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looks like a knock off of the astrotec ax 7 - similar body just different color but its a dynamic driver where as the ax 7 is a dual balanced armature type IEM.
  I found them changed a lot with amplifier.. i tried them out of a Maverick Audio Tube Magic A1 through an HRT MSII and it was an excellent improvement in overall sound from what I am used to
  Hey, its really to hard to tell how much time it takes for a reshell. Since In Ear Custom have just started out, you should  be expecting delays. As far as what I know, 5 weeks which includes 2 weeks of shipping is the general agreed time for most reshelling companies including In earZ..  But waiting is an art I tell you. I waited 8 weeks for my last reshell with In Ear Custom and it was stolen when in transit. Now I got my second one on the way just coz I was very much...
  i did a couple - one from Rob himself and one from Dan.    Rob is a hard man to reach due to his increased time in production.    Mine have been shipped on 17th May! The wait starts
On top, I would like to add that only my main monitors were stolen and I was lucky enough to get the the pre-final shells thats just used for fine tuning the final mould in shape. Which is naturally extra hard.    To my surprise, this was a near perfect fit and provider of an amazing seal albeit the slight discomfort on the left ear at the fossa. Result of my overcharging audiologists valentine wishes.   Thanks for your compassion though ..    Regards,
hmmm .. well the head-fier who started the thread is another person who has lost his IEMs when in transit from In Ear Custom.   It really stings twice when its your favorite IEMs thats stolen - which was the case of the OP and myself.   
well, the funny part is i got the exact same tracking number as last time - which ended up being stolen!    but i dont know - im slightly skeptic as to the CIEMs reaching here in one piece.  I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open and also ring up the postman to do the same.  I ll probably end up reviewing the service as a whole rather than writing up on the IEMs - and most probably on my blog. I find it more thoughtfully provoking to write completely subjective...
I just got a PM from Rob himself, my IEMs will be shipped today or latest by tomorrow!  hope to atleast get them in hand this time!!   
DAN!! NO PM 4 ME!    (200 posts over  - calls for some kinda celebration) 
me too.. i have dropped a message yesterday but no reply yet which is rather unusual. I think i ll wait another day or 2 and then chase again
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