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Edit: Bought FiiO L26, 2.5mm (bal)->3.5mm. Thanks for the reminders about converters.
mmcx is really a headache. Very difficult to unplug properly. My E12DIY has been idle since I've pluged in the balanced cable to my A4...
The filter material got wet, and affect the sound transmission. When this happens, let the filter dries and it will be okay.
Right. Test 1: (hypothesis-one filter is wet) swap the filters If fails, then test 2: (hypothesis-all filters are wet) (when both sides have low volume) No filters If fails, then test 3: (hypothesis: cable problem) Swap the L and R of the cable (if that's the problem, contact the seller for a replacement cable) If fails, then test 4: (hypothesis: source problem) Use another source If fails, then test 5: (no hypothesis, but worked in some rare cases) Let them rest for a...
Is there any method that I can play YouTube musics and turn off the screen? I tried the Firefox browser method, it stopped after one song.
Thanks, Vince! Informative and fair.Just want to add that, for over-the-ear, I remember Peter suggested we can swap the units (left->right, right->left) so that to wear them comfortably. Many members here have been doing the same, I guess.
      Spiral Dot M vs. Stock M   Thanks @Indigo Bob and @nealh for the suggestions. Size: I feel they have the same size. (so, both are a bit tight for me) Seal: Spiral Dot seals better. I can get a proper seal out of Spiral Dot almost instantly. The tips are in good quality. They won't get oily and slide in the canal. Soundwise: The same, as long as you can get a proper seal from both.
Don't ask me why I know this. XD
Sometimes, the filter gets wet may cause this. Try another filter. If it doesn't work, then let them rest for one day and then try again (based on FUYU's case). If this also doesn't work, contact the seller.
A blackhole we (un)fortunately walked too close by.Btw, there is one looks really like a "gameboy".
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