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Thanks, RedJohn. Nice review and comparisons. I second that LZ-A3 is very relaxing to listen. Thanks for explaining the reasons behind. I don't have any other MMCX cable and not sure which one I should buy. I hope people with (many) other MMCX cables can compare the A3's performance using different kinds of cables. In the end, we can have a list of buying suggestions on this.
Yes, I also thought the inner design is fancy. But it isn't. Look forward to your impressions!
Perhaps, he is able to install other drivers. 
I've just uploaded some photos here sent by a friend of mine who has torn down a pair of LZ-A3.
It's kinder strange that I feel them very neutral. But many said the sound is warm. I guess the sound signature of LZ-A3 is highly depended on the source. I listened to them for over 20 hours so far. The very balanced sound is very comfortable continuous listening.
A friend of mine has torn down a pair of LZ-A3. I will add some photos in the first post of this thread tonight. duyu
 Looking forward to your detailed impressions!
Could you tell us your setup?
IMO,amp is needed. My E12DIY with muses02 works well with LZ-A3. The internal amp of FiiO X3 lacks a bit of power to drive them. Bribo, I can help you ask LZ.
looking forward to your impressions.
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