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  I got it recabled from another user. 7N occ copper from viablue audio i believe.   Eitherway I just wanted to ask you guys, ..   this above is the standard trs, but for my SA-5k, the tip is connected to the right speaker and not the left and the ring to the left speaker. Hence my stereo is reversed probably via recabling. But I wanted to confirm this was not one of the trade tricks of Sony to be even more weird in their engineering  and is actually a problem with my...
what about the 5 BA custom ? Was that just a myth ? Can't find them in the sitte..    for $400, that would have been some real achievement ..
Oh sorry to go off-topic! 
I tried a Tube-magic A1 by Maverick Audio with the DT-990 PROs and the synergy and sound was horrendous .. exaggerated sibilance! 
nice review on the VC02 - Ah micro-drivers FTW   Hope the next one is the MH1c! 
  That's an excellent find, I want to tone down the harsh treble of the DT 990s. Now to search for some felt 
I do not think you will be able to hear the fans .. the isolation is adequate to forget all else..    unless ofcourse there's something purposeful.. 
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