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 If you go thru the seminar, you will notice that the fraction is indeed significant. 60% of the costs are in magnets and rest make up the material, the frame, support etc. When NCC is cheaper than many driver materials used today and twice as efficient, we might not need rare earth magnets to guarantee better efficiency...which will cut down the costs by quite a bit. Yes I agree its a rip-off  but I do not think that planar magnetic companies have a target profit pricing...
Happy republic day to all!
 FFLs seem to be another myth now huh... renaming an old technology with a new name.   You mean planar magnetic or just planars? Planar mags heard re-paded Hp-3 over a week and HE-4 for a short time from speaker taps. Never owned any. They are so puny when compared the Magnepan 1.7s I heard, planar mags at its finest. Other planars I auditioned - Stax 3030 system and Wacharas DIY cans. What makes you so curious what I heard or didn't ? 
  Yes, nano-cellulose might be a logical progression from today's industry but that is because we are taking for granted that the 'best' principle of sound reproduction is lower driver mass than the air in front it. 
    Materials form only one dimension of this progress. Sputtering machines can have a similar commercial curve to the now affordable 3D printers and hence newer manufacturers can provide more affordable market solutions. Its also the case that a different principle which doesn't need lower Q value to work will eliminate the need to find the lightest material with commendable rigidity. I mean if you see the advancements in normal speaker materials like kevlar and...
I like the direction of this discussion. Nano-cellulose will probably make headphones & Speakers more affordable by cutting down Magnet costs. There are still technologies unexplored in the Headphone world that can probably do equally good as others.   
 I am from Cochin, Kerala and lived most of my life in KSA - Al Jubail. What about you? I am currently located in Bangalore.  Cheers,
 Under 5k open back headphones are too few. Unsure of how much is the leakage but an Ahuja AHP-1800 might be your best bet. They are rebranded Takstar hi2050.  Regards,
 So gaming and movies more than music ? Why do you need isolation then ? Why not then go for an open can? They will give you a more expansive field of sound.   If you are considering open ones I would urge you to consider the Ahuja AHP-1800 for a mere 3k INR this might be a better bet for your needs since they are rebranded Takstar Hi2050 which have been favourably reviewed and compared against the Beyers. Here is a test sound to give you an idea.  
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