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 "Far Off ? " I know a build of an ESL in Sri-Lanka and I do not know many people who purposely choose to be ignorant. There is a certain pleasure in learning and discovery like the odd hour I spent yesterday at a Audio equipment for rent shop that gives mixers, mics and PA systems... Irrespective of me repeating Electrostatic speakers and the transformer ratings required.. he kept on asking me to read books about Satellites and contact E&C engineers.  A funny world in fact. 
  Did it occur to you that this is the exact reason I am asking you to listen to a home-made E-stat headphone? As I posted earlier, Please note that I have had non-continual 3 hours audition with a full-fledged Accuphase run Speaker system that probably had depth, space and transients I have heard above anything else.  FYI - I have auditioned the AKG K501 and DT880(250 Ohm) in 2012 out of a Yamaha silent cinema A/V receiver. While  I cannot recall the impression I had of...
  I disagree with you. The difference between boutique and a full blown brand is considerably big when it comes to such a specific domain like Audio.Senns and AKGs have enough of a commercial aura to make products that cater to a not so bothersome consumer( like CX-180s and AKG K311s) and also to the elite customers(like HD700s), out of their vast history and their ability to invest - while you will not see Woo Audio or Audiostatic making non-competitive products to cater...
The Man from Nowhere is excellent! 
 That's a good list, but then  There is no Oldboy?  or Summer Fall Winter Spring ? Another one of Indian classics - 
  Like I said, Competition will lead to such things like Assembly lines, more R&D and better Marketing - these are nothing but the finer components of a 'Brand'.
I hope everyone has watched the Korean movie Memories of Murder, its one of my favourite movies and I liked it better than Se7en for one, I think you guys will too   MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE!!!!
I didn't like Friend that much  .. but here's a brilliant Korean action flick that deserves some appreciation   and this one is one of the greatest movie I've seen and my favourite Indian movie - Kireedam :  
 Actually I would hate something like that to happen, I am really tired of being spoon fed by better marketed products and Brand.if there were 'storeS' like you say then a marketplace would be the next step of evolution eventually leading to competition. And once they compete, there will be 'Brand'. marketing, loyality and finally just a rebirth of the world we are in now... like Senn's, AKG's,  Beyers and 100s of audio companies...I am not refusing that I am biased in...
eagerly waiting for reviews! (SUB'd)
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