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got one myself .. the sound is "oh so matured" ...very flat to my ears and a great upgrade from my other inventory - mine is recabled with 7 N OCC from VIABLUE audio ..  
so no transparent plastic between the mesh and the membrane ? I just want to hope that there is some kinda adhesive plastic coating on the membrane to make its surface rigid and uninviting to foreign bodies ..    hmmmmmmmmm ... any suggestions for better preventive measures ? or rather I need not worry at all ?    thx all! 
^^well its hard not to believe once you heard it..
observation #5    These are now forcing me to think of selling my DT-990 PRO
    So my thoughts on these will be valid for a stock SA-5K as well ? Thanks! ..I do not think I will ever get to listen to a stock version so I have to lend your ears and advise ..besides the availability of good audio products in my country is very bad tbh..    eitherway I would like to bring to your attention that I am a believer of cables - I had my SE-535 recabled with 6N OFHC Silver Plated Copper and that did a marginal difference out of my poor source yet...
sub'd     hope this one doesn't end up being a very average performer
      the Stock cable must be 5N OFC/6N OFC - this is purely a guess and you are more than welcome to correct me on this ..    but the original trader told me he recabled it with 7N OCC - thats higher grade than either of the two above or whatever stock cable material - along with this he mentioned that it gave much more body to the mids....
IEM - MDR EX-1000(Best Soundstage in an IEM I've heard so far)   Full Size w/ no isolation - AKG Q-701/ K-702 / K 701 (only heard the K-501 from AKG) / Beyerdynamic DT-880 600 ohms..   Full Size w/ isolation - Shure SRH-940
    about the innards of the SA-5k, I just had a doubt about the driver exposed directly to the ear.. can you confirm if this is the case? I mean it ll then need extra care, attention and caressing....protection from foreign bodies ..    I asked another ex-user(gsferrari) of the SA-5k ..and he replied    "I wouldn't worry about the drivers. They are behind a bit of transparent cover IIRC..."   would really help if someone can further...
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