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By the way, I might skip on the duoza as I have found a used stax sr3 with srd6 adapter for some amount more.
I am having discussions with a representative from the entrepreneurial forum of Flanders. Analyzing our situation at this moment in time, We have more uncertainties than surities. I will post later a strategy he mentioned that are used by all electronic companies in Europe, it actually falls in line with our audio market in lots of ways.
Interested in the Stax Sr03 with the Srd6 adapter. Located in Belgium.
Hi guys,   Had my first meeting here on making a speaker/headphone. We have decided on making Headphones. Planar magnetic ones at the moment.   Everything else seems uncertain. But finally will start something or the other hopefully.   Best regards, ~A
Nice going there. Await more comparative impressions.
I got this for today .... 2 W Orange Micro-crush CR3 guitar amplifier. Very loud! Works on a 9V single battery.  
@suman134 and @EISENbricher   The DuoZA is almost the same value as the TTpod T2 here in Europe. Plus the T2 have a more secure seller and warranty terms.   Await your dear impressions. I am a treble head so to speak, and I get that you suman is becoming one of late.
@vaibhavp   I am not into bikes ... that is just a book about finding balance between seeking too much detail and living in the moment.   Highly recommended... Do read the book, will sway you away from investing in this hobby! At least for a while ..
Yeah... I will the pass KZ for now... I am a bit hesitant on the forwarding site that Eisen mentioned  earlier. Still making up my mind.
I just want a regular IEM. I am tired of cleaning the wax off my CIEMs and getting the right fit every time I have to listen to a song . For that matter, I even am tired of over the ear IEMs. So my mind is 70% set on the DuoZAs  
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