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Hi, what are some of the better iems for about 30$ or less? I don't want to spend much. Is soundmagic pl-11 any good?   Thanks
Hi, what are some of the best open headphones under 130$? Which of the takstar or superlux are any good?
Hi, what are some IEMS that are about on the level of IE800 but are cheaper? They are ok as long as they are not tooo far from a neutral sound, and isolate well.   Thanks.
Does anyone know any good mics for recording that are really cheap?   Thanks.
When I plug in the aux cable to my speaker, or twist it, or also from the speaker to my computer/amp/phone/pretty much everything, it has really loud static, but if I put the cable in, and then turn it on, there is none. Does this sort of static damage the speaker? 
wow nice
What used speakers? like anything I can find?
damn it costs 50 for a pair on amazon but 100 for a pair in Australia of the Daytons
  Thanks for the replies,    which of the solo series should i look at? it's pretty huge, is the SOLO2C good for 153$ including postage?   How good is the M10? It costs about 170 here.   and also is the aktimate micro that good of a value? I don't mind stretching budget to 300 if the value is great.
about 13k
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