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Suman, do you mean to say I need an amp just for impedance matching? Just so you know if I wind a toroidal ferrite core step down, I can increase the load seen by the amp as a factor of turns ratio on the ferrite core. This will push up the impedance 10-20 times and provide dampening as you say to the amp while keeping the frequency response intact. Why then will I need an amp? This way I can match the load and the source and still have enough power to drive any earphone...
 I am not picking a feud here but from your comments, I think you either do not really know what is impedance or you are completely ill-informed; Or why BAs or any other speaker type have different impedance at different frequencies? Do you mean to say that varying impedance at different frequencies is the reason a BA needs amping? I would still ask you to read because you have a wrong understanding fundamentally. Impedance is the AC component of resistance of the whole...
  The very working principle of Balanced Armatures is its foundation of low power requirements. This is why most BAs have high sensitivity. I only know the SM64 to have a comparatively higher impedance among BAs. 
Suman.... SPL has nothing to do with amp? Are you serious? ... please read before you make such statements.
114db and you need an Amp for the se846?? Amps to run BA based IEMs are the most contradictory recommendations in the history of portable audio.... Get a better DAC for any BA earphones... they better the sound comparative to a simple Amp!!
Remember listening to the ath pro 700 mk2 ... One of my worst experiences!
Do share your impressions in reference to a system you have or perhaps other cans.Regards,
Yes the I said I am serving from memory ... User wrathzombie has it! It came out for 29900 but then went down to 20900 and was available till recent for 14990!Good phone... Ganesh get a zx700 if you can find it...remember my audition with them.. Built real good!And everything is tin like once you hear some electrostatic cans..but you gotta start somewhere!Chao
Hi Suman...the zx1000 is 16 ohms ..all this from memory so grain of salt and sugar and pepper ...hehehehe...except for the srh940.... I find a considerable treble roll off with shure closed back headphones
Hehehehehe.....yeah!! But the r50s have no sibilance like the stock did...they have been customized by in ear central! ...I love the sa5k...that's a super rare headphone and nothing like its speed!! Like uncle Erik once said it puts the hd800 to shame The peaks on the dt990 pro are the worst for me... I generally drive them thru my onkyo a/v receiver that makes the treble sound bearable.HRTF for headphones contributes to sibilance naturally...
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