. 
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