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You were right if all recordings had been as well made as the artists wanted. Hi-fi gear made to translate every story romantically misrepresented according their own taste.
Still available
A pair of genuine OPA627bp.
- Epiphany Acoustics O2 amplifier - Neotech interconnect - AC adapter with EU and UK plug   Shipping costs £10 to EU. I accept Paypal Ships within 3-5 days in Europe.
The 2.1 have the edge in plain SQ, have dedicated bass. They have reference like sound signature, bright, dry and still fun. The book matching easier with my ODAC. I like their moody sound which is warm with good energy, not dull nor laid back. The 2.1 were harsh with my ODAC which is considered very neutral. The book sounds fine with piano, vocals, classic rock from low to mid-high volume. The 2.1 sounds astounding from mid to high volume and presents complex orchestral...
some songs on Scott Walker's The Drift     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl8MQnkYUMw
The Focal XS Book somewhat sounds like a HD600 with my Odac. They present music similar. Both sound neutral, laid-back, with modest full-bodied midrange. The biggest differences are bass, less extended on the little-big desktop speakers ( In size they are the closeset to those micro-hifi speakers) Treble extension and micro details are less then in HD600 as well. Strangley i don't feel i lose a lot while listening to the Focal. Never tiring listening compensates for the...
I've used them only with my Odac. I did not notice quality loss on the 2.1 with jack input while it was conspicuous on the Book. Your points are reasonable but 1) The 2.1 built in DAC is good but maybe you don't need an expensive external DAC ( ex.: Behringer UCA202 ). 2) The Book is pretty small. 3) The Book is as loud that i have only checked the max with some drone ambient music. 4) I don't miss the sub bass since i use the Book RCA, the bass is laudable for this...
Is an objective statement or your personal preference?   Got it, the XS Book RCA input is much better, jack input is dull even with proper source.
Focal XS 2.1 sounded lifeless and harsh on the first day. It has become to my reference for a fun desktop speaker after a year. The XS Book is more different to 2.1 then i expected.   XS 2.1   Pro: Grand sound-stage, good dynamics, detailed, very even. Emotional without being warm, very cool. Con: The plastic stand makes resonance, very rarely. iPod dock is outdated. They are desktop speakers but the sub placement is a hassle. Heavy and barely...
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