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The KZ ATE has reached the post office, will receive it in a couple of hours from now. Hope it lives up to MH1c standards.
 Some of the photos are from the AKG K3003 product catalogue. Just like them, the BA's in these do not use any receiver tube but has a magnified damper in the form of the orange and black filters. Interesting for the price. The pics also show commendable machining. 
KZ ATE arrived but I was absent, will get them tomorrow. Hopefully the hype lives up else if I live up to my words will use it as a housing for BA drivers and send it to members here for your opinions 
Definitely not the same driver. The radius TWF were basshead IEMs per my memory but this is on the other end of the spectrum with stage & micro-detail. Perhaps I should order one.
  Its not beats, its just a random earphones with a bling for a name (POWERBEATS). Clieos was impressed by it. The link is broken coz of repeated hypertext protocol, corrected one below.
Of course, Engineering has more or less been advancing in the industry yet I am not sure if it is always for the best, all thanks to a few other cans that went wayward in their practicality but looked remarkable theoretically, say Sony's use of LPF diaphragms. Although these things boast better Fs, Q value( probably lower), effective radiating area per unit of power and a powerful magnet given super high sensitivity, the use of LPF in their flagship headphones were not so...
 The D1 with a Roksan Caspian M2, IIRC. yes enough swing to run even the most lowly orthos but not the best synergy. My friend uses this setup to run his KEF LS-50s.  I am just surveying the options in this price category & not particularly interested (just yet). I love my Sony MDR-SA5000, out of @wrathzombie's HRT MS-II & Maverick Audio A1, it is one of the most amazing things I have heard. Very close in speed, transients, bass quality and in some ways better detail than...
I didn't like the HD650 out of an Audio Engine D1. Sounded Dull and boring but with great imaging. I heard valves give them a great sound tho.   In technical performance, the DT880 does really well under the price tag. May be one day I will try the HD700.    Thanks for your impressions. 
@suman134 - " 湖西小筑 DIY Dual Driver - OEM Dual Dynamic Matrix driver from PowerBeats, some of the best soundstage and micro-detail, but very neutral and doesn't have much bass reach or depth. "   this earbud has been rated as some of the better ones by Clieos in his earbud roundup. I couldn't find useful info. on this in headfi, anything you know about? The other DDM I read about last was the Radius TWF11R This is the seller in Taobao...
 Thanks @vaibhavp!! Under $500, there are a lot of cans in the market now. HE-400i, HE-500, K712 Pro, Senns, Shure SRH 1840, Alpha-dogs, that is quite the competition.
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