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there have been reports of fakes ... i could link you up if you want me to..    yes the vent reduces the isolation(which is subpar-average) but I dont understand 'air leakage' 
    either your pair is not completely burnt in or you have a fake set ..
  they are amazing in-ears, I went with these instead I think you can get them for $80 shipped from amazon japan... cheaper - same stuff! besides you get 1 year warranty as well :)   .. they are a little less promiscious :)
  I happen to have a Japanese clone of the B2 called the GH-ERC-DMS(B2c)   to my ears, the B2c are much more neutral sounding, very proficient technically and at the same slightly thinner sounding which helps with the speed.   They are more of PRAT experts. Their treble is accentuated, however no dips and valleys to my ears. Very pleasant to hear to. However the silicon tips provided are of no good with them mainly coz of the super ear raping...
wow can't wait ! .. your reviews are pretty top notch.. and now you seem to have your hand at hi-fidelity mastering gear.. hope things go one step further for you now!    guess what, I can bet anyone here that if I just take a listen to these se 535 right now .. I'll take them off sale..
oh I see you have one going here yourself .. all the best in selling this amazing speakers..   cheers! 
YGPM!! 2!!
interested if this is the removable cable version ..
thanks again randomkid..    seems like these don't get much love around here.    so when can I expect an alclair reference review from your side ?
YGPM! late?
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