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 Congrats!! :)
 For some reason it's always the nicest looking ones that people say make the biggest difference 
The premise of that film would typically appeal to me in a huge way. But for whatever reason I have zero interest. Your feedback just reinforces that.
  Wow, I wish I was back in college, because I would SO write a paper on this film. I was absolutely fascinated by it. At first I thought it was just a satirical fish-out-of-water movie, but it was far more than that. It makes you think on so many levels, both about Hiter's reign in the 30s and 40s, and the events of today. This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while.  I'd probably go as high as an 8.4/10. Really, really good. 
Im always intrigued when the topic of a headphone's (or speaker) bass comes up. This is something that is always good to flesh out a bit, because in my opinion there are two main camps - those who truly appreciate bass, and those who just get off on low end noise. My idea of bass is clean, impactful, and tight. The minute it starts getting bloated, floppy, or boomy, I listen to something else. That is not MY definition of bass, but for many it is. So when someone says...
Ive had it for a while now on my X...it makes a big difference yep. I posted some pics a few months back in this thread (or may have been the lcd4 thread)...ill PM them to you if you like.I cant say whether the price will be worth it for u, but I find it a fantastic upgrade.
Definitely not hollow...it gave a nice weight to the overall impact. I love how these things image, and they created a nice little soundstage that provided some dimension. Vocals were beautifully clear and the dynamics of action scenes were very impressive.The scene where those creatures that han solo was transporting got out was a blast. All hell was breaking loose but the SINEs held down the audio beautifully.I do want to reiterate this is with the Cipher. As good as...
WOW...I know there are others on here who use headphones for movies...I just fired up The Force Awakens on my Vudu app (ipad pro) and Im thoroughly blown away. These are *fantastic* movie headphones... (This is with the Cipher cable)
 I had just added this on Netflix earlier in the week....looks like an interesting film
 This headphone deserves every bit of positive press it gets. An absolute home run by the boys and girls at Audeze.  Even though I feel the PM-3 is a very good headphone, I just don't have any reason to reach for it anymore. 
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