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James (feiao) should be now off for the long Chinese Lunar New Year holidays (~10 days).   Happy Lunar New Year, James.
Beware: Too cheap = scam or fake....
  This option is confusing. Does it imply there is a non-custom volume? What's that? Perhaps you can change 記憶﹣>音量記憶, memory-> Volume Memory.
  选项设置 Options <---what is this?   记忆 Memory <---what is this? same with断点记忆播放?   自定义 Custom <--- what is this?   自定义音量 Custom volume <--- what is this?     These four in playback settings. It's hard to distinguish their functions from other options.
ETA March.
Sold. Thanks.
I bought these in 2008, they are still functioning properly. Some people broke the cable within a month, but I have been using them very carefully and have used for more than 4 years. That's what we would do for expensive earphones, right?   I bought them mainly because I love Secret Garden's music and I don't care about the bass.   The earbuds will be used less often for me in the future, because I have bought new earphones. So, I post this to see if there are...
  +1 for Black. I like the small bag comes with E17 also.
  I am not familiar with those audio formats which support 192k/24bit. So, I am curious why does it imply by "support up to 192K/24BIT". What kind of file format will it be? Something like Flac 24bit?
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