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I've listened to my A2 for a while yesterday. Sound-wise A4 is better than A2 in every aspect. A4 prototype replaced A2 to be my travel pairs for months,
The ultimate method to "burn-in" many earphones at once.Peter is now an expert handling smoking earphones. XD
Haha...I know one real Endgame, which is called WE (wallet emptyness).
There're three switches for adjusting Low, Mid, High. Very fancy, if not too. Anyway, it's just a prototype.Actually, you can try to get in touch with him using QQ. It's quite fun. He loves to send his friends photos of prototypes, which are different almost every month.There're some friends here who talk with him quite often, as I know.
They are the same. LZ has been researching in 6/7ba IEM since A4 was released. The switch is something he added recently to his prototypes. I've expressed my worry about the ergonomics of this new prototype and have told him too the complaints about ergonomics of his A3 and A4. He said he will try to solve it in A5. Let's see.
Is this prototype only?
Why? Only because of the SE amp you like?I also have a lovely E12DIY single-ended amp. I use this amp with a Bal->SE convertor (thanks Peter for the reminder) when I want some extra warmth for vocal.Balanced is so good for classical music- because of the huge soundstage, and much better bass performance.
A friend of mine whose ears are very small can still use LZ-A4 comfortably with spiral dot S size. I asked Nik a few post above to see if replacing ear tips can help. Let's see what he says. I suppose he also has the spiral dot ear tips.
Can replacing ear tips help a bit? 
Nik, great to see you here. In terms of the design, there was a huge demand of detachable cable option from the A4 prototype reviewers, that's why LZ added a plastic shell for MMCX connector surrounding the original metallic shell. I was at first quite skeptical about the ergonomics of this design, but it turned out to be fine. The shape of A3 can also be explained by the need of space putting the mmcx connector. Internally speaking, A2, A3 and A4 are the same, all the...
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