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Could you tell us your setup?
IMO,amp is needed. My E12DIY with muses02 works well with LZ-A3. The internal amp of FiiO X3 lacks a bit of power to drive them. Bribo, I can help you ask LZ.
looking forward to your impressions.
Really looking forward to you guys' impressions. I'm very curious what difference can be made by using different MMCX cables.  
If you order now, I guess you will have the cable with the new connectors.I've uploaded a new photo on the first page. Also, in long run, I guess most of us would like to try out different MMCX cables. 
 The problem is that the original MMCX connectors are too short, and also a bit loose.
Hey guys, I've received my earphones back from LZ. He replaced the cable's MMCX connectors. The new connectors make more sense if you're going to wear the headphones over the ear. Take a look to my first post.
Thanks Twin for the message. This is largely same as the one I received from LZ. I'm quite impressed by this. This must created a significant extra cost for LZ.
I guess, though no sure, new orders will be shipped only after the improvements have been made. So, you may go ahead.
Be patient. They're worth waiting for. LZ is improving the connector and the cable. It may take some time. I've shipped mine back to him, too, as he asked the early buyers to do so. He is very responsible.
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