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What sort of music is M50 good for?
What sort of music are these headphones good for?
Mitch, I have been doing quite a bit of research for your situation and have found a good deal, with free shipping.     Enjoy.
Sorry I'm a bit confused, do the instruments usually play in the fundamentals or the harmonics? I don't really understand the difference.
what does it mean by fundementals/harmonics on that website?
What is transient response?
  "I don't even own a pair of headphones, so I am a complete noob, yet I know how over-hyped they are."   I laughed so hard at this.
Is the m50 box a good width to stretch the m50 with?
How much do the Bass/Treble adjustments actually affect the sound? eg for the M50 how much would I have to lower/change the bass and treble to get it as neutral as possible?
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