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 Too many combos to try! I was wrong to draw comparisons by quick inter-changing of the filters. To really appreciate the sound of a combo, it takes at least a week. Some mental burn-in time is needed when switching to another combo. After listening to black/pink for almost a week, I'm completely convinced this combo is awesome. Well-balanced, smooth, no loss of details, great 3D soundstage. Really thank Brooko for bringing this combo out.
Not likely, unless the demand is very strong. In fact, we can DIY, use some EQ, or switching tips.
Just want to add some quick comments, I've never heard of LZ comparing his A4 to other TOTL. Perhaps, he did that when it's A2? What I know he is now researching in making IEM which sound better than A4. The Chinese makers are changing the game. Good for users.
Fair enough. There may not be any disagreement about facts, but about ways of description. I guess one immediate advantage of using black/pink is that it makes listening less fatiguing for neutral or slightly cold source.For slightly warmer source, black/black won't be fatiguing though.  For me, I give priority to smoothness, non-fatigue, musicality.
I do feel pink(f) loses details in comparison to black(f), and that's why I changed back to black(f) immediately almost every time I tried pink(f).But when I listen to pink(f) for a longer time, I feel like it doesn't miss anything. That's why I want to use pink(f) for an even longer time and then compare it to black(f) to see if I still prefer black(f).
I'm determined to use black/pink for at least two weeks. When comparing black/black to black/pink, I do feel the latter loses quite an amount of details. But when I listen to black/pink for a longer time, I don't have this feeling. Black/Pink is also less fatiguing. Very interesting.
 I remember @Lohb has compared different materials and didn't recommend silver-plated ones.
Sorry, this is my only balanced cable. I can't make any comparison at this stage.This is a silver-plated copper 8 core cable.I'm hoping to get one that use the same material (pure copper) as the stock cable.
Thanks for this explanation. That explained my experience of listening black/pink in comparison to black/black.Though I'm kinda adopted to black/black, you pointed out a good reason as to why I should spend more time on black/pink. Very curious about How Andromeda sounds.
Bingo, black/black. He also likes blue nozzle.He upgraded his dap to X7+am3 recently, and recommended this to me.
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