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In fact, I'm not sure whether the so called "silver plated cable" really contains silver or not. But the color of the cable is silver anyway. My E12DIY is filled with BUF634 and MUSES02. A great portable amp I would say. A3 with the 1st version SPC provides a very impressive soundstage, which is comparable to headphones. The 2nd version mixed cable sacrifices the soundstage (width is good, but losing the depth), and in return, it has a better bass, especially sub-bass. I...
Pure silver cable is expensive, compared to the price of A3...The earlier stock cable should be a silver coated copper cable. The later stock one is pure copper mixed with silver coated copper.
LZ-A2s's quality is the same as A2 with a bit more warmth, and personally, I think the vocal position makes more sense (A2 is like at the back of your of brain). I've been trying to compare the two, but it's not easy to nail down the subtle differences except what I've just said. LZ-A4 won't come out so soon. I'm also listening to the prototype. Lovely female vocal.
Yes, the A2s is quite similar with A2 but with some subtle difference. A2S seems benefit more from amping.
By DIY, I mean the major components of the earphones were not manufactured by the producer. There're lots of DIYers in China buying different parts, like drivers, cables, and cases, to build their own earphones, and then sell them on AE, or Taobao. I saw LZ as one of the DIYers in China when I started this thread.
Terribly busy recently with the grading. Will do a comparison later this month. Sorry guys.
Hey guys, LZ said he will send me two pairs of the prototype of LZ-A4 (note this is a temporary name given by me only, Chinese may not like the no. 4) and want my help passing them to some head-fiers (as many as possible) for feedbacks. I want to know who are interested in listening to this prototype and is willing to give some feedbacks to LZ (You need to pay for the cost of shipping to another head-fier) ? Please send me a private message if you're interested in helping.
Perhaps, your A3 is defective?I don't have a chance to listen to TK12or13 yet.
Still, I think A3 is better than A2s in every aspect. A3 makes all the musics very enjoyable. Smooth and non-fatiguing.
The A2s is as good as the A2, but the sound signature is different, i.e. closer vocal, and warmer.
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