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The RE-400 is a uni-body design, I am not sure what I will be able to do with them.   I am just planning to put BA's in reversible IEM bodies and fine-tune with caps/resistors and dampers.
Out of impulse, I just spent 18 euros on a KZ ATE, I am not even sure if I will be here anymore when it arrives. Money "unwell" spent.   Thanks for your response @getclikinagas.     @wrathzombie, I am not sure where I will be landing either, low chances it is going to be Bangalore but I have pledged myself the first thing I will do on landing is get some purchases going for the project I have been dreaming for the past 6 months! 
Sounds like I am stepping on my foot & biting my tongue at the same time... 
 Multi-BA IEM.  Knowles shipping to India is $40, which is just shy of my total purchase! Guess 2nd hands are a better solution. I have a few projects up my sleeve, can't wait to get back to India to start all of it!! 
Anyone / Everyone,   If you have BA IEMs that are gathering dust and/or of no potential use, say broken or out of warranty period for plausible repair, let me know. I am willing to pay salvage value to acquire the drivers.   If you also have non-working IEM bodies from non-expensive IEMs like KZ's with the conditions above, please message me too.   Cheers,
The TTpod T2 pro have TWFK for mids-highs? Perhaps then it will be the most inexpensive TWFK IEMs in the market?
Ordered a KZ ATE out of impulse, black and no-mic. Fan of transparent sound but then decided to try something different.   Hope it lives upto MH1c standards as far as VFM concerned. Liked the Piston 2.1 but the vocals were thin and devoid of any texture. Traded my Titan 1 because I never liked it except for its transient response and mid-bass. The Titanium injection for some reason provides for a very artificial sound.   Trust KZ ATE will fill the gap.
is the an 16 still available?
Has anyone tried this product?    湖西小筑 DIY Dual Driver - OEM Dual Dynamic Matrix driver from PowerBeats,   @ClieOS seems to have high regard for these, and my purchases are mostly based on his lists which I find very similar to my love of signature, link below :   http://www.inearmatters.net/p/earbuds-roundup.html   Regards,
Do any of you have any experience with the FIIO e17 and Sunrise Dolphin AMP? I am awaiting to make a choice
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