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 Titan-1 has a dip in the male vocals but female voice sounds good to me. You can test them with Bach's Cello suites or Benjamin Clementine;s songs who has a rugged grasp of lower registers. Titan fails to put this thru.  Shure SE-535 and one of the Ortofons EQ series I tried have the most lush mids of any IEM I have heard. The treble on the Shures are rolled off but with a good Silver cable & acoustic filter removed extends a bit more from a good source but still hold...
 The B3 Pro 1 has a very noticable second order distortion curve that gives it the signature sound. Much like Tubes. Enjoy!!
 TWFK and lush mids?  I have heard several TWFKs and what I can vouch for is thin mids in comparison to other sets.  Suman, can you compare them to other earphones like Sony MDR EX-7550 or SE-530,SE-535 that actually has lush vocals.
 I do not think they have a lot of sub-bass. There is a roll-off. They have great mid-bass though. The vocals are a bit of a confusion. The male vocals are recessed & a lack of texture (which affects instruments like cellos) while the female vocals are forward and detailed.
 Correction: Half a decade old Hype train.
Titan 1 for sale in selected European countries, anyone interested PM please.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/763714/dunu-titan-1-like-new-mint   Regards,
Looking to sell MINT condition Titan 1 with all accessories expect one pair of tips that I can't find, presumably its the large ones. !!Buyer pays shipping/transport !!   Shipping charges included in price within EU.   PM me with offers for TRADE for GR07 BE, GR07 MK2, Vsonic VC1000   No Paypal, therefore IBAN transfer required.   Item purchased in March 2015. Warranty included.
   Sorry to let you down but not IEMs!  Sweet spot generally refers to speakers & that's what I have the plan for. Regards, 
Wait for it @shreyas , I have finally got a complete business plan for an innovation ... No point source, no artificial imaging or requirement to sit in the 'sweet spot'. Hopefully I get to come back after a job or something.. Best part it won't cost you as much as Angies..
 No sorry... fortunately for you many impressions out there on the Siren series. The Layla has received many favourable comments thru out, the Noble Kaiser 10 too & also 1964 Adel. They all convey TOTL to me.  Spending over $500.00 on an IEM is out of bounds for me, that is why I only look for good value.
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