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  Here it is ..
Thanks Suman for your comment,   There are a couple of downsides to the deal, the ER4s at GBP 90 + 15 Pounds shipping that goes to GBP 105, which is around 150 Euros! Plus conversion charges and I don't have a Paypal account, so I have to rely on my buyer of the Titan 1 to do that for me. Not only is the process tedious but I will have to depend on someone else for 20 euros lesser than CK100 pro.   The CK100 pro located in Sweden at Euro 180, including shipping w/...
 Ok, got a deal for the CK100 PRO @ 180 Euros. Might go with them :) Any opinions ? anyone ?
So got a buyer for the Titan 1 :)   Now considering either the etymotic ER4s or Altone 200 for GBP 90 , GBP 100 respectively.
On the one hand I think that the Dunu's resolution is stunning due to their Titanium diaphragms but on the other I can in some ways relate to your opinion on how the An16 performs. It is probably the Bio-cellulose which performs exceptionally good for speed and detail, while not losing so much on texture like metallic injections can bring about. The Sony SA-5k which also has bio-cellulose diaphragms put even the TWFKs to shame in my view by having excellent texture and...
 I think the Dunu's resolve stunningly due to the Titanium injected diaphragms. Micro-detailing is very much like BA's though not as apparent. Dunu recommends 200 hours .. but I give 50-60 hours. I leave it playing music all night with a slightly higher volume than my normal listening levels. I do not necessarily understand if the change is in the earphone or in our mind but burning in never did anyone no harm... hmmm :) Cheers..
 Titan-1 has a dip in the male vocals but female voice sounds good to me. You can test them with Bach's Cello suites or Benjamin Clementine;s songs who has a rugged grasp of lower registers. Titan fails to put this thru.  Shure SE-535 and one of the Ortofons EQ series I tried have the most lush mids of any IEM I have heard. The treble on the Shures are rolled off but with a good Silver cable & acoustic filter removed extends a bit more from a good source but still hold...
 The B3 Pro 1 has a very noticable second order distortion curve that gives it the signature sound. Much like Tubes. Enjoy!!
 TWFK and lush mids?  I have heard several TWFKs and what I can vouch for is thin mids in comparison to other sets.  Suman, can you compare them to other earphones like Sony MDR EX-7550 or SE-530,SE-535 that actually has lush vocals.
 I do not think they have a lot of sub-bass. There is a roll-off. They have great mid-bass though. The vocals are a bit of a confusion. The male vocals are recessed & a lack of texture (which affects instruments like cellos) while the female vocals are forward and detailed.
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