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what you quote as coloration in a live concert is whole lot different to that you hear from a headphone. this is because in a live concert you are just stepping up your instrument through a dedicated amp and then keeping up that voltage swing with a 25/70/100volt PA line transformer to multiple loudspeakers. most instruments only cover a small band of the audible frequency range which its amp is designed for. hence a guitar amp is different from a bass guitar amp. while...
The one on timbre ... I just find it absolutely the toughest thing to judge the timbre of some music I hear coz I have not actually heard those instruments straight off from a person playing it in front of me like say a fully free crash ride cymbal, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets and cellos.And even if I hear them, I will still not be able to comment comparably on their timbre reproduced by a headphone and an earphone due to difference in HRTF involved - one is in-ear...
What is your basis for this statement?
 Hmmm, I am fan of TWFK BA models but always find the bass lacking - had 2. The Tpeos Hybrid uses the TWFK while a DD for the bass... sounds kick in the butt to me ;)
  Congratulations on your purchase!  But its not a triple BA! Its a Triple Hybrid - meaning 1 dynamic driver for the bass and a TWFK(dual BA) for the mid-high frequences :) ... Here is a review written by the ClieOs!
Shreyas>>>> Do everything to get a tpeos altone 200!! It doesn't make sense spending $100 on a simple dynamic driver when you can get a triple hybrid (one dynamic driver and a TWFK dual BA) for $145.00 including shipping!! Its the deal of the century. Ask seller to quote $100.00 or less on package to avoid customs. Its just plain irony that triple BAs are going for $300 when you get such great deals today!!
JVC fx wood series.
I just can't believe this!! The Tpeos altone 200 triple hybrid selling for $145.00!!!! Only months ago were triple hybrids(2 BA +1 DD) selling for $300 and above from companies like Dunu and T-peos themselves and now they have halved the price. I remember paying an out of this world price for my Shure SE-535 triple BA design a long while back but now a hybrid at one third its price!! I now use a Rockit R-50 (TWFK) reshelled but just taken aback that T-peos is giving a much...
  I think this is because you are missing the bass you of the dynamic in-ears you have mentioned. What the R-50 does good is the cleanliness of note, its excellent analytical skills while being slightly warm and mustering quite a bass kick. I prefer them with foam tips, especially yellow Shure foams or the olives. This addresses the sibilance problems. Reshelling is another option and the one I opted for. Regards,~A
 Looks great. What plan do you have in mind for these ? Perhaps the original Stax SR Sigma layout. with the driver angled at the ears from back to front, projected outwards. They tend to increase the sound-stage and improve imaging from the numerous user posts here in Head-fi.
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