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  My previous DAP-Meizu miniplayer has trouble playing APE files. I guess it is something worth testing. ALAC vs FLAC vs WAV vs APE, and 16bit vs 24bit, etc.
  I have never used an ipod. On Mac, there is an app called XLD, which we can convert music files quite conveniently. There is also an app called Tag, which we can edit the metadata of the file easily. One advantage for CUE sheets, I guess is that it allows tags for WAV files?   I haven't test it before, but is there any difference on SQ with different music format? Say, is wav really sound better than flac on X3? If there is no difference, I will just convert everything...
  ClieOS, thanks! Sadly, it doesn't work on music based on CUE.
A point to note when you use CUE sheets on X3. You have to make sure the name of the soundtrack and the cue are the same. e.g.  ABC.cue and ABC.wav   X3 will display the file name before the song title when we browse the files. I hope it could change to this order: track no, song title, and filename at end. Because sometimes the file name is long.   Changing from  ABC_songtitle to 1.songtitle.ABC   I still haven't figured out how the favorite songs lists...
I guess if we set a backlight time and an automatic shutdown time, the battery can be used for even longer.
      The coaxial output of X3 works on my AV amp. But if you want to have this setup, remember to change the input mode to digital (rather than Auto), and cancel the HDMI input. I committed this mistake and thought it was the problem of X3.   It is great to have a 24bit digital source. It will be much easier for me to play music with speakers. I guess lots of people who have hi-fi are interested in/have been finding a convenient digital source like this.
  As I remember, ClieOS has compared X3 with some DAPs. Try searching this thread.
  X3 vs Miniplayer A/B testing.  Unsurprisingly, the winner is X3.   I guess some people (not those who have been using a portable amp) do concern about the portability of X3. But considering that X3 has the coaxical out, line out, TF card slot, and most importantly a powerful amp, I think this size and weight are justifiable.   But it's always better to be thinner and lighter for a portable gadget.
            It feels like coating, but not a whole piece of metal. Thanks for your clarification.   -It does feel cool for the bezel and the back.    
    This should be plastic, but looks like aluminium?   O...James says the back is aluminium. James, do you mean aluminium coating?
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