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does it take lod from ipod ? or its just stereo line out to amp in ?
i purchased it for 29 usd and got myself 1 year warranty from the seller as well .. 
  is that the re 600 on the pic behind fang bian ?
some pics of the tdk ma 700 from an other thread ..
crazy awesome .. 
Can't wait for you to review them ... & the tralucent t1!
    i dont think any fakes have been reported yet no worries there.
you should try adding the mh1c also, it much the same price of something like the tekfusion twinwoofers and is a real awesome speaker if you ask me ..   its what i would call a sweet all musical earphone ..  not up there with the best of earphones but not really far..    once amped i think it takes over my preference for shure se 535 ! 
unamped - SE-535>GH-ERC-DMS>=MH1C>dt 990 pros() amped    - DT 990 PROS>>>>> GH-ERC-DMS > SE-535>=MH1C
they trump it hands down ... 
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