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Are there any good budget speakers that i can use with my computer for less than 200$?   Thanks.
Thanks, nothing worked except for hard resetting. 
My E17 won't turn on, what can i do?
Doesn't really matter, preferably active.   Is the Audioengine A2 good for 240$ including postage?
Thanks for the replies, what are some good value speakers or speakers+amp I can have a look at?
Hi, I saw a few speakers on sale in a shop.    Klipsch RB-41 II $399 Energy CB20 $489 Cambridge Audio SR30 $299   Are any of these good? and do they need amps? Thanks
What sort of wall adapter is needed to have it charge faster?
  lol wtf is this, i hate it because its so damn uncomfortable
well for price/performance, obviously the lowest range you can get
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