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 Wow, that's actually pretty exciting! There's an entire world out there of amazing headphones...have fun exploring :)
I'll offer an update...   These things are still mercilessly crushing every other IEM I have.   That is all. 
  The only sennheiser I've enjoyed was the HD800...for whatever reason, I've just had bad luck, primarily with the HD700 and Amperiors. Also hated the 518s. I've been fortunate enough to find some other goodies I really enjoy, though :)   If these 7xx just tamed/softened the treble a bit and filled out the low end, I'll probably like these enough to keep 'em. Fingers crossed! 
  LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!  Uh, I mean, of course it will be....good thinking :)   I just joined the XX club guys. I hated my AKG Quincys...really hoping these are more to my liking. If not, it'll probably be my last AKG purchase. 
 I just got this one today...can't wait. 
 Exactly. Unless those connectors also get upgraded to the better quality material, I dont see how it would make any difference...but that's just me. And you. lol Regardless of the cable, I still love my LCD-Xs though :)
 +1 It makes no sense to me whatsoever that cables would make any difference unless the wire was upgraded all the way to the drivers....and even then... EDIT: Whoa, looks like the cable debate raged after I posted this...oh well, just my experience. YMMV. 
So I think that while I do still consider these a sonic downgrade over the original HE-400, I've come to terms with them being a solid headphone. The caveat here is that I just don't really like these as a portable heaphone (i.e. unamped). With my Meier amps they sound better...so that's how I'll use these. I'm really tempted to pick up another pair of the HE-400s so I can have portable planar sound again. 
If any of you guys are in the mood for subtitles, check out "Wild Tales"....was extremely entertaining
Congrats guys! Even if you add other higher end headphones down the line, I think you'll find the T1s can still hold their own. As I've stated many times, the LCD-X is the best headphone I own...but the T1s - though I thought at first they'd start collecting dust - compete for head time and still keep the feet tappin'. They're just fantastic headphones. 
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