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Hello all, I am doing for a second time a simple circuit for the esl cans I am making...I am stuck with the step up trafo for the audio signal and though torroids make all the difference from an EI core, torroids are unavailable for a few weeks here. I also tried the PA line trafo and apparently I need to wind my own and it costs $30 to wind to specification. What are the alternates ? The closest I got here is a 240 to 27v step down that gives 10 amp current so it should...
Some DIY effort:    Sample music is run Mono.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feQltBOw0sI
Got 2 earphones for the price of one. The KZ ATE and KZ RX. The second one I am not a fan of because it just doesn't have any commendable fidelity but rather balanced with a strident treble and noticeable roll-off. Average resolution and space.    The ATE is pretty good though especially Male voice and timbre on some of the Bach pieces are top notch. The air up top is not too hard to give credit to. Definitely a thicker sound and polite. No treble peaks. More front back...
 Hi Eisen, thanks but from the impressions from you and others of the ED10 I conclude it has a V-shaped sound? That I am not a fan of at all.
So I got 2 earphones for the price of one. The KZ ATE black version w/ mic and another one which I can't seem to identify. Photos up, please help me identify them. I used Spiral dots and stock tips for listening.   Initial impressions out of my phone with 320 kbps MP3 and FLAC files - the ATE is super smooth, Euphonic, loads of bass and excellent male & female vocal timbre. Not much air up top but not clustered either. Resolution is not the best but hurray for the price!...
 Yes I stand corrected. Thx
Wavelet Design Opus 1 utilizing a Dynamic BA - http://www.zionote.com/2012/waveletdesign/opus1/   Clieos shared the release news a while ago but the cable looks thicker and price has doubled the initial retail price to $300+    Available on Kakaku - http://kakaku.com/item/K0000777012/
The KZ ATE has reached the post office, will receive it in a couple of hours from now. Hope it lives up to MH1c standards.
 Some of the photos are from the AKG K3003 product catalogue. Just like them, the BA's in these do not use any receiver tube but has a magnified damper in the form of the orange and black filters. Interesting for the price. The pics also show commendable machining. 
KZ ATE arrived but I was absent, will get them tomorrow. Hopefully the hype lives up else if I live up to my words will use it as a housing for BA drivers and send it to members here for your opinions 
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