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    Please do not sway away from topic. If you are happy with your experiences at In Earz please praise them in the In Earz thread at Head-fi else start a whole new one. You have been recommending Inearz for quite some time now and we get the point but for now we are trying to look at the matter in hand.   regards,
      thanks,    The SQ is the same as the R-50 though the bass has lost its warmth but increased in extension and more texture through out. The treble is still forward and the over all tonality is neutral-bright.   have a good day y'all
I would like to share my experiences with the re-shells (Rockit R-50 with Shure SE-425 cable), the problems I faced and my route taken to solve them.   Staying in India, I can't afford for the shipping back and forth and have to be happy with what I get or make necessary adjustments.   As I mentioned earlier, the left ear piece had an excess of acrylic mould around the MMCX socket which caused loose connection and loss of channel sound, also the left cable would...
    New addition to my Portable rig. Rockit R-50 reshelled by In-Ear Custom  
I have got to say, been listening to them for over 24 hours.. my brain is has partially adjusted to the sound, fit and feel. The extension on either ends and the overall clarity is just amazing! Its like an amped version of the R-50. Better soundstage as well.    Although the warmth is still not there, I prefer this lean signature. The micro-detailing is nothing short of excellent. Nearing the levels of my SA-5k
    I am in India and got mine in 1 week. shipped from US - SORT facility on 22nd may, reached home on 30 the may :)     I believe thats the custom blue color. 
nope custom blues ... sorry I am a fan of post processing heres another one, with processing ..
Here is a pic      
The problem I used to notice with the R-50 stock was the sibilance issue, which was not very bearable with flex tips provided, the custom moulding takes away the brightness and the sibilance is next to nil. 
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