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hmm....what about if I up my budget a little bit? Above the S-018 and pistons, whats the next super bargain that can play with much bigger boys? I don't particularly want to feel like I miss the TF10s, which given they are so old and were only $250 brand new, it seems with newer tech something is probably close for much less money, but I'm probably asking too much from the S-018 or Pistons.   For reference, isolation and comfort are both really important: I found the...
Hey guys!   How do you think the SoundSoul S-018 compared to the Xiaomi Piston 2s?   For reference, I'm coming from UE TF10s and need something inexpensive as one of the bass drivers has just died. Anyone that can make any kinda of comparison to the ancient TF10s would be a great basis for me to choose!   I am in Hong Kong a the moment so hoping to pick some up in person from somewhere?   Thanks,   Tom.
sent the impressions off yesterday....why am I now having thoughts about BA3 vs HY3,,,,does anyone have any thoughts about the two? I know it was compared to the HY3XB earlier but i'd be going for the standard HY3.   I'm fairly set on the HY3 now though.
I think it might be the angle, they went well past the 2nd curve. We did 3 sets to make sure they were right (my sister is the audilogist so that makes it cheap/easy  at least :D)   Will fire them over now.   Has anyone gone for the dual exit on the cable? What are the benefits of downward cables again?   Thanks again for everything guys :)   Tom.
Cheers pal :) Had these made this evening, how do they look?        
Does anyone have a guide to give to audiologists that is suitable for the cosmic ears? or should i just use a guide from another CIEM manufacturer?
Hey guys,   Has anyone received the BA-3 yet? I'd love to see a comparison between the BA-3 and HY-3, perhaps with the TF10 too...   also how much is it costing people to rehouse the TF10s with CE?   Thanks,   Tom.
Hmm, my triple fi 10s have started working again so I've been listening to them in depth for the last couple days.   The sub bass is a bit lacking but the overall quantity isnt actually that weak to me...the mids are definitely too recessed though and vocals get lost, especially males. Treble is quite sparkly and CAN be sibiliant but generally quite nice actually, better than i'd remembered.   If I sell my TF10 and buy the HY-3, is it really an upgrade or a side...
  Thanks for the reply :)    I most definitely didn't mean compare them without hearing them, i meant it's a shame you don't have them all already :D :D   I'm guessing the comfort of the ue900s is not a patch on the CE? I've come to the conclusion that the UE900 is very light on bass from reading around, even more so than the TF10? Would that be right in your experience?   Customs do add a lot of "value" to me after the troubles i had with fit on my TF10, I've always...
also, what do you think of the cosmic ears you have listened to so far vs say the UE900? if i can get the ue900 for a little less than a BA3 or HY3 (logitech are now offering me a 50% off the UE900 instead of a refund on my tf10)
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