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Thread renamed, to legitimize our discussion on A2S, and the forthcoming A4.
Haha, that's true. Very convenient to shop on Taobao. Because of this, I have never used Aliexpress. That's why I've never heard of some of the very famous Chinese brand names here.I guess you can also read Chinese? You can talk with LZ directly through Taobao.
A2S is a great deal. I've posted a comparison between it and A2 on the A2 thread, explaining why it may even be better than A2. Take a look if you're interested in it. In fact, I now use A2S more often than A3. Great sound, very affordable, convenient, and most importantly for me having a normal IEM shape.
You're very welcome!I am worried that the comparison is not informative enough, but I've tried to avoid saying anything that I'm not certain.I'm enjoying a lot with the A2S.
Sure.Given the quality of A2S, I hope the sales of A2S will be better, which gives LZ more money in developing A4. The build quality of DQSM D2 seems very good. Similar with the MusicMaker, I couldn't see their products on Taobao. I guess they're not so famous locally. Interesting.
And there will be soon A4....what a bloody competition among Chinese IEM makers...  For those who want to know more about A2S, I've posted a non-professional comparison between A2 and A2S here. I prefer A2S over A2. For those who want to help LZ testing the A4 prototype, you can still send me a private message.
This is only a non-professional comparative review between LZ-A2 and LZ-A2S. My aim is to state the major differences I've seen and heard between them, rather than provide two individual reviews. I hope this comparison is helpful for those who wants to buy A2/A2s.       The name of A2S should be borrowed from iPhone Xs, which means that it is only a slight improvement of A2, and it should sound similar with A2, too. LZ set the price of A2S ($70) much lower than...
In fact, I'm not sure whether the so called "silver plated cable" really contains silver or not. But the color of the cable is silver anyway. My E12DIY is filled with BUF634 and MUSES02. A great portable amp I would say. A3 with the 1st version SPC provides a very impressive soundstage, which is comparable to headphones. The 2nd version mixed cable sacrifices the soundstage (width is good, but losing the depth), and in return, it has a better bass, especially sub-bass. I...
Pure silver cable is expensive, compared to the price of A3...The earlier stock cable should be a silver coated copper cable. The later stock one is pure copper mixed with silver coated copper.
LZ-A2s's quality is the same as A2 with a bit more warmth, and personally, I think the vocal position makes more sense (A2 is like at the back of your of brain). I've been trying to compare the two, but it's not easy to nail down the subtle differences except what I've just said. LZ-A4 won't come out so soon. I'm also listening to the prototype. Lovely female vocal.
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