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  Yeah SP road is like 50km from where I stay. That is the only hassle yet the only option I have given I need to get a voltage multiplier circuit ready-made. Why did you buy a transformer for the Lyr ? Because it runs on US power rating of 110v? 
He has a doctorate in Nano-Technologies and I foresee this to be the shortest thread on Head-fi
Anyone into Electronics here or know suppliers ?   I have been trying past 2 weeks to get my hands on a 0-110-220v / 6-0-6v step up transformer without any luck.   any ideas where I could get one?  Anyone residing in Bangalore?
iPhase   Degain
the alley atmosphere is brilliant - well worded!
  Are you plannin to sell ? 
  This i agree... very much! . On the bright side, I stopped spending anything on audio equipments.. and if I am to do anything its to make and test an ESL. My point is that some DIY products can compete with the best products in the market and may cost much less. Taking that route is a good choice especially since the pricing of some of the flagship products in India is hyped with customs and retail commission and taxes. A B&W P5 costed 25k in Bangalore while its MRP is...
  Head-fi is not the only website you know... Its just a lot more commercial than the others. There are other web-sites like which is highly informative, and hundreds of blogs and projects posted all across the internet with excellent builds.     why do you still resort for someone to spoonfeed you? I am tired of putting up with your incompetent comments>> I think you are just replying for arguments sake but if you are really interested why don't...
 "Far Off ? " I know a build of an ESL in Sri-Lanka and I do not know many people who purposely choose to be ignorant. There is a certain pleasure in learning and discovery like the odd hour I spent yesterday at a Audio equipment for rent shop that gives mixers, mics and PA systems... Irrespective of me repeating Electrostatic speakers and the transformer ratings required.. he kept on asking me to read books about Satellites and contact E&C engineers.  A funny world in fact. 
  Did it occur to you that this is the exact reason I am asking you to listen to a home-made E-stat headphone? As I posted earlier, Please note that I have had non-continual 3 hours audition with a full-fledged Accuphase run Speaker system that probably had depth, space and transients I have heard above anything else.  FYI - I have auditioned the AKG K501 and DT880(250 Ohm) in 2012 out of a Yamaha silent cinema A/V receiver. While  I cannot recall the impression I had of...
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