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hmm very interesting! Cant wait to see some proper reviews, the BA4 and HY3/5 are the ones im considering, but I can only find reviews of the HY3XB which had a terrible review :( Will the Ba4 or even ba3 be able to produce enough bass compared to like a westone 4?
Hmmm since getting my IEMs and beyer dynamics dt770 out of storage I just don't use my Adidas blue hd25 padded ha-s500...they're in absolute mint condition. What kind of resale value would I expect to get to another UK user to save them having to import them?
Hmm I do wish they had a similar sale to bring the triples more in line with offerings from mirvana and 1964 ears (low 300s) as they do look damn good
Also the frog beats look very very very nice but just out of Budget with their quad driver coming in at 475 with their current sale. If they had their triple down to the 300 mark that would be mightily tempting!
What do you have en route to you? Hy3?
Hmm!!You've confused me even more now lol. The cosmic ears ba-4 look very interesting do we know the price point? Really wish there was a way of demoing them, the mi-3 and the 1964 v3.The hy3 sound like they are a bit incoherent in crossover from bass to mids so may not be the best options, though I do like the idea of them being able to hit hard low down.
Hmm! I had not previously heard of minerva before, their mi-3 look extremely interesting especially as they have them on offer at £100 off at the moment, making them £295 inc shipping! They do not have removable cables though which is a big concern for me. Also I cannot find any reviews comparing them to the 1964 v3, or ue900s which are the two main ones on my shortlist. Shall do more research though
The headphone company are one who I've been looking at, but 200 seems massively over the top given that places in America seem to charge 100usd or so. Also, they ask nearly £100 more for the v3s than importing them Inc shipping!! Will check cosmic ears out Thanks
Hey, Most of the information I can find with regards to having IEMs rehoused is USA biased. If I was to buy a used pair of custom IEMs, what options do I have in the UK to have them rehoused to my moulds? My sister is an audiologist so that side of things is not an issue. Thanks Tom.
Hey, Looking for decent IEMs, that are willing to be shipped to the UK. Something like 1964-Q or v3, or similar. Will consider universals if they're of ue900s ilk or better. I'm coming from triple fi 10s What do you have? Thanks Tom. For what it's worth I can provide links to many positive trader feedbacks on eBay and another online community if anyone is worried about dealing with a zero feedback user.
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