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  I disagree with you. The difference between boutique and a full blown brand is considerably big when it comes to such a specific domain like Audio.Senns and AKGs have enough of a commercial aura to make products that cater to a not so bothersome consumer( like CX-180s and AKG K311s) and also to the elite customers(like HD700s), out of their vast history and their ability to invest - while you will not see Woo Audio or Audiostatic making non-competitive products to cater...
The Man from Nowhere is excellent! 
 That's a good list, but then  There is no Oldboy?  or Summer Fall Winter Spring ? Another one of Indian classics - 
  Like I said, Competition will lead to such things like Assembly lines, more R&D and better Marketing - these are nothing but the finer components of a 'Brand'.
I hope everyone has watched the Korean movie Memories of Murder, its one of my favourite movies and I liked it better than Se7en for one, I think you guys will too   MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE!!!!
I didn't like Friend that much  .. but here's a brilliant Korean action flick that deserves some appreciation   and this one is one of the greatest movie I've seen and my favourite Indian movie - Kireedam :  
 Actually I would hate something like that to happen, I am really tired of being spoon fed by better marketed products and Brand.if there were 'storeS' like you say then a marketplace would be the next step of evolution eventually leading to competition. And once they compete, there will be 'Brand'. marketing, loyality and finally just a rebirth of the world we are in now... like Senn's, AKG's,  Beyers and 100s of audio companies...I am not refusing that I am biased in...
eagerly waiting for reviews! (SUB'd)
  Hi there, A good build will not cost you anywhere close to your estimate if you get ready raw materials. unless of course you plan to buy/build the whole range of things from a  CNC machine to the minutest thing like normal bias/ pro-bias connectors for the headphones. The BOM is pretty easy. But the best route is to find alternatives. Like for example the bias power supply can be done with a simple voltage multiplier circuit and stators can be made from aluminium...
  Yes I did.
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