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  You usually don't like Spielberg, Bond films, or Wes Anderson? Might be easier to just say what you DO like...the list would be a lot shorter, methinks lol
 That's what kept happening to me when I listened while laying in bed...I'd doze off lol. 
 That's actually a great idea...listening while watching a sporting event. See, this is why I ask you guys...GENIUS!!
Some of you guys re-watch Rob Zombie films? 
 Glad you enjoyed it. I can always tell when I love a film, because I think about it quite often in the days following the viewing. I absolutely love simple films about big explosions or manufactured drama...just a snapshot in the lives of two people. It had realism and depth, and I found myself sincerely caring about both leads. I could watch movies like that all day. 
  I'm envious of that! Definitely gotta work on it. I think Im going to move my headphone rig to the bedside...that way I can lay back and enjoy the music in comfort. I think maybe that's partly why I struggle a bit at times. 
 Yep, as much as I love the pelican case for transporting them, no way I'd wear them while out and about. 
 Oh really? Some of the criticisms Ive read seemed to indicate it was fantastical in certain aspects...maybe I'm thinking of the wrong movie
I picked some brains a while back on another forum pertaining to speakers, so thought I'd do the same here but focus more on headphone users...   I'm curious as to how you guys listen to music. Do you listen primarily when you're doing something else, such as driving or working? Do you dedicate time to get comfortable and do nothing BUT listen while doing nothing else? Do you mainly listen while you're surfing on the web? While you're gaming?    I'm asking because I...
I get the feeling La La Land is going to be sort of similar to Birdman, in the sense that critics really appreciate the artistry and technical merit, but many will find the story sort of abstract and borderline boring. For those who have seen both, is that accurate at all? Or am I way off base? 
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