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Wow! silver? or just silver coated? Let us know more about whether this cable can improve the SQ of A4.
One of the characteristics of LZ IEMs is the non-fatiguing listening experience offered. I like this sound character a lot. It makes music listening easy and enjoyable, and that's the end of buying IEMs.
Black(b)/blue(f) offers exciting high frequencies. If one can get used to that, it sounds more authentic than red(f) for vocals IMO. I'm using black(b)/red(f) now though. My choice of nozzle really depends on what type of songs I'm currently listening. A4 is very versatile.
How is the line out, compared with other FiiO DAPs? Thanks!
Just a quick suggestion: following the format FUYU used, we may use (b)/-b/b-to represent back filter, and (f)/-f/f- to represent front nozzle. So, black back filter and red front nozzle could be simplified as: Black(b)/Red(f) (B)black/(F)red B-black/F-red Black-b/Red-f Hope these abbreviations can save our time and help avoiding potential confusion.
@menuki Time to push it further and DIY your own back filter!
Very strange. Any possible hypothesis?
That's impossible. Making BA drivers requires lots of technology and investment.Knowles is a famous BA drivers maker (for hearing aids). You may google "Knowles BA". There're already many excellent BA drivers made by Knowles. The problem is how we can utilize them making good sounding IEMs.
He runs a small business in China making IEMs using mainly the Knowles drivers. In fact, you can try making one yourself. But it's kind of time consuming, if not impossible, to get the sound you like.He gained his reputation with LZ-A2.For the QC thing, again let me explain. FUYU's is a review sample shipped by me. (I helped LZ to ship out some review samples) It took 20 days for the shipment. I bet it's not the QC problem but just that I didn't put enough cushion in the...
FUYU's is a review sample. We made a mistake for not choosing express shipping, perhaps.
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