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Lol I'm stuck between z2 and j3, I'm assuming the sound quality is the same? If otherwise please feel free to explain. Other than that portability is my major concern, I currently own an samsung galaxy s2 and it's pretty big and annoying to carry around when working out as one if my shorts is a bit dragged down by the weight and kind of uncomfortable. How does the Z2 feel being in a pocket for both shorts and jeans? And j3 as well. Thanks!
I don't feel like ordering another set of sony hybrid tips after my last one being eaten by my dog. I was wondering if anyone has tried buying these pair of IEM: Sony In-Ear Headphones MDR-EX10   On the detail of the product it says Hybrid Silicon rubber inner ear headphone and 3 size of earpads supplied. I came to this...
^ Cowon j3 with and without Fiio E11 sometimes.
Sennheiser HD 25-ii vs the pro700mk2? I just want some opinions on which cans would fit best for what type of music. The LE version of pro700mk2 is just damm too sexy but I'm afraid it'll just have too much bass that ever other sound is being pushed all the way back making it fade into the background and only have thumping bass at my face. I would love a punchy bass rather than a overwhelmed bass that destroys the music clarity. 
Would anyone kindly sell or knows someone who is, give it away for $4? Probably one of the most weird request but if anyone does, pm please.
I had some issues with buying the fiio e6 and the brainwavz m4 earlier today and forgot to buy the Fiio L9 cable for a discount. I was wondering if I just use the 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack through the iPod nano and the fiio e6 and finally out to the M4 would degrade the sound? Ive read that the LOD only increases the actual volume so problem can be solved by increasing the sound from the iPod if using direct 3.5mm jack to jack rather than LOD. Or is there an actual...
I'm looking to buy a fiio LOD 9 cable for $4 canadian through paypal if anyone can kindly sell.
Has anyone tried using Pre-Paid Visa/Master Vanilla Card at MP4Nation? I'm thinking of buying one to use it at their site to buy some of their IEM's. But I'm not sure if these will work.   Thanks guys!
I was wondering if there is any way of removing the back clip on the ipod nano 6th generation? I've recently recieved a 16gb from a friend and I didn't want to damage the interior by following these steps:   which seems the "best" way to remove the clip (the very last image shows removing the clip, has 3 screws on the back attached to the clip).   I was wondering if there is another...
I've went to the mp3nation forum where they sell the brainwavz and was able to find out that the diameter of the nozzle is 5mm, I'm guessing this is perfect for the m11+ earbuds?Thanks again
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