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Xoriac, you will be better off with cmoy BB
Xoriac, the dt990 pro with the maverick is the worst pairing I have experienced. The sibilance is just too annoying. You can ask head fi'er wrathzombie was not actually very listenable this combo. Regards, ~A
SRH940 by shure is the airiest closed back headphone I have heard and a really good one at that. Its resolution is just leagues ahead from most closed backs I have heard.The DT990 is airy but lots of annoying peaks that gets in the way. The bass is too much and dislodges my brain sometime A dt880 is better option but I am not sure if its available in your budget.AKG K612 pro is pretty amazing for its price. But most closed backs need amping because the waves from the rear...
  Ganesh, This is dedicated to you. My DIY 6 ft tall ribbon speaker playing some Beethoven.   Regards,~A
Hi again,   I have told this twice already but my point is a good DAC made around any chip today is a better first investment over a simple amp. Especially for a BA based earphone like the SE-846. I had an SE535 that didn't improve upon amping much but did better from a better source. I will refrain from making any comments on the IE800 because that is simply not part of our conversation.    My advise to you though is not to spread information that you do not know...
Suman,   I am sorry if I am annoying you but you are actually putting up completely incorrect information or information which just paints half the picture leading some to take wrong conclusions.   Impedance of an earphone doesn't tell you how hard it is to drive it. Impedance plus SPL does. If the SPL is low and the impedance is high, say 100+ohms, you might need an amp but if the sensitivity is very high like those of BAs, you are better off with a DAC because such...
Hi Suman,    I am not jumping out on you. Sorry if my words depicted such a picture . Just to remind you what I am saying, for a BA especially the high sensitivity ones like the Shure SE series which I have owned, a DAC is a better investment than an amp per se. There are already running at such high sensitivies, they would definitely be well off with a better chip at source. This is from my personal experience.   Regards, ~A
" in other words the higher the impedance the lower amount of power it needs , it means , a 16 ohm phone will require lesser amount of power them a 8ohm phone . " "you cant put a rusted iron rod and ask it to give you as much current as a silver wire , cuz that iron slab has more resistance and that silver wire has far lesser . thts why these guys use silver cables for earphones and headphones" Do you see the contradiction in your own statements?
" in other words the higher the impedance the lower amount of power it needs , it means , a 16 ohm phone will require lesser amount of power them a 8ohm phone . " Suman...Where did you get this from? This is wrong information. Please read before you make such statements.
Hi vaibhav,Dont be fooled into thinking that its only the BAs that have varying impedances across frequency range and this is why you need an amp...infact its a characteristic of impedance itself to vary across frequency range which all speaker types are subject to because they all work on alternating current.Chao,~A
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