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Wait for it @shreyas , I have finally got a complete business plan for an innovation ... No point source, no artificial imaging or requirement to sit in the 'sweet spot'. Hopefully I get to come back after a job or something.. Best part it won't cost you as much as Angies..
 No sorry... fortunately for you many impressions out there on the Siren series. The Layla has received many favourable comments thru out, the Noble Kaiser 10 too & also 1964 Adel. They all convey TOTL to me.  Spending over $500.00 on an IEM is out of bounds for me, that is why I only look for good value.
FLC Technology FLC 8 review by joker out .. http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/flc-technology-flc8/ Its $280.00 and well worth a bite comparing them to Dunus and Fidues.
Thanks, I don't do street photography unless of course if I am visiting another country; yes I know the cumbersome issues being fast. I am a slow photographer...but the D3200 has 11 AF points and matrix metering generally gets the focus right.None of the D3xxx or D5xxx have an in-body focus motor. Only the D7xxx and some 100 series have the focus motor, but the lens w/ built in focus motor is not too expensive.
That is some nice work and great portraits...    I have the D3200 & sold the horrible kit lens plus some cash for the 35mm f/1.8 lens. I like basic cameras than one filled with features especially since I only use manual settings for the past 2 years now...   The D3200 JPEGs suck especially with the crude kit lens ...I have over 60 RAW photos to be processed all back in India... I am thinking of getting a Sigma DP3 Merill here after a part time job, its half the price...
Anyone into Cameras? I miss my Nikon DSLR dearly  I am planning to get something here.... 
Hello,   I am in Belgium pursuing my higher studies and miss my Nikon D3200 w/ 35mm prime dearly as they are back in India. Getting it here is rather expensive besides the fact that I may be able to afford a point and shoot or some entry level APS-C/ M4/3 again like Fujifilm XA1 or Olympus EPM2 with stock lens. The problem is I hate most kit lens at least from my experience with the Sony 18-55 & 16-50, the more horrible older Nikkor 18-55 & I do not shoot more than ISO...
@EISENbricher,   Got the new pair of Havis? I see a change in your signature list.   Is the new pair so different from the defective old pair to make such a difference? IIRC you told me only about the channel imbalance..
Does anyone have any experience with Trinity Engineering?   I am interested in the Hyperion.   Considering selling my Dunu Titan1.   regards,
 I have not heard a better bass  from an earphone than the EX1k. I think the FXT-90s have better extension in bass than the Titans but I can't pin-point the difference in mid-bass between the 2. Both the Titans and the JVCs have a spike in treble, albeit somewhere close. IIRC the FXT-90s have somewhere around 8-9 Khz the Titans have 9.5-11Khz. The first one makes sibilance more pronounced while the latter one still sound shrill at times but no real sibilance to my ears.The...
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