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It is like high definition videos. Originally we felt wow with DVD, but then we have HD videos, and 4K is coming. I remember DVD players was very expensive, but when Philips produced some cheaper price players, watching DVD became something affordable for me.   4K is now not affordable for many people, but soon there will be some company makes it affordable for the public.   So there must be some company which make high quality music player affordable for the public. I...
Just curious, which headphones are you guys going to use with X5?
Yes, it can.
    Thanks for your answers! I will try the ID3 tag. Not being able to display the album art is actually not a big deal for me. ---------- I found that the electrical noises come out quite randomly when I play 24/174.6 Flac, I mean even for the same file.
Tested X3 with DT1350, HD25-1, K550, SR80i and AD900X yesterday in a local headphone store. Unsurprisingly, X3 has sufficient power to drive all these cans. All these cans sound very good with X3 (I love DT1350 the most, but its bass is just alright). I didn't have time to try those higher impedance headphones (like DT880, HD650, HD600 etc). I guess some head-fiers will do the test when they receive their X3 next month. ---------------- I've converted some 24/176.4...
  My previous DAP-Meizu miniplayer has trouble playing APE files. I guess it is something worth testing. ALAC vs FLAC vs WAV vs APE, and 16bit vs 24bit, etc.
  I have never used an ipod. On Mac, there is an app called XLD, which we can convert music files quite conveniently. There is also an app called Tag, which we can edit the metadata of the file easily. One advantage for CUE sheets, I guess is that it allows tags for WAV files?   I haven't test it before, but is there any difference on SQ with different music format? Say, is wav really sound better than flac on X3? If there is no difference, I will just convert everything...
  ClieOS, thanks! Sadly, it doesn't work on music based on CUE.
A point to note when you use CUE sheets on X3. You have to make sure the name of the soundtrack and the cue are the same. e.g.  ABC.cue and ABC.wav   X3 will display the file name before the song title when we browse the files. I hope it could change to this order: track no, song title, and filename at end. Because sometimes the file name is long.   Changing from  ABC_songtitle to 1.songtitle.ABC   I still haven't figured out how the favorite songs lists...
I guess if we set a backlight time and an automatic shutdown time, the battery can be used for even longer.
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