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    Unless I don't like them, I don't plan on reselling them realistically! So that is not of real concern to me.
  Hmm I don't like the sound of the very recessed treble on the SM3. The 1964 V3s have now caught my eye too, they come in cheaper than a pair of ue900 and the universal aspect still makes them seem of much higher "value" to me. Any thoughts on this?
Hey joker, please can you compare the ue900, CT-200 and 1964 V3s? I really do like the idea of customs after having had a terrible time with the TF10s, and the CT200 and v3s seem the two logical choices.   Or any other suggestions under £300?
he said ON ear, not IN ear.   I've not heard a bad thing about the HD-25s, they are the default go to cans for portable isolation in my circle of friends.
has anyone compared the CT-200 or 300 with the UE triple.fi10 and ue900? They fall into similar price brackets and the idea of customs really suits me with having an audiologist as a sister meaning imprints etc are all gratis, and i had a terrible time with the fitting of the TF10s i had..
hey guys,   Looking for a new pair of in ear monitors, my triple fi 10s have become faulty and logitech wont replace them with ue900, just a refund..the refund price does not cover the price of the ue900s though!   since there are no longer any ultimate ears offerings in the £250 bracket, what should I be looking for? I want something more comfortable than the TF10s that seal more easily, perhaps that could be used for sport too.   From the massive thread...
  But it does work with the Nexus 7, so my understanding is that the only problem with the E17 is the faulty driver...we need to track down whoever has made the revised kernel for the nexus 7 that allows it to work and get them to implement it for the SGS3 :(
    Can the nexus 7 driver not be used? 
out of interest, is there a technical limitation as to why the FiiO e17 has been successfully made to work with the Nexus 7 with a hacked firmware, but not the Galaxy S3? Is it just a case that a developer has not yet made that modification to an S3 firmware?   Thanks,   Tom.
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