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How does this apply to a person interested in building stuff up from scratch like ganesh? There is no headphone here that he is opening up or no foam that he is removing... He is planning on building one from scratch
I m sorry but from where are you getting all this ?? Do you mean to say a modder doesn't understand what he is doing ? Just confused with all that you are posting
I don't really agree there is some kind of clear cut distinction between engineers approach and modders approach. Modders at some point have to give in to engineering things or designs. You have to know the in and out of everything that you are doing... There is no skipping especially when poor isolation can cost your life. the only thing i wish I did learn was carpentry..... The possibilities with wood is just amazing.
OK ..thanks I just found the first one jumbled! Wachara uses a trial and error method but he has superceded many engineers at least that's what I would say from my.auditioning of his cans!! he has been active for a long time and had his share of hardships. But he is a great individual . To me the toughest thing in my small scale build was finding substitute for products recommended in the article s I read online. I know people who have not passed high school who know...
Hi that article is really really good and almost a standard if there is one. I believe Wachara's builds are closer to perfection though.You can read up any article on ESLs to understand the principle. I am away from home but will toss up links later.In the meanwhile check Jazzman's DIY ESL. That is a whole new game altogether.The only difference between ESLs and Estat headphones are bias voltage, size of diaphragm,spacer distance and headbandsAll the very best
I didn't understand the head and tail of what you just wrote..Wachara doesn't measure his builds from what I know. innerfidelity measured his headphones for the first time and praised them comparing them to the sr009. he uses his ear to get where he is and the going is pretty darn good!!
You can make a headphone close to the sr009 in response with the PCB method I have detailed above.You can check DIY e-stat headphones by Wachara Chin at inner fidelity that measure as good or slightly better and cost less than $500 to make!!Cheers,~A
I have heard a KGSSHV..for compatibility read about pro-bias and normal biasI am.not aware of sr 717 biasing structure to comment on it
Why don't you make an E-stat headphone driver and then buy an srd adapter/charger from stax or used? This is probably the most rewarding of any route you plan to undertake!! Though it looks hard it is not all that tough!! Single sided PCBs cut with CNC machines with and 0.5 mm PCB spacer and a tensioned mylar film rubbed with a floor cleaner or PC cleaning anti-static gel.. Paint the stators with non-whitr acrylic.Do try coz its just levels above in satisfaction and you...
 I remember reading a very very old review on some exotic speakers in the 80's over at where they had segmented the review as reproduction of the dynamic range of the recording(Dynamics), Transient response(Impact), Transparency and Tone(Timber) which lies just around what Vaibhav's first 2 points.  'Pleasant to listen to' is just the most subjective thing because you simply cannot measure subjectivity, at least by the time you do measure it, your likes...
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