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you are completely missing the point..regards,
If I run back a couple of pages, I see lotsa pics from ahorsenamedjeff and very few from james444.But after viewing them, I only remember those from james444 as it hits a certain spot for me - a certain originality. That is exactly what I mean by artsy... . I am not any critic nor am I qualified to be. I am just telling that what ahorsenamedjeff has put up has already been tried and bettered by very many across the web. I think the subject of the photograph is the...
Im not discouraging anyone from posting anything .. this site is not owned by my dad to do so either. I am just stating what I saw from the said pics.seriously WTF (just post pics for now and talk later)
Now that is pretty wicked...
@Dminor - my phrase was in reference to the pics on architecture and the like posted by Ahorsenamedjeff in the previous page... I really dont see anything great from MitchellBoling photography even though he has a lot of pics to put up here.. Besides - What in my statement helped you reach the conclusion that I take good/great pictures? OH GROW UP YOU...
sorry to say this .. but so many photos and not one is artsy
james444 that's some really awesome pic!
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