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  That was regarding the BA-4 ;)
These really do sound excellent, I wonder what the C3s are like, no one seems to opt for these! It's a shame they didnt offer a similar discount on the C3 as they did with the C4 over christmas.
Perhaps so :p
Has anyone here heard the JH5 Pro compared to say the HY3? They have an offer on at the moment that makes them £250 inc shipping, obviously there are a few other costs ontop too but it makes them attractive for sure.....
    Are you Darryl? :p
thanks again for your help swimsonny :)   The pure dynamic is still "buyable" on their website, so I was just going to order it but noticed its cable down not over the ear, which probably won't work for basketball :( I presume that the over the ear cable is the reason why they can't supply any of the others too.
I'm tempted to pull the trigger on some single dynamic drivers for sports use (I play basketball and want something to warm up with)...what do you reckon? For £65 I think it might tide me over until I can get the BA4 or HY3/5 (my TF10s have died) the single dynamic probably the best for this kind of use rather than the single BA? I suppose in this environment, fun and punch is more important than accuracy, and I'll only be listening to upbeat hip hop dubstep etc in...
I have actually literally spent all day today reading every post in this thread I was looking for individual reviews like that you posted of the ha3xb. By terrible I meant it sounds very much like a one trick pony, and my expectations when spending over £200 on headphones is that they can cope well with all genres. I suppose that is the point of them though (the xb version) I'm hoping the ba-4 can provide the depth of the ha3 but with more control. My music taste is very...
hmm very interesting! Cant wait to see some proper reviews, the BA4 and HY3/5 are the ones im considering, but I can only find reviews of the HY3XB which had a terrible review :( Will the Ba4 or even ba3 be able to produce enough bass compared to like a westone 4?
Hmmm since getting my IEMs and beyer dynamics dt770 out of storage I just don't use my Adidas blue hd25 padded ha-s500...they're in absolute mint condition. What kind of resale value would I expect to get to another UK user to save them having to import them?
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