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@Astral Abyss Wow those look amazing! I usually like bright headphones (as do many posting here, I presume). Would you say they lean towards harsh/punchy or more sparkly, detailed sound?
Nice! I had been curious as to whether you had to make modifications to the rod blocks. Now I know!Rholupat's rod blocks are on my wish list, too. Just a shame the originals were plastic on such a fine overall piece of work.Out of curiosity, how well do the locking mechanisms hold the rods in place on these?
After trying it on a styrofoam head much smaller than mine, this length of strap seems to work with any rodblock positioning. The length from hole to hole is about 11 1/4 inches. What was nice about this is the mod was totally reversible, and accomplished with a cost of $6.50 using an imitation leather belt, scissors, and x-acto knife. I could probably make the edges a little cleaner if I worked up a template, but I'm happy with the result for the time being, and...
At first I tried it touching the headband, but that didn't seem to keep their weight from becoming uncomfortable in a few minutes. So I recreated it, this time as more of a suspension strap. However, it was too short, and the G-cushions weren't low enough to fully cover my ears. My third try was the one in the pics, where, when worn, the strap just narrowly misses touching the Grado headband.
Pics of my comfort strap mod. Really cheap and easy to make, but I had to redo it a couple times to get the fit just right for my giant head. If anyone at Grado is seeing this, HINT, HINT.
Yeah discomfort was almost a deal-breaker for me on the PS1000e. I had to improvise a comfort strap to keep myself from returning them in favor of the GS2000e. Wonder if a PS2000e could follow the example of the GS2000e and be made of two types of metal... Imagine the weight of that!
Is it bad that I don't quite want there to be a PS2000e on the way? I just got my PS1000e, dangit!
@ruthieandjohn which DAC/amp do you prefer with the RS1e?
 If you mean that Grados may be as technologically advanced as they'll ever be (at least for a great while), I agree.But you gotta admit, it's pretty neat to see them experimenting with tonewoods. Especially with original concepts like the GS2000e.
I sure hope they're not a limited run. Also, I wonder if this means there could be a cocobolo GS headphone coming up? GS3000e?
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