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posted already, but just to reiterate....   T1 are available New on sonic sense's website for $767.95   (you have to sign up for a free account to see the discount)
pretty good deal on the IE80, makes me feel better about NCIX canceling my $200 order a few weeks ago.They have a few "like new" pairs as well
any impressions on these? Wondering why they've been so cheap lately...
I've been watching the W4R for months, this is the lowest price they've been (and it might be tax free depending on your state). If you're interested in them, this is probably the time to buy.
thanks! missed the Canada IE-80s so I jumped on this one.
currently have an E7/E9 combo, was planning to upgrade to something from Schitt. Do they ever go on sale?
HE-500 is $559 shipped (tax free in my state) from AC gear with their 20% off sale. Is that a good price?
why would a ver. 2 be a bad thing? The fact that the UE 900 exists doesn't make the TF 10 a bad sounding IEM. It'd be the same case for the UE 900.
Thanks for the help. Decided to go with the PSB M4U 1 in the end, should get them later this week!
the KEFs are looking pretty impressive. I'm a bit leery about the on ear design, but they've currently supplanted the K550 at the top of my list. Is leakage an issue with them?
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