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Just tried to switch the buffer. Unexpectedly, it was more difficult than changing Op-amps since the buffer was located at the edge of the board. I now see why the removal tool is necessary.   My impression was that the pair of AD797+BUF634 has a better sound stage and warmer than both AD797+LME49600 and BUF634+AD604.  This sound signature suits more with my Q701, and I'm now enjoying AD797+BUF634.   Pairs tried: BUF634+AD8620 (original...
Look like accessoryjack is located in Hong Kong.What I can tell is that the price of Sennheiser's HD650 and HD600 are much lower in HK than the list price in US. Not sure whether Sennheiser provides international warranty or not.
      No idea how to use that removal tool... I just used my fingernail to remove the chips. Now trying diff op-amps with BUF 634.
Could some of you take some photos showing how you DIY this E12? Say, changing the ICs, soldering chips, changing capacitors, adding resistors, etc.     It would be very helpful for beginners like me. Many thanks! 
What is the function of these two/four tiny things?
HD800 can still be ordered from Amazon, even if it is out of stock now.   http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001OTZ8DA/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new   Refresh the page if you can't see it.
Joined the Q701 family with my recent purchase on Amazon (some time after the thanksgiving).   Mine were still Austria Made.  
FiiO's staffs have been shipping the E12 DIY since last Saturday. You shall know your tracking no. very soon. Hong Kong is very close to Guangzhou China. And Chris,a nice sales representative, has helped me to ship the package using other means.
      (With the X3)   Obviously, I gotta read the manual first! Excellent boxing, and the E12 looks really elegant.
I've received a message from his colleague, which says that James has had a successful surgery. Hope to see James coming back to Head-fi very soon. It seems that everything is on track. X5 will be announced this weekend, and FiiO has just uploaded some photos about the X1 on Facebook. 
New Posts  All Forums: