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I think the X10i's are better than the XBA-3, I initially had the X10i, and thought of getting the XBA-3 due to feeling it would be a substantial upgrade over the X10i's, I was wrong it wasnt performing as much as good as the even 2 Driver Westone UM2. It has been more than 2 months since I have owned the XBA-3 and I keep on using the X10i and my UM3X much more than the XBA-3, I would give it a 5.5/10.
hello linxx what is your email address?
The imbalance thing is on off thing you either hear it or you don't and can be dominant in some music you listen to. Its better off getting the 4r
lol thats cuz I had it, and obviously im just addressing my opinion, to me they were not as great as the W4's, maybe to you they are, and I understand that.
Not in comparison the W4. Case Closed lol
Hey   Well anyone could tell the difference if they listen to them side by side, for some it could be a majour issue of not having both the drivers on the W4 balanced perfectly, but unfortunately it exists, it will be more prominent to you as how much you use it, and how long you use them for, until you notice a difference, I have tried my other friend's W4, and I still can say that one driver is indeed stronger than the other, That is why the W4R has been introduced to...
I Believe you are wrong, and it does exist, the main reason to point it out is because my friend tested both, and he could clearly state that the w4 Had one stronger driver, while the w4r were nuetral all the way, which means both were accurate to the same level, while some may not notice, it will be a prominent issue with the drivers only when your listening at a moderate to mid level, and it is proven on the above video I posted where he speaks of the driver matching.
Have you tried it
No they are the same cable, but its just removable. I think the drivers have been calibrated to perfection, so hence yes there is a difference between the W4Rs and the W4.
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