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I am interested to purchase D0 Mk2 and they are featured in Massdrop. We can make the drop possible and even reduce the price to $90 if there are enough willing to purchase it. P.S> Massdrop shipping takes about 3-4 weeks once the drop is successful.
Something like that. There is a wholewhole lot of people who would like to have the newest technology in their Bluetooth headphones or portable speakers.The option of SQ is redundant because I am essentially asking in a forum where everyone is behind the best SQ possible, however I think it should be as I prefer VFM to be top priority even over SQ because good quality audio is not clearly defined by price today.
The survey is to know if you prefer headphones to speakers or vice versa and why....and the parameters are just an idea on what you can base your opinion on. Of course you can bring your own notions and thoughts into it.Its not necessarily planar vs other types.My.sample space consists of 10 people from who naturally classify as audiophiles and the other 10 college who prefer spotify and earpods. :P
Hi all,   we are really working on the planar mags and at the moment we have a few who prefer headphones and the other half who prefer speakers. I am flabbergasted. The design is essentially planar magnetic since it is the easiest to make relative the bandwidth of FR.   I got 4 people who are interested in this idea and I am pretty sure we will be following up with this soon. I am to take a survey of 10 people online who prefer what and why?   I know here...
Thanks Suman.
iBasso D-Zero Mk2 looks like a good VFM DAC/amp. For $120 looks excellent.   I have requested for these in Massdrop now that Titan 1 is coming my way. Would you guys care to help?   Any other suggestions? $100 is my limit but if the VFM for that amount extra is worth it then I am willing to look. Thanks,
Ideal diaphragm material ;)
The ARSA looks stunning. Very chic.
Second time I am treading thru this thread almost about to post something but not getting there.   Either way, my whole family into watches, especially my maternal relations.   2 of my cousins, my father and my late grandpa has/had a Omega Seamaster coaxial 41 mm popularized in the movie Golden eye as below.   My late grandpa had several rolex constellation, some platinum Rado IIRC, another Omega which I rarely saw and a Mont Blanc. My sis has an Omega Ladymatic...
BTW these need amping so you might have to invest in them. The custom pro series of Beyers might be slightly out of your budget but worth for your genre preferences
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