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Thanks. We would love to be listed there as well unfortunately we don't call the shots at Shure :)
We should appear on the earphone model pages on the right side as "Where to Buy Online".   Thanks!
I thought your previous post was fair and you stated the facts and I appreciated that. You're right again. I'm not sure that was appropriate either. I respect you.
Unlike the SE846 that was given to Jude, the SE846 that was given to us only came with the "balanced" nozzle. There's the "bright" which extends highs and the "warm" enhances upper mids and lows. Testing with iPhone 5 straight up. At 3/5 of the volume it's loud enough. Some songs I will go 3/4 because they sound even better.
Every time someone calls me and asks which is best, the W4R or the UM3X-RC I tell them I prefer my UM3X-RC unless your collection has a majority of classical music. We make more money when we sell the W4R but every time I get a call like this I sell the UM3X-RC. I'm partial to my own opinion and I try very hard to convey that we are about the best earphones for different price ranges, uses, tastes, etc. based on our opinion. I didn't write anything about the IE800...
This afternoon I will A/B them with PFE232, W4R, UM3X and SE535.   I can't name the customs I own (4 in total) as they were all gifts by different manufacturers and it wouldn't be cool. Sorry.
Wow! Look guys, I'm a small business owner. I am not a professional reviewer. I cannot write about sound like most of you can. I have the SE846 here in Orlando. If anyone of you are in the central Florida area and would like to spend 2 hours with them to write an article for Earphone Solutions, I can arrange for you to come over and try the earphones and write something that would suck less than what I did (it shouldn't be hard, right? ;)   The only experience I have...
Early impressions:   SE846 Review
You didn't read the thread.   Please go back to page 1.   MSRP is $249.99 MAP is $199.99   I never stated we are discounting lower than anybody else.
I understand the confusion. But every time we listed the MSRP for Westone products we were correct. The information came from Westone's official price list.   As for W4R, the MSRP price is higher than $499. Because Westone's website wasn't showing the MSRP on their website, we changed the MSRP to match the sale price so people wouldn't think we were "inventing" that number. Today I have moved the price field so it doesn't display "Sale Price" anymore until Westone...
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