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 Actually I would hate something like that to happen, I am really tired of being spoon fed by better marketed products and Brand.if there were 'storeS' like you say then a marketplace would be the next step of evolution eventually leading to competition. And once they compete, there will be 'Brand'. marketing, loyality and finally just a rebirth of the world we are in now... like Senn's, AKG's,  Beyers and 100s of audio companies...I am not refusing that I am biased in...
eagerly waiting for reviews! (SUB'd)
  Hi there, A good build will not cost you anywhere close to your estimate if you get ready raw materials. unless of course you plan to buy/build the whole range of things from a  CNC machine to the minutest thing like normal bias/ pro-bias connectors for the headphones. The BOM is pretty easy. But the best route is to find alternatives. Like for example the bias power supply can be done with a simple voltage multiplier circuit and stators can be made from aluminium...
  Yes I did.
 Those clones were made my a Mr. Wachara Chin in Thailand. They were not for purchase. They are E-stats and the best sound quality I have heard apart from an Accuphase full fledged speakers.  There is a pretty interested thread here in Head-fi which caused me much curiosity.They are huge but comfortable and have to be driven out of dedicated sources w/ 600+v as is the case with E-stats. 
Hi All,   I have been an audio-enthusiast from the past 4 years and an informed one from the past 3  . My collections and auditions are not many but just to list a few    NOW sony mdr XB-500(EQ'd) beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO sony mdr SA-5000 (Recabled with 7N OCC) rockit sounds R-50(reshelled) w/ Shure SE-535 MMCX terminated cables THEN akg K-311 milk sennheiser HD 202 bose OE sennheiser HD 201 shure SE-535(cl) with 6N OFHC SPC cable hifiman RE-272(auditioned, bought...
Very many joyous Birthday wishes to you Mr. Wachara!    Have a memorable celebration! 
 I have replied to your PM on this. Decrease in bass quantity and next to no sibilance are the biggest audible differences. I would assume the former difference is due to my choosing the Shure SE-535 cables and would suggest instead to go for copper cables if you have the choice.
Looking to trade a Shure SE-535 cable(MMCX terminators) for an OFC/OCC/SPC copper cable.   The condition is Mint!   If interested in purchase please PM/Pics upon request!   Many thanks
  @Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore   Camera phone - Gionee Elife E7
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