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 'Flagships showcasing Sony's engineering', Not TOTL necessarily...but this was when they were on a winning streak. During the SA series, there was the Qualia too.. The SA series also uses Bio-cellulose for their drivers.
 Never heard the CD3k! Exact reason for replacement ..To each 'his' own ofcourse!  But I am in the same train infact the same bogey may be since I like the AKG k501 over their later incarnations and the HD250 Linear II by a mile over most of what Senn produces now.  CD3k and SA5k are flagships showcasing Sony's engineering skills. Sad that their OLP drivers couldn't achieve this limelight. P.S> And definitely never an IPod shuffle ...  
  I second that except the CD3k will be replaced with an SA5k.
  Taket H2 + trade for MDR - SA5k ?
Amazing beauty and becoming a rarity. Excellent speed and monstrous detailing. Recabled with 7N OCC cable from Viablue.   Condition - 8.5/10    Pads are flaking at a few spots but that's it. No scratches of dings.    Indian buyers preferred. Shipping to be paid by buyer.    PM me for separate pricing and photos/ trading. 
Where are you @kothganesh ? Busy pre-ordering the Senn He-1060 ?       up for sale/trade :
   you need a dedicated room for them...  I second that!!
Some home made fun! Very clear sound!  
Shahid kapoor is nicely spotting the HE1000 in the new movie - Shandaar,
I have a FIIO 17K alpen2, I am willing to sell. Let me know if anyone interested. Asking 8k with shipping. Price Negotiable.   Comes with all accessories, no signs of use or anything as new as ever. Bought it in a jiffy, now find no use of it.    Regards,
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