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Perhaps, your A3 is defective?I don't have a chance to listen to TK12or13 yet.
Still, I think A3 is better than A2s in every aspect. A3 makes all the musics very enjoyable. Smooth and non-fatiguing.
The A2s is as good as the A2, but the sound signature is different, i.e. closer vocal, and warmer.
I can't hear there is a significant difference on bass. I need more time.The most obvious differences: closer vocal(less spacious), less sizzling, and warmer.
Right! Every time I'm headache seeing the model numbers in the Chinese IEM thread.
Yes, LZ is making A4 or A3v2. I told him please use more common shape and color.
The vocal is closer and warmer. A2s sound less analytical.Personally, I prefer A2s.Both sound very good. But, design-wise, I like A2's.It looks lile A2s are good for pop and A2 are good for classical, new-age.
From the left: Z03A, A2, A2s and A3.
Koolpep, agree with your experience. The A3 are really good. The only complaint I have with them is the design and the stock cable. Very happy with the sound. The A2s sound very good after 3hrs burn in, not so good first listened. They are easy to drive, but not easy to drive properly. They sound much much better when amped with the E12DIY.
Hey guys, LZ is selling A2s on Taobao. I guess we can discuss A2s here, right? I'll write a comparison among A3, A2, A2s and the new 03A soon when I'm less busy.
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