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Yeah I think I found a supplier here. Step down trannies are very easy to find so I am reversing one to step up voltage :)   Nope. No luck there. Might have to get them from adapters.
To be frank with you ... I think even I am confused!   forget if I even enquired :(
 Highly misunderstood , 240/220v to 110v adapters are available in plenty. I need to step up my A/V amplifier out for a speaker.
 I read it in stereophile or Inner fidelity that it was Nanotechnology, anyway here is proof. Phd in nanotechnology from city uni, NY
  Yeah SP road is like 50km from where I stay. That is the only hassle yet the only option I have given I need to get a voltage multiplier circuit ready-made. Why did you buy a transformer for the Lyr ? Because it runs on US power rating of 110v? 
He has a doctorate in Nano-Technologies and I foresee this to be the shortest thread on Head-fi
Anyone into Electronics here or know suppliers ?   I have been trying past 2 weeks to get my hands on a 0-110-220v / 6-0-6v step up transformer without any luck.   any ideas where I could get one?  Anyone residing in Bangalore?
iPhase   Degain
the alley atmosphere is brilliant - well worded!
  Are you plannin to sell ? 
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