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Thanks for the replies guys but Westone has nothing like this anymore and that L-plug from Amazon looks like I could get it at Radio Shack. I'm looking for something tough and high quality. 
OK guys, here's my problem:   I have the Panasonic Cubic Zirconia IEMs and I love them except they have a straight plug. I'd like it to have a high quality L-plug so I'm looking for a good extension for it.    1) I'd like it to be short so I don't have to deal with too much extra cable.  2) I'd like the L-plug to be sturdy and have great strain relief.   That's it. Any recommendations?
Just wondering if anybody has gotten their hands on one yet and can compare it to other iPods.
The right channel on mine just died too. I ordered it a less than a year ago as well. I'm filing a return request.
Great! I was thinking about buying a pair for the GF and since she doesn't have an iPhone, the NE-6 is the answer. Thanks.
Realistically I can see 3-4 Android based PMP's hitting the market in a year or two.
Ramos is terrible...
I love my NE-7M but the worst part of it is the stiff plug. If it bends, it breaks, and I had to return mine and reinforce its replacement with some epoxy in order to avoid the same issue. Has Nuforce improved the durability of the plug in the NE-6 or is it just the same exact plug?
A Cowon device with Android is not only possible but probable. Anybody hear about Teclast rolling out a Wifi Android PMP? Teclast T58, New Android Based PMP From Taiwan : Akihabara News .com
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik The upcoming Apple iTablet, especially if it has something like a 250GB+ laptop drive inside. Not a PMP.
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