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 Jude gushed over the Siren series IEMs...just sayin. 
 lol I was just messin with ya :)
(makes mental note never to buy preowned headphones from silver8ack)
Agree 100%
 That's the way to go...much more fun having more toys :)
 Congrats!!  And to you, as well! 
 AAAARRRGHHH lol...who could possibly watch that? When you add dubbing, you rip half of the soul of the performance right out of the actor for gosh should be illegal to do that to a film!! (And I'm even German for gosh sakes!)
  All my other headphones are black it's sort of refreshing to have something different in here. Pics dont do it justice, either...they look much better in person. 
I've never been a fan of brown...and like you, if given the choice without seeing a pic, I'd go with black 100% of the time. But yeah, the RS2s are beautiful in person, and that brown headband really contributes to that. Makes you proud to own them. 
 Yep, something about the low end of these things, I'm even finding them good enough  in that department to satisfy me with movies. I usually never use Grados for movies, but I've been reaching for the RS2s for them now...I still can't quite put my finger on it. That same clean Grado low end is there, but the presentation is different than the non-"e" drivers. I also am still extremely impressed how in balance everything sounds. I"m sure they don't measure that way, but...
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