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  Congratulations on your purchase!  But its not a triple BA! Its a Triple Hybrid - meaning 1 dynamic driver for the bass and a TWFK(dual BA) for the mid-high frequences :) ... Here is a review written by the ClieOs!
Shreyas>>>> Do everything to get a tpeos altone 200!! It doesn't make sense spending $100 on a simple dynamic driver when you can get a triple hybrid (one dynamic driver and a TWFK dual BA) for $145.00 including shipping!! Its the deal of the century. Ask seller to quote $100.00 or less on package to avoid customs. Its just plain irony that triple BAs are going for $300 when you get such great deals today!!
JVC fx wood series.
I just can't believe this!! The Tpeos altone 200 triple hybrid selling for $145.00!!!! Only months ago were triple hybrids(2 BA +1 DD) selling for $300 and above from companies like Dunu and T-peos themselves and now they have halved the price. I remember paying an out of this world price for my Shure SE-535 triple BA design a long while back but now a hybrid at one third its price!! I now use a Rockit R-50 (TWFK) reshelled but just taken aback that T-peos is giving a much...
  I think this is because you are missing the bass you of the dynamic in-ears you have mentioned. What the R-50 does good is the cleanliness of note, its excellent analytical skills while being slightly warm and mustering quite a bass kick. I prefer them with foam tips, especially yellow Shure foams or the olives. This addresses the sibilance problems. Reshelling is another option and the one I opted for. Regards,~A
 Looks great. What plan do you have in mind for these ? Perhaps the original Stax SR Sigma layout. with the driver angled at the ears from back to front, projected outwards. They tend to increase the sound-stage and improve imaging from the numerous user posts here in Head-fi.
A video of my speaker in action :)             Cheers, ~A
 I got it used from the US. It will be rare to come across one now. I am hunting for a pair of the legendary DT48E by Beyerdynamic.  USB/LOD/Speaker
More like completely off topic XDBut either way, it depends on the cable material. The use of different cable materials like say 7n OFC can flavour the sound differently from stock resulting in better/worse sound to the user in question and hence preferable but there are lots of us who let placebo influence sound quality to point of exaggerating it.Besides using a better grade cable ( high purity silver for eg. ) let the high sensitivity of the drivers generally pick up...
Hi all, Made a ribbon speaker with some Neos and household aluminium foil. Made a resistor out of a pencil to act as load to the amplifer coz I could get only about 0.017 Ohms of resistance from the actual speaker. As obvious, the pencil burnt down. But god there was some lovely sound   A pic for you guys. I used the lid and body of candy box for the frame.       Next up, I am planning to use a step down trafo for impedance matching and also trim the aluminium...
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