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Congrats, Xoen! 
 lol, good point
So you guys are glad she won that, eh? I'd have to know more about the details to make a decision, personally...    On the one hand, if the word "Toyota" was anywhere in writing, then I support her winning. If it was only ever verbal and a play on words, and if it was never actually stated explicitly it was a car, then I don't support her winning the suit and she should be happy with the Yoda. 
 Yeah well...that's kinda what the point of head-fi talk about headphones and gear lol
 Ok that's a deal :)  Sorry to hear about the doing okay? 
 And a few more details of that impression would be....?   
Well said, that's the approach I take, as well. 
  Good post...well said. 
 Thanks man, much appreciated!
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