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Anyone a fan of the Sony MDR SA 5000 here ? One proud owner! :) .... Best pairing was with Maverick A100 and HRT MS-II DAC(WrathZombie's)   The detail levels are phenomenal! Upthere with Wachara Chin's DIY E-stat headphones ( that measured on par with Stax SR009).    I am hoping to dive into making some SS amps.   Cheers, A~
  What modifications did you do ?
Hi Wrathzombie,   Long time!!! I lost your number.. was looking everywhere for it. My last phone got stolen(no, its not a cliche)   Please ping me! Great to see you back and active. Take care, A~
Send it over then I dont know why you are talking about bloated bass at all....Akg house sound to me were the akg 240mk2 and akg k 501s and I don't remember them having thick bass what so ever...When you talk about drums be specific which part you are implying because bass drum sound is hard to reproduce (so are cymbals)..if it were to be reproduced the headphone will have to tuned in that manner, i.e make bass and lower to be more than neutral or in other words be at...
  The review contradicts itself. I don't remember AKG 'house sound'  having deep bass. If its technically strong then it will make low bitrate sound like sh*t. I think you should read a bit more into Clieos guide of categorizing sound before writing up reviews.
Hi,   I have made a midrange-tweeter ESL panel. I should have posted this back on the 17th of May when it played for all of 2 mins before snapping and leaking charge. Best part was the bass that I didn't expect at all(rather was certain of a steep roll off from 1KHz). There was no texture to the bass though.   Here are some pictures.                     Cheers, Azaan
"Hindu Cremation"   What a grand perspective you got there!! Amazed!!
Hi guys,   I just talked to ClieOs and he just looked at the NX1 to conclude this :   "By the look of the circuit, it seems to be a simple MAX9722 design, and actually I just posted a review of similar amp, the SMSL sAp4s"(over at In ear Matters).   Also :    "The description on eBay are all wrong and very misleading by the way. They all seems to claim things that are not in the amp"     Trust this is helpful.
Very interested. Suffice all your conditions and have a few reviews in moi name..... Awaiting!!
"this way..."     you could have kept the head ...
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