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Some home made fun! Very clear sound!  
Shahid kapoor is nicely spotting the HE1000 in the new movie - Shandaar,
I have a FIIO 17K alpen2, I am willing to sell. Let me know if anyone interested. Asking 8k with shipping. Price Negotiable.   Comes with all accessories, no signs of use or anything as new as ever. Bought it in a jiffy, now find no use of it.    Regards,
I used dish soap last time... This time I am using floor cleaner. I am sure it's not the coating because I examined it. I highly suspect an internal shorting since tranformers with poor insulation are very common, especially once you reverse it, it can't handle the step up. This time my bias is 609v and the spacer thickness is 1 mm. I will report back with the active area a few hours from now. Thanks and best regards,
If you look for a low current high voltage trafo then you are not getting the step up needed. I know the current should be low and voltage high for the stator peak to peak voltage to work against the bias. however the transformers load rating is important since I am practically feeding my amp into it as an elemental design and what the trafo can take should be noted else it can short. The only option is to use multiple transformers to carry the load and this will work.some...
 The last time I reversed a 240 to 6V trafo, it either shorted in the 6 V side due to the 20-23V (65W) that my A/V reciver was feeding it or the 240V side due to the huge step-up and poor isolation that couldn't handle the step up.I think for a 6V trafo, the secondary should at least have a 5-10 Amp current rating (so the trafo rating would be close to 30-60 VA/W) to accept such loads as my 65 wpc amplifier. Anyway worth sharing I thought is  a very convenient method, I am...
Hello all, I am doing for a second time a simple circuit for the esl cans I am making...I am stuck with the step up trafo for the audio signal and though torroids make all the difference from an EI core, torroids are unavailable for a few weeks here. I also tried the PA line trafo and apparently I need to wind my own and it costs $30 to wind to specification. What are the alternates ? The closest I got here is a 240 to 27v step down that gives 10 amp current so it should...
Some DIY effort:    Sample music is run Mono.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feQltBOw0sI
Got 2 earphones for the price of one. The KZ ATE and KZ RX. The second one I am not a fan of because it just doesn't have any commendable fidelity but rather balanced with a strident treble and noticeable roll-off. Average resolution and space.    The ATE is pretty good though especially Male voice and timbre on some of the Bach pieces are top notch. The air up top is not too hard to give credit to. Definitely a thicker sound and polite. No treble peaks. More front back...
 Hi Eisen, thanks but from the impressions from you and others of the ED10 I conclude it has a V-shaped sound? That I am not a fan of at all.
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