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What about Schiit, Burson, Vioelectric, etc? Has anyone had jaw-dropping experiences from these with a particular headphone?
Have you guys heard anything else which has this level of synergy (or greater)? I'm talkin' about ANY headphone/amp combination. Note that it doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all type of amp, but all the more impressive if so.   Maybe I've been reading the Grado threads too long, but I find it hard to believe that the RS1 w/ MAD Ear+ HD is the ONLY one that leaves this kind of impression.   A few years back, my brother made me listen to Bruckner Symphony No. 7 on his...
Well, I'll definitely have to try it out for my RS2i. That is, unless there's an even better combo out there.   How would you describe the difference with your RS1i? Did the soundstage change any? How about any difference in detail and separation?
That, at least, is reassuring. I like the color you picked, as well!   How did your Q701 sound with it?
Same here, actually. I've got a Q701 and HD600 that I'm interested in getting an amp/amps for. I'm alternating between the LittleDot MkIII and M-Stage, but neither blow me away. I'm intending on getting the MAD Ear+ HD because of their supposedly legendary synergy with Grado's. Hopefully it'll bring out the best of my 325 and RS2i.
Hi all--   Over the past few years researching headphones, amplifiers, and audio equipment in general, I've developed a couple of curiosities about headphone amplifiers. While I understand that certain combinations of headphone and amp go well together, it's often hard to figure out the degree of how well they go together. Especially in the Texas Panhandle, where it's quite unlikely to ever hear any combo without first buying it. So, as I do research on head-fi, I have...
I set the gain switches to their 10db setting, and with this I usually keep the volume knob at around 12 o'clock.   Here's hoping you enjoy it!
I was actually just listening to my 325 (non-i) on the M-Stage. As a former owner of the 325is, I can say that your results will be a bit different from mine, but only because the 325is is a bit smoother-sounding headphone. Less ear-splitting, you might say, on bad recordings. I kinda miss mine.   On the vanilla 325, I find that treble detail is enhanced a good deal, soundstage is expanded more than a bit, and the headphones sound more warm (and, mind you, much more...
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