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Thank you all.    Best regards,
Thank you sir,
 I got them on the last massdrop sale. Funnily enough, I have compared them with the R-50s(though mine are re-shelled) & had fun A-B'ing them.Since my review is more 10k words, I had to put it up as a new thread. Regards,
Comparative Review of the Titan 1 with the R-50 up. Review page does not allow more than 10k words so had to put it up in a thread.
Me & the Audio Voyage: For the sake of contrast, I am a proud and loud audioholic. I love spending time evaluating everything in my audio chain now & again, although I have to admit I do not get enough time of late. I do not like structure in writing so much, preferring a stream of consciousness approach.   I have had a short time of 5 years in audio, riding along with various IEMs (listed on my page) and Full size cans, not to mention some full-fledged speaker systems...
There are many malayalees in this business but not particularly headphones. is one of the most amazing sites for all things audio in all of India. Check it out. Owned by a Malayalee as well. They also do a lot of custom work like building speakers.  
I am a Malayalee.
 The DT990, a monitoring tool? Its just marketed that way. It is anything but linear. There are spikes below 10kHz in the DT 990 that make the treble sound harsh and some of their resolution is marred like I said before. I like to use it for movies the most and some older artists but not for electronica for eg.  
  Slow was labeled to the DT990s because of their excessive mid-bass. The HD650, on the contrary, sounded fast and articulate but not the fastest sound I have heard. I have heard better micro-detailing. The sound on the HD650 was already warm enough for me to pair them with warmer amps. I do not see the appeal but I might have to try it before talking.Non-detrimental means lesser damage for your pocket in the long run. Even though you are investing a bit more now, you will...
 I definitely think Speakers are better VFM, non-detrimental in the long run, especially when there is the KEF LS50 going for 495 euros. Not that I am complaining and I do not listen to bass-heavy music but I think once you pair them with a subwoofer they can do marvelously well. Entire system with a stereo amplifier(SS) does not cost more than a good Headphone amp with a Headphone. Of course Valves will cost a bit more and sometimes a lot more. HD650s have better decay in...
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