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  I know right? I reckon he's the best rapper ever.
How about something good
is this a joke..
  I'm sorry but what do you mean by aux in? So i can use it with the cable it comes with without getting an OTG cable is that what you mean?
also do these Fiio amps come with cables to connect to android phones with?
Is E10+E11 better than E17?
Whats better for the AKG's, E09k or E17?
are there any amps or amp/dac thats good for q701 around or under 150$?
What are some of the best open headphones under 300$? I listen to a bit of everything. And I don't mind getting an amp if it would help a lot.
Does the E17 DAC work with HTC Sensation XL?  and should i buy an OTG cable?
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