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other option would be the turtle beach micro 2, that isnt huge....just need a tiny 3.5mm spdif to 3.5mm spdif cable then!
BBEG:   Wonder if anyone has tested this with an android phone?
hmm   could you use USB > SPDIF > E17? Anyone doing similar?
just received my ATH pleathers......inititial thoughts are increased comfort slightly over the sennheiser hd25 pleathers. Main thing that has smacked me in the face is how less bloated the bass is, which seems to be the opposite of other peoples impressions? Listening to acoustic tracks with acoustic basslines is now far easier on the ears and the sound stage seems a bit wider.   I think i annoyingly prefer them, which i was hoping I didn't as the sennheisers look...
  Hmm i had already eyed up the leckerton but its also a huge amount more money, and prices seem fixed as AFAIK you can only buy direct from him? :(
so what's the closest thing to the E17 for use with a galaxy s3 AND a pc at the moment? There's a huge list of compatibles which im grateful of but i dont know which are any good :D Needs to be similar form factor to the E17 with battery, both amp and dac in one :)
The Leckerton UHA-6S MKII looks good but i can't find any UK retailers for it :s Any ideas?
The galaxy s3 can deliver audio over usb, though it looks like until a software update it only works with the E7 not the E17, supposedly fixed in jellybean though!   I was planning to use USB from my PC, is there a benefit to using the optical? Im guessing it means i can let the soundcard do the processing of game effects etc that way?   Thanks,   Tom.
Hey,   I am looking for a portable combined headphone amp and usb dac, is there anything that betters the E17 without going crazy money? Can get the E17 for about £85 brand new now.   Was considering a Xonar STX but it would then restrict me to one source, where as i can use the E17 as a dac even with my galaxy s3 by all accounts, making it far more appealing!   I've heard the E09k is not worth getting to go with the E17? None of my headphones are crazy hard...
what i meant is i cant put the stock ones back on, or remove them and re-use them if i do buy some gunmetal ones!   Though i am quite fond of the black so I'm unsure.
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