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My hunch is that for those who prepared to spend that amount of money for X5, they would still buy X3. They can sell their X3 later when they are going to buy X5. X5, for over $300, may be out of the budget of many people who want to buy a mp3 with a price similar to ipod. They may want to spend more money rather for the their headphone. So, I think FiiO still needs produce a better version of X3, something like X03k. It's like there is HD800, but people are still very...
I guess lots of Chinese are readers/members of this forum. I'm one of them. Personally, I would say the reviews and comments here are more trustworthy than those on the Chinese forum. It's so easy to hire someone to leave bad/good comments on certain products in China, and as far as I know this is indeed very common marketing strategy. I heard that some people earn a decent income (not the US standard) for doing these things.
A related old thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/464467/sony-pcm-d50-as-dap
  He says the sound signature of X3 is unexpectedly different from E17, a gadget that he is very familiar with. The sound signature of X3 seems like a better version of Sony D50. In comparison of with E17 about the sound quality, he thinks that X3 ties with E17 on mid, having a far better high (more extended and vivid), but the low is a little bit worse than E17. In general, he thinks that X3 is neutral and well-balanced.   Hope this is helpful. :)
  It seems that it can't. I've tried to find a software to transform SACD DSD ISO files into other 24bits formart that X3 can support, but I couldn't find any.
My Meizu miniplayer (one famous DAP made by Chinese company) has lots of bugs, with very poor compatibility with MAC. So, it is definitely worth spending more time on the UI.  I wish we could use Rockbox on X3...
James (feiao) should be now off for the long Chinese Lunar New Year holidays (~10 days).   Happy Lunar New Year, James.
Beware: Too cheap = scam or fake....
  This option is confusing. Does it imply there is a non-custom volume? What's that? Perhaps you can change 記憶﹣>音量記憶, memory-> Volume Memory.
  选项设置 Options <---what is this?   记忆 Memory <---what is this? same with断点记忆播放?   自定义 Custom <--- what is this?   自定义音量 Custom volume <--- what is this?     These four in playback settings. It's hard to distinguish their functions from other options.
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