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Good news: LZA4 will be officially released next week. Will let you guys know that price when it's listed on Taobao.
I think you can contact the retailer. When I buy DIY IEMs, I don't expect there is warranty.Though if you buy the IEM directly from LZ through Taobao, he does offer warranty. HOWEVER, it is kind of impossible to ship the IEM back to China because of the custom...
LZ refers to Lao Zhung, a guy. "Zhung" is his family name, and "Lao" means old, or looking old.   It looks like LZ can't make any more A2, otherwise he wouldn't make a different A2S. A wild guess is that he couldn't get the drivers used in A2?
Just asked LZ, and he said he has encountered some difficulty (I guess it's related to the mmcx connector). A4 will be released next month the earliest.
Listening to iPhone 7 through it's given adapter, the sound quality is hopelessly poor. I've also found that it won't support APT-X. It looks like I should give up the thought of listening music using the iPhone. 
Really hope this can offer SQ comparable to my unbreakable X3 1st gen.
Hope this is a solution for listening HD music on the iPhone 7. The dac and amp in the convertors couldn't be very good.
It's known now the DAC inside the adapter is 338S00140/A0QK1623/TW. Did anybody do A/B between iphone 6 and iphone7+adapter?
A4 is coming close to a mass production. But the detaching cable part is still a headache for LZ. Some weeks ago, LZ said the sound quality of A4 prototype is unacceptably bad (after reading you guys' feedbacks, I guess...).    I've found that one pair of the prototype is defected. This may have affected some of your impressions. Anyway, the sound of A4 will be very different, according to LZ.
I was thinking about Q5 as it is "made for iPhone/iPad".
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