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I have landed in a financial dystopia, where for the first time I have a credit card but no account, a card but no market graced by audiophilia. Is this a question faced by one too many here? else a question at my very own existentce?         ^^^^^^^ThE F*c*K iS tHis gUy SmOkinG? ^^^^^^^^
 Zero Audio DuoZA has been getting some limelight of late and some $300+ comparisons.
Dharma hybrid is kinda funny. They say proprietary electrostatic technology(they call it SCEBSBBCssB....BBSSCCB) ..... that doesn't need bias but that's just an electret. Probably they have an authentic injection/ deposition technique.
You really think that a headphone is MADE to be run by one particular unit and not another ?:/
Nano level probably means a couple of nano meter thick i.e 0.099 microns or less, if i am not too wrong.
Hifiman HE-1000. What a beautiful animal!! Anyone share the same feeling ? I think its probably one of the sexiest looking things out there. It has the first nano-level thick mylar(i assume) and assymetrical double sided arrangement of magnets. The build quality looks stunning. Hifiman has probably some of the best tuning talent in the industry across their audio line...and I believe if these retail a bit above the hd800 I am still game as one final investment after...
  IIRC the E7 supports OTG. P.S> E7 is one of my best investments. What a great phone!
@MrTechAgent - Good to know you have OCD too ;)
Great review on the DT 990s Mr. Tech Agent. I do not know why such a nice review is not featured on the main page.   Please do answer my query on your mod.
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