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The final price is yet to decide. As the cable will be detachable and the design of A4 will be a bit different. Also, it depends on whether LZ has enough money to do further research on A4, lol.
Sorry to @kimD and some others. I'm one of the persons who kept complaining to LZ about the shape and color of A3. 
From now on, let's discuss A2S and A4 (if not related to A3) on the above two threads mentioned by peter123. Thanks @peter123 
Go ahead. I'll then change this thread's title back to A3 (only), and put other pages' links in the first post.
Great post. Very informative. Good to know more about FiiO's manufacturing process. Also, James is indeed a very nice person.
Check out the A3 thread
Thread renamed, to legitimize our discussion on A2S, and the forthcoming A4.
Haha, that's true. Very convenient to shop on Taobao. Because of this, I have never used Aliexpress. That's why I've never heard of some of the very famous Chinese brand names here.I guess you can also read Chinese? You can talk with LZ directly through Taobao.
A2S is a great deal. I've posted a comparison between it and A2 on the A2 thread, explaining why it may even be better than A2. Take a look if you're interested in it. In fact, I now use A2S more often than A3. Great sound, very affordable, convenient, and most importantly for me having a normal IEM shape.
You're very welcome!I am worried that the comparison is not informative enough, but I've tried to avoid saying anything that I'm not certain.I'm enjoying a lot with the A2S.
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