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A3S is different from A3. As I know, LZ has been fine tuning the A3 since knowing people's comments (one strong criticism is about the color, and that's why he made the black version).    Personally, I think A3 is better than A2S. The difference of SQ is quite significant if you have good dac&.
Personally, I prefer A2S more than A2, for the extra warmth, and better positioning. The market is changing too fast, and there may be other better deals. But for me, A2S, given the SQ and sturdiness, is good enough for my everyday use.
It took around 5hrs for my pair (or my just my brain) to burn-in. I couldn't remember the sound before burn-in, but only that it's not enjoyable to listen to before burn-in. I agree that vocal is very close, but it's more natural than A2, as A2 gives me a feeling of "too-close" or having located the sound wrongly.
Why not both? You can later sell one of them.
It works with my iPad and Android phone,
Come with the yellow one.Personally, I prefer the black one. (Small ears)
Sure, no problem.Strangely, LZ didn't say the same thing in his Taobao website. I think the description was copied from somewhere else.  The English on the A2S manual is also poor. LZ definitely needs a "real" translator for his products' descriptions.
Largely agree with Peter123's impressions and judgments.   I posted a comparison between A2 and A2S on the A2 thread 2 weeks ago. For those who're interested, you may take a look, here.  
it should be A2"S", based on the letters on the IEM
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