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Let's see if this works or not.    Rules: 1. Copy the list and add 1 or 2 of your favourite combos in the list below with this format: front nozzle colour/genre(s)/cable/source/user 2. You can change your own suggestion(s) if you change your mind later. 3. The list is sorted in alphabetical order according to the front nozzle colour. 4. Add your suggestion(s) to the most updated list. 5. Don't copy these rules or quote this post unless you want to remind others with...
I saw there are many new suggested combos, any chance we can collect all of these suggestions? I made a list before, but it is outdated and not informative enough. 
Source: FiiO X7-AM3 Cable: LZ's balanced cable (not for sale at this moment) Previous setup: X3+E12 diy(muse02+buf634) Rough impressions: A4 scales very well. I can feel there is improvement in every aspect. The soundstage is impressively large, comparable to headphones. In terms of SQ, this is my temporary ranking, improvement is obvious in each step: AM3(balanced)>X7 LO+E12(too cold,have to try again later)>X3+E12>AM3(3.5)>X3
Oops, didn't read your quote carefully, I thought you was talking about SeeSax's recently bought K3003.I saw some of you mentioned Nic/Nik. I didn't know Nic refers to nmatheis. Sorry for my ignorance again....Let's see what SeeSax thinks first.
His is made in China though, I guess?Anyway, I guess it's time for Chinese IEM makers to change their slogans....gotta kill sth else.
I will receive my X7+am3 and a balanced cable made by LZ in these two days. Will let you guys know how much they can benefit A4.
Great. Look forward to your review.
 No, it's just that LZ can't read English and he is running a small business in China (risking his marriage in making IEMs).Embarrassingly, as friend of his, I'm kinda ignorant about the many excellent reviewers here.  Thanks @originalsnuffy for recommending Brooko, and thanks @SeeSax for your willingness to lend your A4.I've just helped LZ ship a review sample to Brooko. As far as I know, there're at least four fruitful reviews coming. One from Bhazard, one from...
X3+E12DIY here. black(b)+ red(f) is great.
Luckily, you reviewed A3s first. Otherwise, you may lose motivation reviewing them after listening to A4.I didn't listen to my A2/A3 for months.
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