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I'm curious is there anybody who's following this thread has lots of different MMCX cables. Twin, are you? Based on RedJohn and FUYU's review, it is kind of a consensus that switching cable is necessary to get everything out of LZ-A3.
Thanks! Nice review.
Any more impressions on LZ-A3, and the effects on switching cables?
Sorry for ignorance. Know nothing about the balanced thing. Can LZ-A3 support balanced source and cable?
Thanks, RedJohn.  Though taste is subjective, SQ is quite objective (or at least inter-subjective). (Haha, a whisky lover here,  who believes personal experience is communicable.)   I'll look for another MMCX cable to see if there's any significant difference.
I think the stock cable is satisfactory SQ-wise, and I was quite impressed in my first listening, as they are much better than my previous Klipsch X10. Again, as I've mentioned, I've been using X3+E12 DIY(muses02). Perhaps, this set up is, as what mentioned by RedJohn, a "good neutral to bright source".
Thanks, RedJohn. Nice review and comparisons. I second that LZ-A3 is very relaxing to listen. Thanks for explaining the reasons behind. I don't have any other MMCX cable and not sure which one I should buy. I hope people with (many) other MMCX cables can compare the A3's performance using different kinds of cables. In the end, we can have a list of buying suggestions on this.
Yes, I also thought the inner design is fancy. But it isn't. Look forward to your impressions!
Perhaps, he is able to install other drivers. 
I've just uploaded some photos here sent by a friend of mine who has torn down a pair of LZ-A3.
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