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Also, I wanted to let all of you know of the more than excellent customer service that IN EAR CUSTOM offers!    He has bought a replacement set for me - Rockit Sounds R-50 and its on the way to me.. At first he offered to purchase and reshell the monitors but I insisted that he should not suffer any loss from this deal.   Even though Im still taken aback with the theft of my monitors, I am very happy that he has provided me such alternatives..
  The impressions if made from the silicon base and catalyst, will not shrink. It has good memory to retain shape and unless its shipped in a plastic bag where it can be subject to excessive external pressure, I think its your audiologist who has done the mistake.    Even though my re-shelled IEMs were stolen, I was able to retrieve the ear impressions. My right ear impressions were fine and provided good fit and seal, but the left one was kinda bad especially on the...
  Some of the best Kerala has to offer! .. Folk Rock. 
That's almost the same color I had ordered too with SE sockets. Ah, C'est la vie
    I do not know what to do, can something be done to get the CIEMs? or is it just gone? I have been floating in a state of trance for the whole day, as its taking a hell lot of time to accept what has just happened.   I had gone to the bank 4 weeks almost every other day to get a clearance to do the bank transfer. Now this is gone too.    Im just broken apart now after all the hassle and trouble I went through to get this done. I am not planning to ask Rob to reshell or...
Mine have been stolen. I received an open cover in my mail box and on enquiry there was another open package in the post office.    All I got were my original hard case that I had sent my IEMs in, the ear impressions and hard acrylic moulds.   USPS sucks!! I am disgusted and I am going to raise hell tomorrow at the post office.    On the bright side, Rob the gentleman is willing to purchase and reshell an earphone for free provided I send him the impressions.
  I got it recabled from another user. 7N occ copper from viablue audio i believe.   Eitherway I just wanted to ask you guys, ..   this above is the standard trs, but for my SA-5k, the tip is connected to the right speaker and not the left and the ring to the left speaker. Hence my stereo is reversed probably via recabling. But I wanted to confirm this was not one of the trade tricks of Sony to be even more weird in their engineering  and is actually a problem with my...
what about the 5 BA custom ? Was that just a myth ? Can't find them in the sitte..    for $400, that would have been some real achievement ..
Oh sorry to go off-topic! 
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