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@xEcuToR - Hello, the Warwick audio sound panels are E-stats and not Electrets as I had assumed previously. Bias voltage is 450V DC. 
 Ah apologies, I was under the impression its an electret. Either way per their website its 450V bias.
 This is an electret and not an electrostat and therefore will have LF excursion problems. If you see the FR file in their site, it shows a steep roll off under 1KHz IIRC.
 Wow man you are like a hungry cat waiting to trap a mouse....Like I said I couldnt audition the AKG K340 less than a year ago coz the seller wanted me to buy it if I audition them.  ... what is the conclusion you claim I make here? That the AKG K340 uses a DD for bass because electrets can't cough up the bass?Its a conclusion I can make by not listening/owning them. If you see a reason other than that to explain AKG's making a hybrid please enlighten me... I am curious.
 True that yet I must say companies stopped making electrets a while ago because they are more sloppy and distorted at lower frequencies. AKG K340 itself is a good example since it uses a DD for bass. Definitely newer materials might be able to tackle this problem better but I wonder how satisfying a solution it will be for hi-end audio enthusiasts or will it be applicable to us at all. Warwick audio and their FFLs will find use in PA systems in offices and other...
 Warwick audio don't have solutions for planar mags... what they have now is a self biased electrostat or what is more commonly known as electret. Eitherway It will not be able to reproduce bass without distortion, I have explained why in an earlier post. 
Close to 85 dB from this small driver! Distributed Mode speaker filling the room quite evenly with a wide sweet spot. Audio quality rather poor due to phone mic. https://vimeo.com/155182938
 Those ratings are based on voting alone and not necessarily correlated to SQ. I don't know how low the Hifiman RE-272 and Sony EX-1000 are rated but they are the best DD earphones I have heard. 
 Great going Suman!!! 
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