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Close to 85 dB from this small driver! Distributed Mode speaker filling the room quite evenly with a wide sweet spot. Audio quality rather poor due to phone mic. https://vimeo.com/155182938
 Those ratings are based on voting alone and not necessarily correlated to SQ. I don't know how low the Hifiman RE-272 and Sony EX-1000 are rated but they are the best DD earphones I have heard. 
 Great going Suman!!! 
I am just curious about how you say timber of an instrument is 'better' or 'perfect' .....that is all ... of course you could compare a bad headphone with a good one and say so but you have not given me an answer than that you play certain instruments... so im to assume that you just know.. how cool! 
Playing an instrument doesn't really put things into perspective at all frankly...I play acoustic/electric guitars, bass and drums ... I went to all fourty concerts over a span of a decade because they were artists I liked, so yes I enjoyed them ....but I don't know which part of my post made you assume I enjoyed all fourty concerts to the satisfaction level of an oddiophool... what I thoroughly enjoyed sound quality wise - Tommy Emmanuel last winter - And especially my...
 Thank you for your impressions. . I was very close to listening them last year but the seller said I will have to buy it if I want an audition ..... and I backed off. It was for 170 Euros.It would be quite epic to put those old dogs you have to a detailed comparison - MDR-CD3k, AKG-K501, AKG K340, Linear 250-II and the SA-5k from my end. .
 Personally and being a treble head, I don't think AKG 501 have more resolving highs than HE-4s although these were two different times and memory can't be trusted per will. I found them a bit soft and having a definite roll-off but then I am comparing them to E-stats and SA-5K. The HE-4 highs are more amp dependent and if you try them out of speaker taps, there is a noticeable bump in resolution. I have noticed planars always need a lot of current to show their true...
 The Stax sound makes me stop worrying about highs, mids, bass and lets one assess the music and the instruments in them as a whole. Besides, like you said to each his own so the highs a reviewer feels as evident enough would be too much or too less for the reader... Orthos don't have poor quality highs, If you listen to Magnepans you would know. Their membranes being heavy with sputtered resistance traces(for cans and Apogee,Piega) or copper wire(for mags) have an earlier...
 Thanks for your explanation, I do not know how thoroughly you could assert that cheaper driver material doesn't affect the end consumers. The discussion started from the links xecutor posted about planar magnetics where they talk about lighter materials being the direction of progress and consequently to my link of the seminar. I hope this makes it clear where I am coming from. Regards,
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