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Thanks for doing that. I need recommendations before pulling the trigger. Too many options available in the market. Personally, buying from AE is the most convenient way for me.
It isn't a blend of silver and copper, but silver plated copper and copper.
I guess LZ has been doing some experiments on the cable materials. I don't know whether he will sell the final product seperately or not.
  I paid for the shipping, and LZ sent me this cable, which someone posted a picture of earlier.  Some quick impressions on this twisted silver-plated copper cable.  Significant improvement on sub-bass, and a clear improvement on bass. Extra details heard. The overall sound signature is the same, smooth and non-fatiguing. One weakness this cable is that it changes the soundstage. I feel like the soundstage becomes flat compared with the stock cable, though the...
I've just checked the Amazon, that one should be LZ-Z03A.
Johnny, thanks for the information on ear tips. I'll try Tingo's. The given foam tips sound awful to me...
Good to know the sound didn't change after 100hrs+.
What is this better-than-sex gadget?! Looks really fancy.
Thanks for Koolpep and RedJohn's helpful advices. FiiO's X7! FiiO's CEO James is also a super nice person. LZ and James knew each other personally. Btw, LZ told me he normally uses FiiO X5.
 Thanks, Koolpep! Second on the "can't stop" feeling, the sound is so smooth.So, A3 would sound better using a more expensive DAP? I've been thinking about buying a more fancy DAP, but just not so sure what price range I should go for.
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