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Any one hear the Soundmagic E80? 
Final Price - 80 Euros with Shipping to EU.   Open to Trades. 
 How I wish I was there!
 Hey been real long! Metal needs fast response. i.e, for a given millimeter square of diaphragm for 1 milliWatt of power the diaphragm needs to displace everything from the fine picking of lower tuned bass guitars to double bass drums to distinct cymbals!! How can you do that with a single dynamic diaphragm earphone ? You can't !!Best alternatives - 1) Tilt the tuning towards the treble and roll-off bass so it doesn't have to respond at the lowest frequencies & have...
Thanks! I just wanted to know if Bio-cellulose has its own characteristics over Titanium. I think with Titanium the bass is very visceral and highs very idiosyncratic, the timbre is sometimes weird. I only feel the lower-mids to be scooped with the Titans, this doesn't give a V-shaped sound per se but yeah relative to the AN-16 I see your point!  Bio-Cellulose sounds more organic if that's the word to use but this might be one off. My experience with Bio-Cellulose has...
Hi Suman,   Can you provide a comparison between the AN-16 & the Titan 1?  I would like to know particularly the linearity in treble, thickness in mid-range, transient response & speed.   Thank in advance,
@raghavsomani    Perhaps
Price Drop BUMP!
I had to pay an unplanned 46 euros to the district house and this has held off my CK100 pro purchase for 2 months at least till I can get money from my parents!!    INSANITY!!   Right when you think there is enough to purchase some gear!!
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