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 The EPH's are a bit too warm from my short audition. I think the JVC FXT 90s hold their own against the Titans but being slightly more hot. Now that they are going for as low as $50.00 it makes them hell of a deal.  I do not have the same findings with the soundstage as you did. The stage is not 3D like the EX-1000 has for eg.  The lower mids have a very noticeable scoop making front-back dimensions of the soundstage particularly missing. This takes away a lot of musical...
 I do not know why you only look at online portals, time and again I find FS forums to be amazingly full of options!!  Used gears are the best way to go, especially in this god forsaken hobby!! There is Brainwavz B2 for GBP 70 NIB here... best deal i saw was the DUNU DN-1000 for GBP 60.00, shipping at most is another 20 quid... I wouldn't mind that ... would you? I think a TWFK with DD and some good tuning is mostly better than normal TWFKs....
 Here in head-fi FS forums...seller located in UK. Very nice guy, had a chat with him. its 90 quid with tips and stuff and then there is the 15 quid shipping to Belgium , might change for India but still worth it. Try your luck. 
Looking to sell or trade a reshelled Rockit R-50 custom IEMs.   Price Negotiable.   Prefer EU buyers/traders.   Trade open to DACs only.
 Yeah... haha that sounds quite like some deal. Some other problems have come up in between. I might have to hold of purchase for a while. 
  Here it is .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQHMf48ACcw
Thanks Suman for your comment,   There are a couple of downsides to the deal, the ER4s at GBP 90 + 15 Pounds shipping that goes to GBP 105, which is around 150 Euros! Plus conversion charges and I don't have a Paypal account, so I have to rely on my buyer of the Titan 1 to do that for me. Not only is the process tedious but I will have to depend on someone else for 20 euros lesser than CK100 pro.   The CK100 pro located in Sweden at Euro 180, including shipping w/...
 Ok, got a deal for the CK100 PRO @ 180 Euros. Might go with them :) Any opinions ? anyone ?
So got a buyer for the Titan 1 :)   Now considering either the etymotic ER4s or Altone 200 for GBP 90 , GBP 100 respectively.
On the one hand I think that the Dunu's resolution is stunning due to their Titanium diaphragms but on the other I can in some ways relate to your opinion on how the An16 performs. It is probably the Bio-cellulose which performs exceptionally good for speed and detail, while not losing so much on texture like metallic injections can bring about. The Sony SA-5k which also has bio-cellulose diaphragms put even the TWFKs to shame in my view by having excellent texture and...
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