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 Check out Locke...
Hoping they finish up the FS orders first! lol  
 Ahhhh, there it is then :)
You can just email them now for it. They already have it in their system by serial number. They dont send them along with the headphones anymore. 
 Well said...totally agree. I think the term "masterclass" is already becoming overused, but yeah, the contrast between those two performances is just amazing and could easily serve as a 4hr masterclass of skill in acting. Minimalism and subtlety contrasted with large scale intensity, all wrapped up in a great big wrapper of charisma. I think if we forced Benny Affleck to sit and watch those two films back to back, at some point he would simply explode. 
LOL, I felt that really added to the tension once that voice kept cutting in and telling him he had another call...the subtleties really impressed the hell out of me. On paper this movie should be absolute crap, but it's actually just the opposite, IMO. Hardy is a ridiculously good actor. I need to watch Bronson again now just to be reminded of his unbelievable range. 
He said a while back in the thread he's tired of big budget superhero films, yet keeps seeing them for some reason...
 There are parallels with Phone Booth in terms of structure, but not content. It's a much better film than Phone Booth was.  As I said in my post, I can see people hating this film lol. 
I guess I'll preface this by saying that I can see people absolutely hating this film. That being said, although after about 15 min I did say to myself, "certainly there has to be more to it than THIS", after about another ten mins I was fully invested. This is minimalist cinema, but it's a testament to just how brilliant Tom Hardy is as an actor. I don't know how many actors could have pulled this off to the degree of sucess that he did, but no matter...the guy very...
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