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I guess, though no sure, new orders will be shipped only after the improvements have been made. So, you may go ahead.
Be patient. They're worth waiting for. LZ is improving the connector and the cable. It may take some time. I've shipped mine back to him, too, as he asked the early buyers to do so. He is very responsible.
Yes, there're lots of choices. Perhaps, DIYers can even find the connectors and make their own cables.Btw, the given cable's quality seems to be quite good. 
Probably, you won't notice unless you're listening to classical, or other kinds of live concerts carefully. (I guess it also depends on the shape of your ear...)
 Two parts. The earphones themselves look quite robust. While the detachable cable seems to be a bit weak to withstand the weight of the earphones. LZ is finding a way to resolve this problem. For those who don't have the DIY ability, I suggest you should wait for half a month until this problem being solved. Amplification will significantly improve the sound quality.   There're lots of accessories. The ear tips I am using can't provide the best isolation. I guess...
RedJohn's detailed impressions on and comparisons among LZ-A3, LZ-A2, and Shockwave SIII, here. His review, here. FUYU's review, which includes a comparison between LZ-A3 and TK11, here Twin's review, here. Twister6's review, here. -------- LZ-A2 has been very famous here already. But when I tried to buy a pair, LZ (老忠) stopped me and asked me to wait for his LZ-A3. I talked with him several times through the internet. He is a very nice and humble person, but does...
I ordered there two years ago during BF. I thought I got a good deal but they cancelled my order after a couple of days saying the headphones I bought were no longer available.
LOL, terminator model no. T-800?
Bought... Oh my god...I have 3 pair of headphones now...... 
Yes. I'm pairing this with the X3 and the Klipsch X10.I can definitely experience an improvement in soundstage and detail. I didn't expect that the X10 can be benefited this much with the Muses 02. I've tried to pair these earphones with the E12DIY using other given op-amps before, but the result was not very impressive. 
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