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On the other hand, I am a treble head as well and would request you to check out some in-ear monitors in this price range. Some BA monitors have excellent sound.   Sorry for taking the thread off-topic but I'm supposing it might be in the best interest of OP.
I think the SRH 940 is the brightest i have heard. I do not understand why you need a bright sound? I hope you mean to say treble emphasis or mostly analytical.   I love the SA5k. They have great detail, a bit better than Shure SRH 940 and they scale considerably. You should try e-bay.    The DT 880 Pro also have a bright signature but they are open back.
Audio Technica M70X seems to be bright can per reviews by Tyll. Shure SRH 940 is very bright too & my fav. closed can.   You could also look at Sony MDR SA5000, used. They are the fastest dynamic cans I have heard and bright.
One of the principles of insurance is utmost good faith, in that there should be trust. If we got crooks in between, then it naturally becomes tougher.   INR 5/- is just a suggestion because I see most people not favoring the idea so much..... but may be that's just me.   There are quite a number of Head-fier's in this thread. Over a 100 perhaps.   Cheers,
Since there is risk, we can pool it & share the loss.    Every head-fi'er in the thread pays INR 5/- a month a la premium. So if some one has to pay customs, they can take some part of premium collected. If no customs, its just 60 rupees at the end of the year per person that can be donated to charity.    What do you guys think? 
They lost my CIEMs in transit. $250 plus 3 weeks of regular visits to the bank all in the water. 
Just tried the piston 2.1. Friend who got is flabbergasted and thinking of drawing up an export/import plan for it to Benelux. Too much bass and thin voice but too early to standby comment. No opinion on treble yet. Will check it out after a week. Sound is brighter than Sony MH1C.
 Is it just me or the word 'first' is in a font color I can't see? Ok, suit yourself. I am just voicing my experience.Regards,
  I would still ask you to let it burn in for a couple of days before posting your impressions. I gave it a week and a half and had over 60 hours of listening time when I posted my review.Looking back, I see more of a disappointment at first and a change in performance. After about 5 days of listening, they impressed me and continue to do that for a while now. 
 Second that.... concluding in a very balanced sound.
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