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Ergo AMT in very good condition for Euro 690 up here in FS thread. Its gonna go fast ... If any one is interested - @kothganesh ;)
Presented the planar mags in our Entrepreneurship class and was very well received. Although they were skeptics who were happy with Spotify and apple earbuds, I told them that they are not my ideal profile for a customer.   I am definitely gonna pursue this path soon, based out of India.
 Ofcourse... I am an hour from Amsterdam. Thought the below will be analogically helpful to us in understanding our mind in this hobby.  
Interested. PM'd
Ganesh sir,   Did you see the Nano-level Mylar video in the HE1k page? It showed the Mylar floating like a feather.
What I meant is for the first time I have a credit card but I don't have a pay pal account and Belgium doesn't have a good audio market. I wonder if any of you have been in that situation ..?   Ciao
Sorry, I was stoned. Hahahaha! The best can you have are the ones you listen to when you are stoned!   Good day.
I have landed in a financial dystopia, where for the first time I have a credit card but no account, a card but no market graced by audiophilia. Is this a question faced by one too many here? else a question at my very own existentce?         ^^^^^^^ThE F*c*K iS tHis gUy SmOkinG? ^^^^^^^^
 Zero Audio DuoZA has been getting some limelight of late and some $300+ comparisons.
Dharma hybrid is kinda funny. They say proprietary electrostatic technology(they call it SCEBSBBCssB....BBSSCCB) ..... that doesn't need bias but that's just an electret. Probably they have an authentic injection/ deposition technique.
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