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I guess if we set a backlight time and an automatic shutdown time, the battery can be used for even longer.
      The coaxial output of X3 works on my AV amp. But if you want to have this setup, remember to change the input mode to digital (rather than Auto), and cancel the HDMI input. I committed this mistake and thought it was the problem of X3.   It is great to have a 24bit digital source. It will be much easier for me to play music with speakers. I guess lots of people who have hi-fi are interested in/have been finding a convenient digital source like this.
  As I remember, ClieOS has compared X3 with some DAPs. Try searching this thread.
  X3 vs Miniplayer A/B testing.  Unsurprisingly, the winner is X3.   I guess some people (not those who have been using a portable amp) do concern about the portability of X3. But considering that X3 has the coaxical out, line out, TF card slot, and most importantly a powerful amp, I think this size and weight are justifiable.   But it's always better to be thinner and lighter for a portable gadget.
            It feels like coating, but not a whole piece of metal. Thanks for your clarification.   -It does feel cool for the bezel and the back.    
    This should be plastic, but looks like aluminium?   O...James says the back is aluminium. James, do you mean aluminium coating?
Only the front panel is aluminum. The back and the bezel are plastic.
    James has said that the quality of the shell (not sound quality) of X3 is not as good as E17, because it is designed three years ago (before E17, I guess?). You can see that the plastic shell does have some minor imperfection. If it is not a matter of budget, I guess in the future if there is something like X03K it will come with a E17-like shell. But I don't want to wait for that long, and more importantly it is not an important problem. SQ should be the...
    Finally, received my X3 today!
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