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Wish I had the dough, Great PRICE! 
tannerbnd - please stop thrashing this thread with inearz comments and what you ought to do with your next reshell and stuff.    enough people waiting long periods to get their re-shells from Rob and the thread is already against his favour. Please can you not put it further out of balance.      I assume everyone here is aware that In Ear Custom is now just one person again - Robert F. Reyna. He is working 15 hours a day and keeps his Facebook page extremely...
Rockit R-50 custom >= RE-272 > SE-535 > GH-ERC-DMS > Sony MH1c
    (please click for a better image)
  thx for the info. 
  a reverse macro also does the trick .. this is with a reversed 55-300mm
alas, there is something absolutely free in this worldovercooked i think, looks so
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