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MD username: jlaseter Would like to see Grado PS1000, Grado RS1, or a Massdrop exclusive Grado, Mapletree Audio Design Amps Thanks!
From the Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence site: A sound force from a distant era is being reborn in this world ... its magnificence will eclipse all sound experiences ever known. It will be an edifice of glory and virtue, towering unchallenged over the soundscape and beyond. Can't wait to see how my 96kbps mp3 of Raffi - The Wheels on the Bus will sound...
For sale are the Marshall Monitor headphones. These have been used a single time; I'm selling them because my ears are big enough that they are on-ear headphones for me, and I prefer larger enclosed headphones. These are in like-new condition and include the original box, a manual, a carry bag, and the detachable 3.5mm cable. The earcups are easily detachable, allowing access to felt-like dampeners over the drivers which change the sound signature to the user's...
For sale are the Fischer Audio FA-011 headphones. They were used when I purchased them, and I've put around 100 hours on them in a smoke-free home. They sound fantastic and are in overall good condition, with only 1 nick on the left cup.   Original box is included. Not sure if there was a manual or any other included accessory, as this is how I received them.   Paypal preferred for payment, and shipping is included to continental US. Thanks for looking!
What about Schiit, Burson, Vioelectric, etc? Has anyone had jaw-dropping experiences from these with a particular headphone?
Have you guys heard anything else which has this level of synergy (or greater)? I'm talkin' about ANY headphone/amp combination. Note that it doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all type of amp, but all the more impressive if so.   Maybe I've been reading the Grado threads too long, but I find it hard to believe that the RS1 w/ MAD Ear+ HD is the ONLY one that leaves this kind of impression.   A few years back, my brother made me listen to Bruckner Symphony No. 7 on his...
Well, I'll definitely have to try it out for my RS2i. That is, unless there's an even better combo out there.   How would you describe the difference with your RS1i? Did the soundstage change any? How about any difference in detail and separation?
That, at least, is reassuring. I like the color you picked, as well!   How did your Q701 sound with it?
New Posts  All Forums: