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Posts by rG-tom   dunno what would happen if you tried to order them to usa?
haha :)   I found them quite expensive from shops, but going directly to sennheiser was nice and cheap
who has them other than us two pal?   are yours gunmetal or black? I can't tell. Mine are black
what? I paid £6.42 ($10) for the pads, and £6.42 for the headband cushioning....they look damn good with just the ear pads tbh....
                  Will do the headband to the blue tonight and take some proper photos, but so far initial impressions are that these are ****ing amazing! I have Beyer Dynamic DT770 and UE 10s too, and these seem to be bit tighter and more neutral around mids and highs as the dt770, but dont extend quite as low. Mid bass is damn impressive though for small headphones :) :) Very happy for £45, and they've only got ~10 hours on them so...
Mine have finally arrived \o/ \o/ will try them for a few minutes at lunch :) :)   offtopic can anyone ID this headphone amp and if it's any good or should i be looking to get a new amp? I bought it a few years ago and can't find the specs :(       it's an OPA2227 chip in there
    Cheers Pal :)   Who actually delivered them this end, RM?
man i'm getting impatient for these now, shipped 11 days ago by SAL and no sign of them yet :( :( Any uk guys vouch for how long they took from buyfromjapan?   Cheers   Tom.
Ahhh i have just taken delivery of the blue pleather ones from the sennheiser adidas originals :) I'm still waiting for the delivery of the S500s though, were shipped 2 days ago from Japan and I'm in the UK :(
Why do you say earpad fail? I remember your post after fitting them you made no negative comments?
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