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The default black vent and blue nozzle sounds amazing for pop. (Source: Fiio X3 and E12DIY) Changing the vent/nozzles will significantly alter the sound. Since there are so many possible combinations, perhaps we can come up with a list of suggested combinations for different types of music later, as comparing across different combinations require lots of work...
  Different type of tips. For previous stock tips, only the one in black suits me.   The vocal position of A4 now is more natural, compared with previous models. It's still close, but no longer feel like someone is singing in the middle of your head. It's a significant upgrade to A3. After listening to A4, I can't change back to A3/A2S. My ears become picky... Just like A3, I think a headphone amp is necessary to realise A4's potential. 
Isolation is good. The stock tips are different and are better.
Great. A right move making the A4 low-profile. I couldn't use the A3 on the street. LOL
Kickstarter or sth the like is a good idea in the furture.Let's see how the market respond to the A4.Personally, I like the A4 a lot. A killer for pop. The smooth texture of A3 remains with extra details, more precise positioning, and larger soundstage. It's much better than the prototype.
@peter123 @RedJohn456 @robervaul @Lohb @crabdog   They are the five international reviewers of LZ-a4. There are some in China. Help to see their impressions and reviews very soon.
    Photos from LZ.
Good news: LZA4 will be officially released next week. Will let you guys know that price when it's listed on Taobao.
I think you can contact the retailer. When I buy DIY IEMs, I don't expect there is warranty.Though if you buy the IEM directly from LZ through Taobao, he does offer warranty. HOWEVER, it is kind of impossible to ship the IEM back to China because of the custom...
LZ refers to Lao Zhung, a guy. "Zhung" is his family name, and "Lao" means old, or looking old.   It looks like LZ can't make any more A2, otherwise he wouldn't make a different A2S. A wild guess is that he couldn't get the drivers used in A2?
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