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ETA March.
Sold. Thanks.
I bought these in 2008, they are still functioning properly. Some people broke the cable within a month, but I have been using them very carefully and have used for more than 4 years. That's what we would do for expensive earphones, right?   I bought them mainly because I love Secret Garden's music and I don't care about the bass.   The earbuds will be used less often for me in the future, because I have bought new earphones. So, I post this to see if there are...
  +1 for Black. I like the small bag comes with E17 also.
  I am not familiar with those audio formats which support 192k/24bit. So, I am curious why does it imply by "support up to 192K/24BIT". What kind of file format will it be? Something like Flac 24bit?
Good to hear that
  Thanks Kalbee, the graphs are helpful. They illustrated why the more the amplification we add the more distortion we get. If the the software volume control can indeed flatten the wave form, then since we need more amplification we in the end have more distortion.      I have done some testing. It seems true that having 100% output with lower volume in E17 gives me a better SQ. I didn't do a blind review for this. The reason that I did not use 100% before is that my...
I can't understand why reducing bits being sent can affect the volume. Maybe, it is too theoretical. Bowei, thanks for your reply.
Someone may have already asked this question. Sorry if I ask this question again.   I am curious why the software volume control will affect the SQ. What is the mechanic behind the software volume control? I thought it was just an option which allow us to control the volume without pressing the buttons on E17. All signal came out from the computer should be digital, and the only amplifying part is E17's amp, so, why the software volume control can affect the SQ. Puzzled.
Lowest is 31+tax...But I missed.
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