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Sound Magic HP-100 / HP-200
Excellent condition Sony MH1c. Used but no real signs other than the dirt that it has gathered. cleaned with rubbing alcohol w/ cotton swabs! near new!
done! thanks jared!
Got an e-mail from Rob where he mentions that he is working on the last batch and then he will catch up with current orders! so the mentioned delays will be much less of an occurrence from now
Excellent! Mine are the same color and cable (SE-425 cable) congrats !
congratulations!!albeit the lack of communication and so many complaints .. when In Ear Custom hits - they hit hard ! ... i trust you are a more than happy customer > just like me!
funny now head-fi is giving free tuition to people on Permutations and Combinations - see Rudi's posts here
UM build quality is some of the best, not first hand experience. but pics of UM reshells look marvellous.  I like the build quality of In Ear custom - nothing to complain and if you are on a budget - I think its the best! considering the value.
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