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    thanks for letting that thread reach the second pg!    cheers 
    may be too early to ask if a third thread is necessary too ?
^^  Funny!    I also listening to Muse   
i still find them superbly detailed... the treble extends even more so than the se 535s ... and some details i 'know' i miss with them can be heard with these ..    i think theres no better definition of sound these put out other than what clieos said ' warm + sweet '
yes i think volume adjustment is possible on the sony phones,   i have other sets for detail listening ...brainwavz b2 clones, shure se 535 with SPC custom cable ,   i just use this for casual listening... and its still way too awesome ... hits too high above the mark set by its price point! 
when i started this thread i dint even think it would have a page 2!!    a happy head-fier 
    can you just recommend a link to these triple flanges that you use ?
great buy! congrats ! was just about to recommend if you have not yet made purchase
you want a warm sounding iem ?    sony mh1c! just get them, they are just absolutely awesome and going for 1350 inr in ebay ..   thats the link ... i got a deal at 1600 with COD, but the above link was not there during my time of purchase.   these just shout out value and are uber-awesomeness!
    wow i can't believe you need more bass from these iems!    may be coz im coming from balanced armatures, i found them to be a very much bass driven sound ...    and they are perfectly warm, a touch warmth would cause some bleed and touch more brightness might cause sibilance ..  i dont think i agree with any of your findings ... but to each his own :)   I've to try the 3d effect though .. ..   and you are right! this set is all about the balance! superb! 
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