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I would get the HE-500 unamped. It will most likely sound better than the 650's amped. Amping makes a difference, but not nearly as big as people make it out to be on here. If you are super low on funds, just get a cheap little fiio to get you by.   OTOH, I'm seriously considering this HE-500 for $629 as well. I was set on an LCD-2, but this price is just too good! I think I will regret it in the future though, and always wonder what an LCD-2 sounds like.
I was completely set on an LCD-2, but now TTVJ has the HE-500's on sale for $630. That is a $370 difference!    I don't really like the HD600 sound and I hear the HE-500's are like a better version of the 600's. But my question is, for the kind of music I listen to, will the LCD-2 clearly be better?  or does the HE-500 do these genres well also? Artists like:  Paramore, Flyleaf, the academy is..., violin solos.  a bunch of pop like Katy Perry and avril...
also, i thought they switched to bamboo because rosewood was getting harder to find.
Thanks for replying. I haven't really researched it, so I only went with what I have experienced at first. My bamboo cutting boards crack every other day and it is a fact that bamboo is not nearly as physically durable as hardwoods. Also, I used to have a 300+ year old violin which is made out of hardwood and there are no cracks at all.  I would imagine bamboo would crack after a few years just guessing from the looks of the grains on it.. but idk... And I said...
I am getting an LCD 2 soon. I am thinking about either bamboo or wood. It's a fact that wood is much much more durable than bamboo, but I am wondering if anyone has had any; issues with the bamboo version like cracks or chipping? The bamboo looks better imo, but I'm thinking long-term.  Also, hardwood would theoretically sound better.
I'm running my HD600's out of a magni right now. I can't hear a difference between the magni and asgard.
Are people just not looking for HD 600's or is $270 still too high? I see people selling these for 270-280 with dirty pads that will need replacing ($60).
will post pics later
These have been very lightly used. I have looked and honestly cannot find a single fault cosmetically. Sounds great and is in 9.9/10 condition.   If you are considering these, I'm assuming you know what they are, but just a little comparison to my HD 600's. I like them EQUALLY.  HD600 more for classical, Mad dogs more for fun music. The HD600 sounds a bit more spacious.  Mad dogs excel at being very clear... no background noise.  Juicy sound, very...
OK.  Last question I promise. For those that have heard both, do you think the difference between HD 600 and LCD 2 are night and day? For example... I thought the difference from going from 555 to 600 was minimal. 
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